JK Rowling Spreads Fake Twitter Story About Trump and STILL Won’t Delete It. [VIDEO]

JK Rowling Spreads Fake Twitter Story About Trump and STILL Won’t Delete It. [VIDEO]

JK Rowling Spreads Fake Twitter Story About Trump and STILL Won’t Delete It. [VIDEO]

Author J.K. Rowling is a citizen of the UK, but that doesn’t stop her from expressing her hatred for the American President. She really, really loathes Donald Trump.

In fact, she despises him so much that on Friday she retweeted an outright lie about him in the form of a very edited video:

The tweet and video originated from an artist in Seattle, who later deleted it:

Here’s a screenshot of what Herz originally posted:

Click to enlarge.

At least Herz was honest enough to announce his error and apologize. Rowling though, not so much. She just couldn’t stop her online blathering.

Click to enlarge.

Rowling was off to the races!

Click to enlarge.

Now, wouldn’t you like to know what really happened at the White House? Did the evil Trump coldly ignore the poor wee child in the wheelchair? J.K. Rowling wants you to think so. But no.


Furthermore, the lovely and gracious First Lady spent some time with the little boy, too. This was also pointed out to the clueless J.K.


But never mind. Rowling was on a tear. And if you check her Twitter feed, even as I write, her deceptive comments are still there. I guess she’s counting on this quote from Winston Churchill:

However, there’s one Brit who’s had enough. Believe it or not, Piers Morgan slammed Rowling on the fake story. Then again, they’ve had a long-running Twitter feud, so there’s that.

Credit: buzzfeed.com

Here’s what Morgan said about Rowling’s phony story:

Now Piers was just getting warmed up!

Hoo-boy! Carry on, Mr. Morgan!

And while Morgan is often critical of Trump, he despises celebrities like J.K. Rowling he finds hypocritical:

I agree with Piers Morgan here, because I’m not a big supporter of Donald Trump, either. But I’m also getting really sick of celebrities — especially from across the Pond — bashing our President over the most petty, trivial things. Especially when they’re faked.

You know, I don’t go on Twitter all that often. I never post there anymore, since it’s a social media cesspool. However, I did check out the rest of J.K. Rowling’s Twitter feed from July 28th. That was the day that Charlie Gard died in hospice. Was there any mention of his passing? Any cute little “RIP dear Charlie” comment?

Credit: Daily Mail.

Nope. All her tweets were focused on that fake video. In fact, there was not one mention of little Charlie throughout the entire month of July. Oh, there were lots and lots of comments about her pet issue —  the trafficking of children — interspersed with anti-Trump screeds. And I’m glad she has a heart for the plight of those children. But she expressed no sympathy for Charlie’s parents, or concern for his health, or even the slightest whiff of sadness at his passing. I guess little children matter most to J.K. Rowling if they fit into her politics. Oh, and if they someday buy her books, of course.

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