Kavanaugh Fallout: New Investigations Begin

Kavanaugh Fallout: New Investigations Begin

Kavanaugh Fallout: New Investigations Begin

The effects of the Ford-Kavanaugh hearing last Thursday is causing some political fallout. And it’s not on the Republican side. This has become a unifying moment for the right, who, while they still have ideological splits over Donald Trump, are solidly horrified over the machinations of the Democrats.

There are going to be serious repercussions for some people regarding what has been said and done in the last few days.

Let’s go through these one by one.

1) The FBI has been asked to investigate the false claims of the man who said he beat up Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge after they raped a woman on a boat in Rhode Island in 1985.

This guy did indeed recant on Twitter once his name got out to the media. But you know what? You submit a false statement to the Senate, and then recant? You’re in a whole world of legal trouble. And given the current environment, the FBI may decide to make an example out of this guy. I hope he can find himself a good criminal defense attorney.

2) Senate Republicans are calling for a full investigation of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s holding of Christine Blasey Ford’s letter – and the leaking of said letter.

And Senator Graham is exactly right. Senator Feinstein withheld Dr. Ford’s letter until the last minute, and somehow, the existence of that letter – and Dr. Ford’s identity – were leaked to the press. The chain of custody of the letter is crystal clear, per Dr. Ford’s testimony. She gave it to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, and Eshoo passed it to Senator Feinstein. The only other people who had the letter were Dr. Ford’s lawyers. Allahpundit, writing at Hot Air, speculates how this might have gone down IF we take Feinstein at her word that neither she nor her staff leaked the letter.

For what it’s worth, the Intercept reporter who wrote the original story a few weeks ago about the mysterious letter in Feinstein’s possession claimed today that it wasn’t her staff that leaked it. That narrows down the pool of suspects to Dem Rep. Anna Eshoo and her staff (Eshoo was the first person whom Ford wrote to) and of course Ford’s own lawyers. My guess is that it was Team Eshoo, which was probably quietly seething that Feinstein had something in her pocket that could nuke Kavanaugh but refused to use it. Besides, unless Ford herself authorized the leak, the idea of her own lawyers violating her confidentiality about a sexual assault for political reasons by leaking to the press is so insanely unethical that they surely wouldn’t have run the risk of exposure by doing it. Would they? (emphasis in the original text)

The Senate Republicans have held all along that the way the letter was handled was deeply unfair to Dr. Ford’s request for confidentiality. It’s in their best interests to find out why Dianne Feinstein kept this in her back pocket, and who the leaker was. Democrats and the media… well…

That’s just disturbing – and, if Republicans had done this, the media would have been screaming bloody murder.

3) Ford’s legal team is facing an investigation by the Washington D.C. bar association.
More than one person has noted Dr. Ford’s apparent shock while testifying upon learning that Senator Grassley had offered to send his staff to California to privately depose her. What was equally shocking was Ford’s lawyers literally jumping in front of the microphone to block her.

Senator Hatch expressed his concern in a letter to FBI Director Wray about her lawyers’ behavior. And now Senator Tom Cotton has confirmed that the D.C. bar is going to be looking into why Ford’s lawyers did not convey that to her.

Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, also said lawyers recommended to Christine Blasey Ford by Democrats will face a Washington, D.C., bar investigation for telling her that Senate Judiciary Committee staffers would not travel to California to interview her about her sexual-assault allegation.

Well, isn’t that interesting. I wonder what the bar will have to say to Debra Katz and Michael Bromwich.

The circus surrounding the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh is a train wreck, and yet none of us can look away. And now the FBI has until Friday to produce some kind of report on what the witnesses have all said. We can only wonder what the political landscape will look like when the fallout is over.

Featured image: Michael Reynolds / Pool Photo via Los Angeles Times

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  • Aussie says:

    I’m sure Trump can ring the Chinese President and demand copies Feinstein’s emails.

    I’m sure they will still have access to her emails etc as they had access for so long already with her Chinese Spy mate.
    Trump might as well ask for all Hillary’s deleted emails as well, the Chinese have them for sure too.

