Celebrated Ignorance Is Dangerous

Celebrated Ignorance Is Dangerous

Celebrated Ignorance Is Dangerous

They’re fans of socialism. They’re all about gun control. They are the new generation and they are coming for you. Sadly, their vanity and ignorance is celebrated by the likes of the Democrat party. Why?

Celebrated ignorance is useful to them in obtaining a new pool of voters. How else do old relics like Sanders and Warren remain “relevant” in a world such as ours, teeming with promise and youth? They get AOC, Greta Thunberg, David Hogg and a slew of influential celebrities to stump for them. That’s how.

Ignorance has been celebrated long before these young dynamos were granted their fame. They got their participation awards for being mediocre. Their parents tended to every whim of theirs arguing with teachers no doubt about their sucky grades and crappy attitudes in class. And, when they felt they needed to skip school to make the world a better place, their parents let them. They take to social media and capitalize on the tragedies of their friends and neighbors, all for their own self-promotion and glory and have the audacity to be angry.

Their entitlement and sheer lack of respect is apparent. The stench of arrogance is thick:

Get your resumes ready. David Hogg is coming for your job. Harvard just might write him that ticket. God. Help. Us.

I know what you’re thinking right now. Who listens to them? Why should we listen to them? But they ARE rewriting history and their philosophies are dangerous because they are ignorant.

Take Economics major herself, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez who, just the other day, said this in a video on Instagram:

Famed economist Milton Keynes predicted that by 2030, GDP and technology would have advanced so much that it would allow everyday people to work as little as 15 hours a week and provide for their families.”-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Notorious AOC quickly backtracked on this one but her ignorance was out in the open for all to see. Not the first time this has happened, though. Yet, she is celebrated.

Who was Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes was, however, the name used by a character in a skit from the British comedy show “Yes, Minister” to demonstrate a banker’s cluelessness about economics.”-Jarrett Stephan, The Federalist

Let’s not forget AOC’s love affair with socialism. You know the kind…the socialist society where you don’t get to fly first class, business class or at all on an airplane but AOC gets to pair Blahniks with her white pantsuit. And, David Hogg, at every opportunity, seizes the moment to call gun owners, private citizens, “Nazis”. It’s almost as if the boy fell asleep during his history teacher’s entire lesson on World War II and the discussion of Adolf Hitler’s (gun confiscating from private citizens) Nazi regime. Then again, maybe the teacher left that little detail out. And Greta, oh Greta…where do we begin with Greta? She is hysterical. She is this way because adults enabled her and encouraged her to be this way. She is also completely convinced that we are all going to perish because our environment is so bad that she has to deny herself of her own childhood! This is the person who gets Time‘s “Person of The Year” Award. This hysteria gets nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Twice.

The danger of this ignorance is multi-faceted. For young women who look up to the likes of AOC, they see a young person romanticizing a society that would be impossible to implement in the United States. For young people who admire David Harvard Hogg and his ramblings, a “Nazi” is a white person who owns a gun. And for people who subscribe to Greta Thunberg’s hysteria and are indulging her, they are paving the way for more Thunberg-types. We also need to give the celebrities and honorable mention here…especially the young feminists who like to boast about babies would have wrecked their careers as entertainers and praise those abortions.

The danger of this ignorance is the egos that we are dealing with paired with the fragile minds that cannot take criticism and cannot sit and listen to other opinions. The fragile minds that say it is a “waste of time” to listen to another’s point of view. The fragile minds who, instead of digesting an opposing opinion and providing an educated argument, shout insults back at others. The fragile minds who have NO regard for those that have come before them and maybe, dare I say, lived on this earth a little bit longer and understand life and culture and politics a bit better. The fragile minds who cannot seem to cope and scream at the sky and rip up pages when the outcome is not what they wanted or expected.

Our youth are special. And indeed, some of them are cause for celebration. Ignorance is not cause for celebrity or celebration but our culture pats them on the back nonetheless. An economics major should know economics. A gun rights activist gone Ivy League should know that Adolf Hitler tried to disarm his citizens during the Nazi regime. He also should know enough to have some bearing, honor those lost due to the horrific Nazi regime and not throw the “N” word about so carelessly. Greta’s hysterics should not be celebrated but should be a cause for concern for the poor kid. And killing a child because one decides selfishly that she wants to be an actress and not a mom right at this very moment is what they will not say it is: infanticide. Useful idiots does not even begin to describe the dangerous ignorance that is celebrated today. Yes, if this trajectory continues, we should be terrified.

