AFT Randi Weingarten Calls Parents Warmongers

AFT Randi Weingarten Calls Parents Warmongers

AFT Randi Weingarten Calls Parents Warmongers

The American Federation of Teachers is the second largest teachers’ union in America. It wields enormous political clout. But perish the thought that its leadership, and even many of its members, actually give a flying fig about the best interests of children.

Let’s keep in mind what AFT’s founder, Albert Shanker said

When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.

Current AFT President Randi Weingarten takes this union principle and builds on it with her attacks on parents who don’t toe the Leftwing education agenda. How dare parents stand between their children and the teachers who want to groom them!

“This notion – we’ve been very lucky in America, and we in some ways live in a bubble for a long time,” [Randi] Weingarten said. “This is propaganda. This is misinformation. This is the way in which wars start. This is the way in which hatred starts.”

Yes, mom and dad! You just spent the better part of 2020 and 2021 watching your kids in online classes and finding yourself increasingly alarmed at the malpractice, racism and blatant indoctrination that has 8th graders at the proficiency of 5th graders.

And that’s if you have any trust in the test reporting. A great many parents don’t because they are struggling to help their own kids and they now know they aren’t alone.

Weingarten’s schtick of don’t believe your lyin’ eyes has been covered here at Victory Girls before. This union creature’s Woke monomania underscores her public flailing about parental rights concerning their own child’s education. Just last week she waxed in tones of Kumbya …

“Educators welcome parent involvement in schools because our kids do best when teachers, parents and caregivers work together,” said AFT president Randi Weingarten in a statement to Fox News earlier this week. “We have a lot to do to help kids recover and thrive this year after two years of an unprecedented pandemic.

… hoping everyone forgets that Teachers’ Unions were the force behind keeping schools closed and kids in face diapers long after it was clear neither was necessary.

And who actually believes “educators” welcome “parent involvement”? Certainly, any parent with children in gubmint skool over the last 40+ years knows that parental involvement is only welcome when it is submissive to, and unquestioning of, the educator ruling class. From the collusion between Educators and Biden’s DOE and DOJ leading to siccing the FBI on parents for “domestic terrorism” (a memo AG Garland still has not rescinded) to Randi Weingarten’s claim that Florida’s anti-grooming Parental Rights in Education bill is a root cause of war, the Othering of parents and the desire of Wokestanians to sever the parent/child bond has only grown clearer. No matter how outrageous the behavior of educators, those that oppose them, or even expose their own words to a larger audience, are to be shut down by any means necessary.

Randi Weingarten may be a flapped-mouth wretch and a moral cretin — can someone show her pictures of Mariupol to let her know what war is? — but she has a lot of political power. The next legislative agenda that states should be to tie education dollars to students and to go back to the ban on public employee unions. The latter is an anti-taxpayer abomination.

Parents need to hang tough. Our children are our responsibility and no strange adult should ever be allowed to usurp that.

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  • Vermont farmer's wife says:

    Homeschooled my kids in the 80s and 90s, before the craziness intensified. They didn’t like being different than their friends, but now that they’re adults (independent, self-employed, excellent incomes, not living in my basement) all of them have told me that it was one of the best things their dad and I ever did for them. Take heart, parents! You can do this, you can get your kids out of the morass that is government schooling.

  • GWB says:

    our kids do best when teachers, parents and caregivers work together
    As long as those parents, et al., are all of the same Church of Progressivism.
    Well, no, the kids don’t actually do better with that church preaching going on, but that’s what Randi meant.

    go back to the ban on public employee unions
    Amen to that, Darleen.

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