    Might as well push for Porn Star’s lawyer to get investigated as well, and disbarred.

    • Bob says:

      Is not pocession three quarters of the law? If course Feinstein leaked it, her minions do what they are told. These are Marxist tactics, notice no real platform. They lost more then power some might pay a much higher price. Remember we voted Trump cause he keeps his many enemies close, smart. It’s just the wealth and power being shifted from a very few to many, many more with this President which is the right thing to do cause basically its all been stolen from our taxes.

    • Prema says:

      very good..i like what you said……thank you

  • GWB says:

    I hope he can find himself a good criminal defense attorney.
    Well, Feinstein knows one or two she can recommend.
    Ford’s legal team is facing an investigation by the Washington D.C. bar association.
    Oops. Maybe not…….

    I wonder what the bar will have to say to Debra Katz and Michael Bromwich.
    Well, that all depends on whether they are as politicized as the bar has become in places like CA.

    I’m sure Trump can ring the Chinese President and demand copies Feinstein’s emails.

  • Guest says:

    The good folks at the Conservative Tree House make a compelling case that Ford was an unwitting FBI asset, which would imply that one or more of her attorneys (likely Michael Bromwich) was behind the leak of the letter.


    Her attorneys should also face a bar investigation for insisting their client Ford be subjected to an FBI interview after her testimony. Almost certainly, Ford would have been forced to commit perjury during the FBI interview or to expose her perjury in front of the Committee. Her attorneys should have steadfastly refused to let the government subject her to an FBI interview, and instructed her to plea the fifth in the event that the government compelled her to submit to the interview. Instead they demanded publicly that the FBI interview their client. WTH?

    • GWB says:

      For a while now I’ve been saying that we should avoid pointing fingers at Ford, and instead point them at the political operatives acting as her lawyers. They were NOT looking out for the best interests of their client, and arguably traumatized her more than Kavanaugh (allegedly) ever did.

  • […] are they will open three new investigations, one for felony lying to Congress, one for how Ford's letter was handled, and one bar investigation […]

  • Craig Murphy says:

    It was the Chinese driver who delivered the statement to the media.

  • GySgt Lew says:


  • Grampa says:

    tell me again why does the judge need to be questioned at the accusations of others? do these people have one functioning brain cell?———Grampa

  • Jesse says:

    Feinstein should also be looking at a toss from the Senate for her UNETHICAL behavior in everything to do with Ford. Sheila Jackson Lee should be investigated for paying off both Ford’s LIARS oops Lawyers and Ford herself. We saw her slip a fat envelope to one Lawyer just after the Testimony ended and try to slip Ford of the other Lawyer but to many cameras caught the first payoff and they would not move off her to slip the rest of the payoffs.

  • Narumanchi says:

    Follow the money. Keep a close watch on how much, in millions of dollars, Prof. Ford had finagled or would collect from all those anti-Kavanaugh factions, for making a false and notorious allegation, in the first place, and then had no choice but to stand with a series of repeated perjuries. Also note that there may be some hidden connection to Hawaii Senator, Ms. Hirano.

  • Audrey Jane Budzynski says:

    I would like to see Feinstein put out of office. I would like to see her wiggle out of this one. I think she should be brought up on charges and I don’t think that Avanette should get by without being held accountable for the two lawyers who were definitely run in from the Shadows of the Deep State. I think the whole thing is fishy and I think Feinstein has already thrown as many under the bus as she can. She should be disgraced and voted out of office.

  • Shirley says:

    Ford went to the frat party, what did she think they were?? Sex, drugs, and drinking for gods sake!!! She couldn’t remember what her polygraph was all about when asked, how could she recall 20 sum years ago??? She didn’t stand tall and look straight at those asking her questions, and talked in a little girl tone of voice!! Like” don’t you feel sorry for me” it will all come out in the wash, the democrats used this to the hilt!! They will all get theirs!

