Josh Hawley Explains Religious Liberty

Josh Hawley Explains Religious Liberty

Josh Hawley Explains Religious Liberty

Democratic senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee loathe Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s traditional Catholic faith. Oh, they didn’t spend any time bashing it on Day One of her confirmation hearing. But you know her faith lives rent-free in their minds. So MO Sen. Josh Hawley took time to remind them that the Constitution prohibits any religious test for office.

I watched some of the hearing on Monday morning, and most of the Democrat pontifications fell into two main themes: how much we need Obamacare and Orange Man Bad. If they weren’t telling us that President Trump is the Worst Human Being Ever — maybe even worse than Hitler! — they were posting pictures and telling sob stories of how Obamacare saves lives. They also want you to believe that Amy Coney Barrett wants to destroy the ability of people with pre-existing conditions to get health insurance. Never mind that President Trump has signed executive orders protecting such folks. You know the drill: Trump and his toady Amy Coney Barrett just want people to die!

It really makes you scratch your head and wonder how Americans survived in the days before the poorly-named Affordable Care Act.

But I didn’t hear any Democratic senator cast aspersions on Judge Barrett’s deeply held Catholic faith. Maybe it’s because they figured it wouldn’t be a good look for them. Plus, they didn’t have to — they already had mainstream and social media doing their dirty work for them.

It started right after Trump nominated Judge Barrett when Newsweek published its story about the group “People of Praise.” Judge Barrett is a member of the Christian group, which Newsweek claimed inspired Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale. That assertion was bogus, but Newsweek has not retracted the article. However, the fable brought out the kooks instead.

Like the group of protestors who gathered on Capitol Hill in the rain no less! in those silly red Handmaid’s costumes to protest Judge Barrett.

Or this wackadoo at Twitter who also employed Handmaid’s Tale memes to compare Judge Barrett’s choice of dress color with . . . gasp! Handmaids! Get it?


Screenshot compilation: Twitter.

“Dress choice- not a coincidence when you are a handmaid appearing before the Commanders of her party.”

So there was no reason for Senate Democrats to trot out their anti-Christian bigotry. They had their own, ahem, handmaids to do it for them.

But you know they were thinking about it. So Sen. Josh Hawley took his time during the confirmation hearing to explain the Constitution to the Senate Democrats. He reminded them that Article VI of the Constitution specifies that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Hawley also gave a little history lesson as to why this article was such a departure from the standards of 18th century European law. It was, in fact, quite revolutionary for its time.

Why the loathing for Judge Barrett’s faith? You and I both know it’s because of abortion. Senate Democrats and the hysterical women sporting red robes and Pringles hats fear that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett just might vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Planned Parenthood fears it too, calling Judge Barrett “a threat to our reproductive rights and health care.”

As Larry Alexander of the Institute for Religion and Law at the University of San Diego put it:

“Roe v. Wade, that’s the only thing this is all about . . . ‘I know you’re Catholic and you’re against abortion, so are you going to overturn Roe v. Wade?’”

Will the Democrats on the Senate Judicial Committee eventually pull out the big guns and slam Judge Barrett for her religious beliefs? Will they sneer at the “dogma” which “lives loudly” inside her, as Sen. Dianne Feinstein referred to the Judge’s faith?

Oh, they may not express open disdain. But I’m sure they have something up their sleeves. After all, Feinstein is on the committee, and she probably has some sleigh-of-hand ready to derail Judge Barrett’s confirmation.

Sen. Josh Hawley gave a stirring reminder of how the Constitution prohibits such religious litmus tests. Sigh. If only the Democratic senators would employ the Constitution. But they have their own dogma within them, and that’s a slavish devotion to their sacrament called abortion.


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