Media Were The Ones Who Rigged Election

Media Were The Ones Who Rigged Election

Media Were The Ones Who Rigged Election

This bears repeating over, and over, and over again. Without the media having run interference for Joe Biden, he would have lost going away.

COVID may have made the election more complicated, but the media were fully in the tank for Biden – and they were unapologetic about it. We have repeatedly pointed out how they lit their credibility on fire and rejoiced over the ashes, because it was all in the name of ORANGE MAN BAD. But now that they think they got rid of the Bad Orange Man, they want everyone to take them super-seriously again.

Too damn late. The dam is breached, and even a casual observer knows that the game was rigged. Project Veritas’s reveal of CNN’s editorial phone calls, where they deliberately quashed the Hunter Biden story? That was rigging the election.

Insisting on pushing Russian collusion and the Steele dossier for years to undermine the Trump administration? That’s called “playing the long game,” and rigging the election. There’s a reason why Carter Page is suing the key players of “Crossfire Hurricane” for $75 million, and it isn’t because the media bothered to dig into the story to question its veracity. They blithely and happily swallowed the entire stupid collusion theory, because it confirmed their ORANGE MAN BAD beliefs.

And now, this same media – the same people who pushed Russian collusion and that Donald Trump was not the legitimate president of the United States because they just could not countenance the world outside their bubble, a world where people didn’t just adore Hillary Clinton – is going to try and hold Republicans to a standard that they never dreamed of meeting for themselves.

Yeah, I have a question and two words for you, Washington Post.

The question is, who is the governor of Georgia?

The two words are not “Merry Christmas.”

In this case, the adage of “if they didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all” applies in spades. Also the Biblical admonishment to “take the log out of your own eye first,” because the irony is so thick, you could choke on it. The hypocrisy is unapologetic, rampant, and oblivious. And now that the media think that they have acheived this goal, the soft-pedaling and kid gloves for Joe Biden mean that he can say absolutely outrageous things and the media simply shrugs their shoulders. Poor old Grandpa Joe, wouldn’t it be terribly sad if he suddenly fell ill and Kamala Harris just HAD to take over? Or does he think that he and Barack Obama were just elected again? Joe, what year is this?

Imagine the pants-shitting hysteria in the media if George W. Bush had said this in regards to resigning in favor of Dick Cheney. Or if Donald Trump had said this about Mike Pence. Or even if Barack Obama had said this in regards to Joe Biden. What does Joe Biden mean by this? Is this the giveaway that he knows that he’s just a placeholder until Kamala Harris can arrange a more permanent “accident” and blame the dog again? Notice that Kamala is shaking her head ever so slightly in that reaction shot. Is that her “oh Joe, you’re so funny” head shake, or her “Joe, shut the hell up, you’re giving away the game” head shake?

And notice what Jake Tapper, who was conducting that interview, did not do? Freak out.

But yay journalism, you can totally trust your media to tell you what’s what about the politicians they championed and wanted to beat the Bad Orange Man!

Or, they’re shills that are bought and paid for, and have become even more obvious about it because they hated Donald Trump so much that the mask fell all the way off. Nancy Pelosi just admitted that she is now willing to pass a smaller COVID relief package because she thinks Biden will be president, and the press just shrugs its shoulders and says, “meh, I guess that’s politics.” And our deeply indifferent media, when presented with hard evidence that the economic suffering that they have been pinning on Donald Trump for months on end should really belong on Nancy Pelosi’s perfectly blown out hairstyle, doesn’t care. What’s a little more pain and suffering for the American people if they can simply get rid of the Bad Orange Man?

It’s time to cut the media off at the knees. Their contempt for the “unwashed masses” in flyover America is open for all to see. Their bluechecked Twitter bubbles are busy blocking out the noise of the peasants. Their obvious attempts to keep Joe Biden calm, warm, and comfortable until their newly chosen queen can arrange for one last “accident” is sickening.

You want honesty? You won’t get it from the media. Cut the cable, cut the newspaper subscriptions, and get your news from people who are at least honest enough to tell you their biases up front. The media won’t do you that courtesy. Don’t give them another minute of your time.

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