Iowa Pandering In Full Swing For Democrats

Iowa Pandering In Full Swing For Democrats

Iowa Pandering In Full Swing For Democrats

It’s summer in Iowa, and that means fairs and Democrats. The Iowa caucuses are six months away, so it’s time for the Democrat candidates to press flesh, take pictures, and pander like the wind.

Unless you’re Bill de Blasio. Have some dignity and throw the towel in, man.

Mayor Bill de Blasio pitched his presidential dreams to a crowd of about 15 likely Democratic voters at an event Sunday morning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.”

With more than enough empty space to accommodate his 6-foot-5 frame, the quixotic candidate took the floor at Parlor City Pub to a smattering of applause from the sleepy brunch set.”

Seriously, Mayor – pack it in and go home. You have a few ethics questions to clear up.

Meanwhile, other candidates are drawing slightly more people, or at least making better appearances while hanging around the state fair.

Kamala Harris got hammered in the last debate, and her poll numbers are reflecting just how much momentum she’s lost.

The Harris campaign has to know just how bad her numbers are – which is why The New York Times is getting to follow her around and write glowing articles about how hard she is trying to work Iowa.

Harris is busy talking over climate change with Iowa famers, and getting to eat a pork chop in front of the cameras. Oh yes. There’s nothing that will connect the Californian Harris to the people of Iowa than eating the other white meat at the fair.

Joe Biden is hanging around in Iowa as well, making gaffes and generally not impressing people the way he used to.

But Biden’s Iowa swing showcased the challenges that lie ahead for him. The visit was marred by a series of gaffes in which he stumbled over his words or seemed to get the dates wrong on major events.”

Some longtime Biden supporters worried he’s lost some of his spark. Greene County Democratic Party Chair Chris Henning said that, in the past, “I was crazy about him.”

“Energy-wise, he looked people in the eye, remembered your name, called your name — and he’s not that Joe Biden anymore,” she said.”

Warren and Sanders are both also busy schmoozing it up in Iowa, and I have yet to figure out their strategy. Look at the poll numbers above. Combined, Warren and Sanders have a bigger percentage than Biden. Why hasn’t it occurred to Warren that she is a much more attractive proponent of socialism than Bernie is, and take him out at the knees? Only a fool would run them as a pair on a ticket – which is what Donald Trump and his re-election team are probably praying for each night. And yet, Bernie and Lizzie keep playing nice with each other, instead of realizing that they are fighting over the same voters, which is why Biden is walking off with a larger share in spite of his perceived fatigue and more error-filled gaffes.

One could almost feel sorry for the people of Iowa for having to put up with this extreme pander-monium. Only six more months to go, Iowa!

Featured image: Elizabeth Warren at a campaign stop at an Iowa farm (screenshot via PBS NewsHour on YouTube)

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