Lindsey Graham Finds His Spine

Lindsey Graham Finds His Spine

Lindsey Graham Finds His Spine

It has been quite a interesting few days for Senator Lindsey Graham. On Thursday, he broke loose with an impressive and impassioned defense of Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the middle of the Senate Judiciary committee hearing – and he changed the entire atmosphere of the room.

If you missed what Senator Graham said on Thursday, this is must-see-TV.

Was anyone else’s jaw on the floor after watching that when it happened, live? Mine was. After all, this is Lindsey Graham we’re talking about. He doesn’t exactly have a fire-and-brimstone reputation for his hard conservative principles. This is Lindsey Graham of the “Gang of Eight” that just exploded in the middle of a Senate hearing. Now, if you’d told me Ted Cruz had said all of that, I would have believed you in a heartbeat. But Lindsey Graham???

Well, some things must be seen to be believed. And after that speech, I was deeply impressed.

But Senator Graham wasn’t done throwing down the gauntlet to his Democratic committee colleagues. Friday’s speech was longer, but carried a threat: he was going to remember what happened here.

I don’t know what happened in Lindsey Graham’s head after his friend Senator John McCain’s death. But he is a completely different senator than he was before. Of course, that meant the left had to make a sick gay joke about that.

For a group that is so supposedly “tolerant” and “loving,” the left does sure love their homophobic slams.

Not that Senator Graham cares what Bill Maher thinks of him right now.

And to prove that he’s not backing down on this, the senator told George Stephanopoulos this morning that he wants a full investigation… of the Democrats’ handling of Dr. Ford’s letter.

Senator Graham raises extremely valid points, especially regarding the chain of custody of Dr. Ford’s letter and who actually leaked its existence – and possibly her name – to the press, AND the fact that when Rachel Mitchell asked Dr. Ford about the chance she had to be interviewed privately in California, her lawyers nearly lept in front of the microphone to keep her from responding. It’s clear that the lawyers had a political stake in all of this, and it was in THEIR game plan to get Christine Blasey Ford in front of cameras to testify, despite her desire to not go public. I wonder if Senator Graham can force an actual investigation into the connections between Senator Feinstein and Debra Katz and her law firm. I’m sure the truth would be extremely enlightening for all of us.

In the meantime, I’m just pleased that Senator Lindsey Graham remembered that he has a spine. I hope he keeps it. The results so far have been impressive.

Featured image: Senator Lindsey Graham, at the Senate Judiciary Committee, September 28, 2018 (image via screenshot)

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  • aussie says:

    Since this issue is so important to the USA, i’m sure that Facebook and Twitter and Google will hand over all Fords’s emails and social media posts immediately to the FBI, without warrant.

    Lets see how fast they can do that, maybe a few hours.

    I bet if anybody suggests this they will find every excuse to NOT do it.

  • GWB says:

    disgustingly broaches the late John McCain in calling him Lindsey Graham’s “dead boyfriend” should be a complete embarrassment to the rest of the WH press corps
    Oh, puhlease. The right has been making that exact same joke (though before McCain’s death) for something like a decade now – that Graham was McCain’s “girlfriend”. There’s a dang good reason for it, too. (At least partly because lots of people wouldn’t get a Chester and Spike reference.)

    I’m just pleased that Senator Lindsey Graham remembered that he has a spine. I hope he keeps it.
    Until it comes to him throwing conservative principles under the bus. Then we’ll regret his “spine”.

    Yes, it’s nice that Graham went all in with his recent display of disgust over the filthy politics being played. But I think I’ll remain cynical until he displays some conservative principles, too.

  • dave says:

    Senator Graham is not my favorite Republican. But he ‘rocked it’
    at a pivotal moment during the Democrats sham-fest.
    I’ll tip my cap to his great timing and his credible show of force.

  • John Richardson says:

    He goes further and tells CNN that if they don’t like him working with Trump, he doesn’t give a shit. With video proof!

  • Skillyboo says:

    I’m afraid he is a voice in the wilderness who’s comments, though applauded by his fellow republicans, will not be duplicated by them.

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