Joe Biden Is A Puppet On Strings For The Left

Joe Biden Is A Puppet On Strings For The Left

Joe Biden Is A Puppet On Strings For The Left

Over and over and over, Joe Biden has proved that he has only a minimal grasp of what is going on around him. After all, Kamala Harris had to call him to tell him that “he’d won,” remember?

You would think that he would have been paying attention, but we all know that Grandpa Joe was probably taking a nap.

If you want to claim that of COURSE Joe Biden had been paying attention and knew and this was all staged, sure, I can believe that. But why have Kamala call Joe, instead of Joe calling Kamala? Even subconsciously, the campaign has made clear which candidate has a full deck of cards, warped and corrupted as they are, and it ain’t Joe.

We’ve already talked about how Joe Biden got a full pass from the media because their hatred of the Bad Orange Man was stronger than their devotion to Joe. Witness how now, NOW, it is okay for the media to “suddenly discover” that the Hunter Biden story that they decried as “Russian disinformation” and had Twitter lock the New York Post out of their own account is actually totally real. You see, now that they think Joe Biden will be the next president, it’s okay to bring up his son’s tax investigation and his brother’s shady deals. The media is, has, and always will be in on the joke. The joke is Joe Biden. He is not completely cognitively competent, and everyone knows it.

And we have already discussed who will be pulling Joe’s strings. Would it be Kamala Harris? After all, she ended up on the TIME cover with Biden, as “person” of the year. Yes, we are constantly mangling English grammar to allow people to be plural now, but last I checked, Joe and Kamala are two entirely different people.

Would it be Jill Biden, in a repeat of the Woodrow Wilson presidency? Jill has already been seen running interference for Joe, prompting him when he forgets what year this is and who is president.

Well, apparently we weren’t thinking big enough. Because the person who thinks that he’s really going to be running the Biden Puppet Presidency is none other than… Barack Obama. And he has it all figured out.
Oh. Well, then. If The Chosen One has spoken, then that’s all there is to it. Apparently the former president plans on now being the shadow president. That probably suits Grandpa Joe just fine, since he likely still thinks that he is vice-president and Obama is sitting in the Oval Office. Just park Obama on the couch in the Oval Office, he’ll tell Joe what to do behind the scenes, then Kamala will drag Joe out for the public appearances with a teleprompter on at all times.

This really is all the proof that is needed to show that Joe Biden is nothing more than a means to an end for the hard left. He’s the stand-in. They may let him play president for a while, since he’s been running for president since the 1980’s. So long as Joe doesn’t suffer a complete physical or mental collapse, Obama and Harris can probably manage him for a while. Then they can invoke the 25th Amendment when it is politically expedient to do so – you know, when Hunter Biden ends up indicted on tax evasion, or “the Big Guy” gets ensnared in one of his family’s endless schemes to profit off his name. Then Harris and the hard left get what they really want – executive power that they couldn’t have obtained any other way. Remember, Kamala Harris dropped out of the presidential primary before a vote even took place. How quickly her fortunes have changed in a single year – all because she won the vice presidential intersectional lottery.

If Joe Biden still has two functional brain cells to rub together, he will hire a food taster. Actually, I suspect that Jill Biden will be doing that. After all, Joe is still the Biden family meal ticket. If they lose him, or they lose power, then Hunter and James Biden are in deep legal water and then the entire Biden family financial history might get a fine-tooth comb taken to it.

So, the power struggle for control of the puppet is about to begin. Should Joe Biden set his hand on the Bible on Inauguration Day, the battle lines will instantly be drawn between the progressive left movement – orchestrated by Obama and carried out by Harris – and the Biden family desperate to keep their grift going.

Yeah, this is going to be GREAT for America.

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