Kathy Hochul Will Fix New York City ‘First Thing In The Morning’

Kathy Hochul Will Fix New York City ‘First Thing In The Morning’

Kathy Hochul Will Fix New York City ‘First Thing In The Morning’

Kathy Hochul has been Governor of New York State since August 2021. Now, suddenly as her race looks to be extremely close, she’s decided she’ll start fixing New York City’s problems, first thing in the morning.

“This city is back and I want to lead this state into the next four years and possibly beyond with a sense of optimism we have not had here in a long time,” she said, apparently ignoring recent polling that showed New Yorkers fearing subway and other violent crimes and worried about paying their bills amid rampant inflation.

“That will start first thing tomorrow morning,” vowed Hochul, who has been governor since August 2021.

As many are undoubtedly asking, what took her so long?? New York City was having major problems when she took office after Andrew Cuomo was forced to step down. She ignored those problems. In fact, she was not only very dismissive of the issues, she continued to be a proponent of cashless bail, thus propping up Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. 

As we’ve noted repeatedly, Hochul didn’t want to be told about nor answer questions about the massive crime wave engulfing the city. 

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on Monday said her Republican opponent is overplaying the state’s crime issue and is “trying to scare people for months.”

Hochul made the remark about U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, her Republican opponent, during a campaign stop in Manhattan.

“And New Yorkers are on to it,” she said, according to the Washington Times. “All the legitimate media organizations have called him out for what he is doing — fear-mongering,” she said. “That’s not just here in New York. That has been the Republican playbook all across this country.”

At that time, according to Hochul, the subways are totally safe. She just went on a ride with NYC Mayor Eric Adams and everything was fine! How utterly tone-deaf of her. BOTH she and Adams were traveling with security details. OF COURSE nothing was going to happen to them. 

When queried about the issues of crime by MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle, Hochul’s reaction was very telling. 

What was Hochul’s response

“We’ll never be San Francisco,” Hochul quickly interjected, who said the “most heinous” crimes — homicides, and shootings — were down from last year and that she was taking steps to remediate increases elsewhere.

It’s evident that internal polling is showing that many in NYC don’t feel safe and that Hochul has done nothing to alleviate those concerns. Instead she still insists on cashless bail, defunding the police, and dismissively waiving aside valid concerns from her constituents. 

What else does Kathy plan to start fixing ‘first thing in the morning’ for New York City? Education?? 

Keep in mind Hochul did admit that lockdowns and keeping the kids remote was a very big mistake. That was in August. Who was campaigning with her just a couple of days ago? 

That’s right. Randi Weingarten, the head of the largest teacher’s union in the country. The very same union that STILL wants schools closed and doesn’t give a rats ass about our kids falling behind. Lovely optics there Kathy. Just lovely. 

Kathy Hochul has promised to start fixing New York City ‘first thing in the morning.’ Even if she loses to Lee Zeldin, and she should, the NYC community should hold her to her promise. 

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