Are You Listening, Mr. Bragg? Do You Care?

Are You Listening, Mr. Bragg? Do You Care?

Are You Listening, Mr. Bragg? Do You Care?

Gunshots once again rang out in New York City last night and it appears open season has been called on police officers. Tuesday night, an officer was shot in the leg during a “tussle” with a gangbanger in the Bronx. Last night, two officers responding to a domestic disturbance in Harlem were shot. One died and one was critically injured. Are the two incidents merely two horrible incidents related only by the uniforms worn by the victims or is there something else at play? Considering the soft on crime stance of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, my money is on the latter.

Bragg, like many so-called “progressive” DAs has been making headlines for his fumble-handed approach to prosecuting crimes. He has forgotten his oath to uphold the laws of the State of New York. Instead of making sure criminals pay for their crimes, he sent a memo:

stressing “diversion and alternatives to incarceration” in prosecutions. The exceptions to the no-jail time offenses include murder, some sex offenses and white-collar corruption crimes. Several serious crimes, like armed robbery, are being reduced to misdemeanors. . . In the case of murder, Bragg says his office will limit sentences to 20 years. He is refusing to seek the state-mandated “life without parole” for murderers, who would include terrorists, cop killers and even serial killers.

Think about that. Cop killers and serial killers would only face sentences of 20 years. How is that protecting the citizens who elected him and how is it having the backs of the police who put their lives on the line every time they put on the uniform and report for duty?

And how will Mayor Eric Adams respond to this latest attack on NYPD officers? One of his campaign promises was to get tough on crime–something very difficult to do when the DA wants to turn his back and coddle the criminals instead of making them face the consequences of their actions. In fact, Adams was in the Bronx yesterday. No, it wasn’t to get dinner at his favorite bistro. He attended the vigil for a one-year-old struck by a stray bullet Wednesday. Oh, it gets worse. The baby was struck in the face.

By my count, we now have a cop shot in the leg Tuesday, a baby shot in the face Wednesday and now two cops shot (and at least one killed) Friday. “They [the two officers last night] were the third and fourth officers to be shot in the line of duty this week, according to the Police Department.” What in the world does the Bronx and NYC have to look forward to this weekend?

“It’s crazy out here. It’s the Wild Wild West, especially with cops being shot. Imagine what happens with regular citizens,” Christopher Espinoza, a 29-year-old Harlem resident, told The Post.

I have a feeling many in the NYPD would agree with him. More than that, they would probably say they feel like they have little to no support from those who should be standing with them and doing everything possible to keep the criminals they arrest off the streets. Is it any wonder so many members of the Department are leaving?

As for what happened last night, it was one of those calls cops hate. In this particular case, it was a call about domestic violence between a mother and her son. When the officers arrived at the apartment in question, they spoke with the mother who made the call for help. Then they moved to another room to speak with the son. That’s when gunshots rang out, killing a 22-year-old rookie and “gravely injuring” a 27-year-old officer. A third officer returned fire and the suspect was struck.

Gov. Kathy Hochul offered Mayor Adams any support he needs right now.

Madame Governor, how about help getting a DA who understands patting criminals on the head and telling them not to do it again won’t work and it sure as hell won’t keep cops–or anyone else–safe?

DA Bragg and every other politician who has decided to go soft on crime should listen to the opening few minutes of last night’s press briefing about what happened. They should look long and hard at the anguish and anger, the pain and frustration, on the faces of the officers. Then they should ask themselves what they would do if they were the spouse or parent or, heaven forbid, the child being told that their loved one would not be coming home because a perp who should have been in jail was released on no bond or not even prosecuted because this is the new, “improved” system of justice?

Not that they care. They think this sort of thing will never happen to them. Just as they think the destruction we saw from the “mostly peaceful protestors” over the last few years will never happen in their neighborhoods. They have forgotten they were elected to serve the best interest of everyone and that sometimes means making folks face the consequences of their actions and paying the price for breaking the law.

Remember the words of Mr. Espinoza when he said “It’s the Wild Wild West, especially with cops being shot. Imagine what happens with regular citizens.” Remember the words of NYPD officer in the briefing when she spoke about how the “countless officers lined the halls. . .after carrying him in and grieved for their brother, while praying with everything they have for the other. I am struggling to find the words to express the tragedy we are enduring. We’re mourning and we’re angry–the NYPD, New York City, all of us. As I stand here in Harlem Hospital tonight, a New York City police officer has lost his life, murdered, and another one is fighting for his life to survive.”

Those officers were doing their jobs. They were trying to serve and protect. DA Bragg has apparently lucked out as well. It is being reported the suspect was killed. That means NYC’s progressive DA won’t have to justify low-balling any plea agreement he might have offered. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be held to task for it or for any of the other violent crimes that have occurred since he took office. His progressive policies have done nothing to make the streets of NYC any safer.

Here’s hoping Mayor Adams can clean up the streets of NYC, but I’m not holding my breath, not as long as people like Bragg hold office.


Featured image: Police bugler by Phillip Holland. Standard license via Adobe Stock.

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