It’s Primary Day in California, But Don’t Expect Anything to Change

It’s Primary Day in California, But Don’t Expect Anything to Change

It’s Primary Day in California, But Don’t Expect Anything to Change

While conservative prognosticators busily try convincing us that California has a great chance of flipping to red this fall, it’s about as likely as Texas turning blue. Why? Because their primary system all but ensures that’ll never happen. At least not without significant revolt-and-or-absenteeism from the Democrat base.

California voters adopted a unique bizarre primary system in 2010: the “jungle primary,” where the top two vote-getters on a non-partisan ballot advance to the fall general election. The jungle primary system exists only in a handful of states. And in Cali’s case, it’s a great method for liberals to retain the governor’s mansion and the super-majority they hold in the state legislature. It will also play a part in deciding who will hold power in the House of Representatives in D.C.

With the top two heading to the general, and with Democrat voters dominating the state, it’s almost a certainty that the top two winners in every single state-level race will emerge Democrats. It’s how they’ve engineered one-party rule into perpetuity (thanks, closet liberal, Arnold Schwarzenegger). And with Republican registrations diminishing, it’s unlikely a Republican will garner enough votes to move forward, and even if they do, the general election will drown them in liberal voters anyway. Although the federal-level seats the Dems are hoping to flip may remain in Republican hands—which would prove a big, ugly backfire for the system they hoped to rig given these races are inundated with too many candidates, which could dilute the vote in favor of the GOP as discussed here:

…it’s unlikely to affect state-level races, the biggest prize being the governorship. Without a celebrity surname like “Schwarzenegger,” there’s little chance of retaking Sacramento. Mark my words: pretty-boy Gavin Newsom will be the next governor of California, and he makes Jerry Brown look downright moderately conservative in comparison. Because communism works great for those who already have.

Gavin Newsom: And you thought Moonbeam was a destructive lib-prog…hold my beer! (Photo Credit: Sacramento Bee)

And while we’re on the subject of uber-lib, San Francisco Resistance Leader Gavin Newsom, here are just a handful of the growing list of problems facing Californians, and none of them reflect well on current and past leadership:

  • In PelosiNewsomLand alone, homelessness, drug use, human feces-strewn streets, and extreme taxation are reaching epidemic levels:

In California as a whole:

  • Homelessness is growing
  • Mass taxation is growing
  • Water rationing is now a mandate
  • Sanctuary state status has been imposed (Newsom promises to retain that dangerous dictate, though, thankfully, a growing number of cities are pushing back)
  • Illegals are receiving taxpayer-funded resources, creating a further magnet
  • A gap is growing between those who rigidly vote Democrat, yet live in uber-white dominated, wealthy communities where their votes don’t affect them, but negatively affect the growing number of poor
  • The state boasts the highest income taxes in the nation, and the second highest gas taxes
  • An unfunded pension system is helping create a growing fiscal crisis
  • Attaining a middle class life is becoming impossible
  • Major companies are bolting the state

Ahhhh. All that’s missing is a herd of unicorns and a giant rainbow (and wouldn’t it be lovely if California leadership would find a way to stop wasting the rain water they do receive? Oh, and you can tattle on your water-wasting neighbors here, comrade).

And that’s just the short list.

As a side note: even here in ultra-conservative North Idaho, Democrats—including the mayor of the town adjacent to the one in which I reside—switch parties en masse in order to vote in GOP primaries, diluting them, which all too often results in sending to office Democrats masquerading as “Republicans.” And yes, those so-called “Republicans” vote as liberals.

My point is: Democrats know exactly how to game the system, and they’re damned good at it.

That said, I hope with every ounce of my being that voters will prove all of us pessimists—at least with regard to the communist “utopia” that is modern-day California—dead wrong, and NOT vote for more of the same. My fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes are crossed.

Meanwhile, seven other states are holding primaries today as well. You can monitor the returns here. Make sure to have some antacid and a large adult beverage in hand.

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