  • Shirley says:

    Ford went to the frat party, what did she think it was? There’s drinking, sex and drugs! Why was she there?? She was under age!! When asked questions about her Recent polygraph she couldn’t remember facts.how could she possibly have remembered 20 sum years ago??? She testified when asked questions, in a little girl voice!! like ” don’t you feel sorry for me” she never looked the person asking questions, in the eye, or stood up straight!!! She acted like she wasn’t really sure of anything! Someone of the Demacrats let the letter slip out to use to set up the whole trial!! They’ll get theirs!!!!

  • Pam says:

    This ALL needs to be investigated. What a disgrace.

  • Toni says:

    Blassey-ford probably leaked it her self, and then trying to say she wanted to stay anonymous. Please

  • William J Vital says:

    I don’t trust lawyers…they all lie…Soros and the DNC will make it worth it for the DC Bar to clear the lawyers. With respect to the FBI, I think there are still too many Obamakins in higher positions that will hide the real truth. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  • mad says:

    wHAT IS THE OUTCOME? Kavanaugh won. Ford not only lost her case, but has also lost her own credibility.Who is going to believe her? Times published a front page picture of Ford. She has exposed herself for criminal misbehavior to the entire world. She represents most of the hard core democRATS. You can never trust a democRAT.

  • Blondie says:

    I think all 3 accusers are liars. They all changed their stories more than 3 times. Ford lied about knowledge of polygraphs, lied about how she arrived at the party, where was the party, how she got home from the party. Really!!!
    I was raped in 1973. I remember every tiny detail, time, date, where, what was said & done, color of boxer shorts, socks, shoes, tie, suit, the way his hair was styled, the look in his blue eyes, a broken fingernail on his left hand, the ring on his right hand, words said & the list is too long to write. When you are raped, you don’t ever forget one thing, unless you were too drunk to remember. I was sober as I have never been a drinker. I was of total clear mind & this is how one remembers all things. Of course, I do understand that if someone is drugged, they probably won’t remember.

    I don’t believe Ford. I wish someone would ask a body language expert to examine Ford’s behavior during her testimony.
    I believe all 3 of these women should be investigated to the fullest degree in every aspect. If anything is found to be a lie, prosecute to the highest punishment so the world can see these things won’t be tolerated from anyone…… What Kavanaugh & his family have suffered, will still suffer & will carry the scars to their graves, is absolutely the most painful, I believe I’ve seen in my lifetime. What idiots think they will find a man who has been investigated by the FBI 6 times, guilty of anything & now a 7th time.

    Speaking of deplorables — the Democrats are just that…..

  • William Webb says:

    It’s all out there, what a bunch of lying scumbags the democrats are. I can’t wait for November.

  • Prema says:

    I think they are all on somewhat of a wrong track. I mean what woman in her right mind writes this kind of a sexual abuse letter and then says to keep it confidential. Of course Ford wanted it out there. Who leaked it is part of what she wanted. Being a leftist she knew someone would leak it. The real first question is why did Ford write that letter to begin with? Let’s get real. Ford is a very disturbed woman and though yes she was taken advantage of she knew what she was doing all along. Also in case this is not known, Ford worked for a pharmaceutical company in the division which makes abortion pills. They are all so crazy about Roe vs Wade and if they really are so worried though in my opinion ,nothing will be overturned, then make Congress make laws that protect women and all people. If we have laws then we don’t rely on a court case being or not being overturned. And we don’t have to feel compelled to pack the courts with crazy lawless liberals.

  • Jim says:

    I have just viewed a 1978 film clip in which it was stated that James Jones – he who established Jamestown and persuaded his followers to suicide – bought favour with the political movers and shakers of the time in California by delivering them blocks of votes. It was suggested that this political favor resulted in official inquiries into Jones’ activities being dropped due to political intervention. Dianne Feinstein and other Democrats including Mayor George Moscone are mentioned as some of those supporting, even protecting, Jones, who set up his own socialist paradise under his dictatorial control.

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