Media Competes For Best Of The Worst Hot Takes From Kavanaugh Ford Hearing [VIDEO]

Media Competes For Best Of The Worst Hot Takes From Kavanaugh Ford Hearing [VIDEO]

Media Competes For Best Of The Worst Hot Takes From Kavanaugh Ford Hearing [VIDEO]

The Kavanaugh Ford hearing yesterday was one for the books. Unfortunately Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony created more questions than answers. Meanwhile Brett Kavanaugh forcefully defended himself and his character while the Democrats competed for who can be the worst. But wait! The media held their own competition as to who could offer up the best of the worst Hot Takes from the Kavanaugh hearing. 

The AP starts it off with this headline.

Kavanaugh-Ford hearing: A dramatic lesson on gender roles

To wit …we are treated with this excrement

Throughout their riveting, nationally televised testimony on Thursday, Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh served as Exhibits A and B for a tutorial on gender roles and stereotypes. Amid the deluge of reaction on social media, one prominent observation: Ford, as a woman, would have been judged as a far weaker witness had she behaved as Kavanaugh did.


Michael Cunningham, a psychology professor at the University of Louisville, said he found Ford’s body language and tone of voice to be persuasive.

“Her generally calm and soft-spoken, yet firm, voice seemed consistent with the feminine sex-role,” he said. “At the end, I believe she retained her credibility.”

As for Kavanaugh, Cunningham said the nominee “was successful in conveying the emotions of a man who has convinced himself that he has done nothing wrong.” But the professor had doubts about the impact of Kavanaugh’s show of emotions.

“Judge Kavanaugh tearing up when mentioning his daughter conveyed a man who was feeling sorry for himself,” Cunningham said. “Society wants men to be sympathetic, and even tearful at times, but not for themselves.”

Oh just KNOCK IT OFF people! This isn’t about gender! This is about a woman who made accusations, decided to appear on worldwide television to make her case while hoping everyone buys it even though she has no credible evidence! Meanwhile Brett Kavanaugh is gaslighted for forcefully defending his honor.

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Oh, but that’s not all. The media had multiple hot takes on this.

Jennifer Rubin, who is NOT a conservative by any stretch of the imagination

That is …I can’t say what I want to regarding what she tweeted. CNN jumps in

Graham went “nuts.” Seriously? What I saw was Graham taking the entire committee to the woodshed. In regards to Kavanaugh, I saw a resolute man who had had ENOUGH of the slander and the lies. I saw a man Standing TALL for his reputation, character, work, and family.

James Hohmann from the WaPo steps in it.

Yes, he backpedaled, but the damage was done. His tweet drew a most heinous comparison even though we all know that Ford’s so-called witnesses flatly denied her allegations. But sure, lets go ahead and smear for points and clicks.

CNN’s Brian Stelter is in full agreement with the Washington Post. It’s men against women and DRAMA!

Poor Chris Hayes:

Then CNN’s Chris Cuomo had to throw his oar in the water with the help of some woman named Lynne Brookes. Needless to say, she’s NOT a fan of Kavanaugh and well, it seems she has an ax to grind. That segment starts at about 8:40

So, she’s not a fan. But the capper to the entire interview was Cuomo asking if Lynne knew Kavanaugh was a virgin b/c supposedly EVERYONE at Yale would’ve KNOWN that he was or wasn’t. WTF??!!

SERIOUSLY??!! How many people did our readers tell if they were or weren’t a virgin? I would say slim to none. Its just not something that is ever a topic of discussion!

Chris is super disappointed that Lynne didn’t add her voice earlier to the process because what? She would’ve changed the direction of this confirmation process? It sure looks like that’s what Cuomo wanted to happen and is so super disappointed that she didn’t step up earlier.

The media has shoved their bias front and center through this confirmation process. The problem is, people all over the world watched what happened today; and while we sympathize with Dr. Ford, there is no new evidence that should hinder Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court.

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  • David Lentz says:

    I think that Dr. Ford has been ill served by her so-called supporters. Who was it on the Ford team that put in the bit that she was afraid to fly. She obviously is not. The line only served to support the democrat goal of delaying the hearing. However, it came at the cost of Dr. Ford’s credibility.

  • GWB says:

    a man who has convinced himself that he has done nothing wrong
    Oh, that’s rich. No mention of the possibility Ford had “convinced herself” of details surrounding her trauma.

    This isn’t about gender!
    Oh, but it is. Because gender is power in the view of the progressives.

    The only consensus was that the Senate – and the nation – had hit a new low
    I’ll agree with that consensus. (But I don’t think it was the only one.)
    I wonder how much of a consensus exists as to who helped cause that new low? *eyeballs the media*

  • Dhiya Amanda says:

    I guess Dr. Ford was poorly served by what its proponents called it. The line only serves to support the democrat’s goal of delaying the trial. However, it had to sacrifice the Name of Dr. Ford.

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