With Epstein Dead, Will His Victims Get Justice? They Should

With Epstein Dead, Will His Victims Get Justice? They Should

With Epstein Dead, Will His Victims Get Justice? They Should

Jeffrey Epstein’s death immediately raised questions as to what will happen next for all of his named and unnamed victims. Will they ever get any kind of justice? They should.

Attorneys representing multiple accusers forcefully signaled that they would continue to proceed with their cases in interest of getting at least SOME justice for his victims.  According to Kimberly Lerner:

““I guess there is somewhat an element of relief because the fear of him getting out is obviously over, but there is also, they’ll never be able to look into his eye and say, ‘You hurt me.’ There’s that element of closure that he’s taken away from them,” said Kimberly Lerner, an attorney for one of Epstein’s accusers.”

Lerner’s client, Jennifer Araoz, released her own statement.

““We have to live with the scars of his actions for the rest of our lives, while he will never face the consequences of the crimes he committed the pain and trauma he caused so many people,” Araoz said. “Epstein is gone, but justice must still be served. I hope the authorities will pursue and prosecute his accomplices and enablers, and ensure redress for his victims.””

Jennifer, like so many of the rest of the victims, was recruited by Epstein’s alleged enablers. How did they recruit her? By hounding her outside her high school and her home. Yes, you read that correctly. People such as Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislanie Maxwell, former employee Nadia Marcinkova and others are alleged to have actively recruited teenage girls and then made them into Epstein’s sex slaves.

All of the stories are horrific. Even more so because of the years of deafening silence and enabling from those who knew, from those who were part of his heinous world, and from those who had had multiple chances prior to this to bring Epstein to justice.

However, what has been the main focus of the media since yesterday morning? Trump tweeting conspiracy theories about Epstein and Clinton! Joe Scarborough doubled down on his godawful Russia tweet by claiming it was a touch of glib humor during his morning coffee. Uh huh..sure.  Meanwhile, ShareBlue had an email leak. Said email discusses how to handle the Epstein conspiracy theories.

And then there’s Beto. Who evidently got the ShareBlue memo.

In other words, while the majority of the focus has been on slamming Trump because Trump; Epstein’s victims are left wondering if they will ever get closure of any kind. They’ve lost the chance to face Epstein in court, look him in the eye and wipe that evil smirk off his face. However, everyone ELSE in Epstein’s orbit should be hauled into court. They DESERVE and SHOULD get that chance to at least hold Maxwell, Marcinkova and everyone else involved to account.

The SDNY and the feds have issued statements assuring those victimized by Epstein that  and assured them that the cases will continue to move forward.

The 24/7 focus really should be on two fronts.

One: A full investigation, which Attorney General Barr has ordered, into Epstein’s death. And, if anyone was involved in this, throw the book at them.

Two: All of Epstein’s victims must get justice. They deserve it and more for what Epstein and his circle of evil put them through.

Feature Photo Credit: Mug shot of Jeffrey Epstein made available by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department, taken following his indictment for soliciting a prostitute in 2006 via wikipedia.org, cropped and modified

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  • Lloyd says:

    Will Epstein’s victims get justice? Probably not: Too many rich and powerful players who wish to cover up…to make all this go away. I wish otherwise…..I wish all of Epstein’s powerful playmates will be exposed, but I’ll not hold my breath.

    • Hate_me says:

      His own victims (and probably a few opportunists) will likely receive a substantial monetary award as they divide up his estate… not sure if that is justice, though I suspect there is no real justice to be found in cases like this.

      The victims of certain connections… the kind of connections that get a suicide watch lifted, are probably connected enough to make evidence beyond personal testimony disappear, as well. Injustice is their business.

  • MortMain says:

    You can’t put a dead man on trial… his associates know this…

  • Mad Celt says:

    Now ‘those in charge’ will complicate and throughly confuse evertthing from this point on until only God knows the truth of what actually took place. We’ll be told it is a legal matter and to protect the privacy of all involved nothing can be released. Given time the issue will fade into obscurity and be forgotten.

  • Blackgriffin says:

    Everyone is asking this. And I think that shows that no one ever expected any “justice” for these girls and women in the first place. I know I didn’t. I fully expected Epstein to die long before any real investigation got started. I don’t expect any of the monsters who participated in these crimes against humanity to ever face any consequences. I hope I’m wrong. I really do.

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