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  • Wayne says:

    I can understand how someone might advocate socialism or communism back in the 1800s. The start of the Industrial Age was upsetting. Independent craftsmen and farmers were thrust into grueling 12 hour days in the stuffy factories with no free time and minimal time to eat. But today, when the horrors of totalitarian socialist regimes have been seen and the failures of communism brought to light, there is no excuse for cheering Marx. Of course, these modern “socialists” are actually promoting the so called Nordic Model; which is really capitalism plus exorbitant taxes from the workers to pay for all the freebies for the Democrats.

  • GWB says:

    And, when they felt they needed to skip school to make the world a better place, their parents let them.
    Well, I don’t have a problem with this, as long as they actually accomplish missed schoolwork, they actually can intelligently support their position, and they understand the actual motives and positions of those with whom they are working/protesting.
    (Of course, we homeschooled. So everything was a class project of some kind. Even a trip to King’s Dominion or Busch Gardens. History, math, physics, chemistry, sociology, psychology….)

    Milton Keynes was, however, the name used by a character in a skit from the British comedy show “Yes, Minister”
    I’m fairly certain it was used there because there is a town in England called “Milton Keynes”. I wouldn’t give any credit toward AOC for actually having seen such a “dated” show, though. I bet she barely knows who “Monty Python” is*.

    Then again, maybe the teacher left that little detail out.
    I’m betting the teacher left a LOT of things out. After all, a lot of history has happened since WW2, and there’s limited time….

    a society that would be impossible to implement in the United States anywhere in the world

    The danger of this ignorance is…
    That they will someday – assuming they survive – run the world. Unless we do something about it.

    And, yes, Lisa, our current society is a dangerous combination of immorality, mal-education, disrespect for everything that has gone before, and ego. To quote another young idiot: “Express elevator to hell, man. Going down!”

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Sadly, the subject of history is treated by public education in the same way the school cafeteria treats fishsticks. Dry, bland, tasteless, and boring.
    Most of school history involves the memorization of dates.
    But, for the very few who still express an interest in the subject despite the best efforts to kill it off, there’s a trap laid. Those students are handed the works of Zinn, and are told that this is the real stuff.
    That way nobody has any idea at all about the 100% failure rate of the scam the Left is selling.

  • This is a very important essay. Today’s left suffers loss of the ability to reflect on self and be at all self critical, and ultimately the loss of the ability to reason. Human civilization cannot survive that.

  • 370H55V says:

    War Is Peace
    Freedom Is Slavery
    Ignorance Is Strength

    (can’t believe no one thought of this quote already)

  • David says:

    “Independent craftsmen and farmers were thrust into grueling 12 hour days in the stuffy factories with no free time and minimal time to eat.” Read Capitalism and the Historians, edited by F.A. Hayek.

  • njc says:

    See Haidt’s =The Righteous Mind=, which started Moral Foundations Theory. The Left values fairness and kindness, but not authority or sacredness or independence. As C.S. Lewis argued in =The Abolition of Man=, they are idolizing two virtues cut away from the whole interlocking structure of virtue itself. If you haven’t read the Lewis book, yesterday is the time, but now will do.

  • Marlene says:

    Very well stated, and as the mother of two adult 31 & 27 children with 2 very young grandchildren, I am terrified.
    When I look into the face of my almost 3 year old grandson, his innocence, his zest for life and new things, my heart cries. What is going to become of him and how will he hold it together once he starts being told not to believe his eyes. That boy in your class is really a girl. Biology is not true, and your “feelings” are the most important thing. And America was founded in 1619, those old white guys in the 1770’s were horrible human beings. The adults are destroying the earth and all the animals. So when they start their BS in Kindergarten, I expect by 4th grade, my grandson may want to report me to the authorities because I didn’t recycle a can, and his humanity and individualism will have been stripped from him.

    • Emmy Morse-Ziegler says:

      Thank you, Marlene. You are so correct, and your fears are my fears too regarding the future of our young people. I’ve already told my oldest daughter to very seriously think of homeschooling, but that is so hard when they need to work and make a living!
      I just don’t know what the answer is…, and it’s so concerning!

      • GWB says:

        I’ve known several families that were dual-income make homeschooling work. It takes effort, but it can be done! See if there’s a co-op, organization, or support store (renting/selling curriculum, apparatus, etc.) in their area that can point them in the right direction. Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) can probably point them to some help as well.

    • GWB says:

      Homeschool! It’s not nearly as hard as the education establishment would have you believe, and you can ensure the future of your family’s intellectual and moral grounding.

      Best yet, your grandchildren will be able to lead their peers into the very same sort of critical thinking and moral thought.

  • fast richard says:

    I think you are mistaken when you assume that these children’s teachers object to them skipping school to become activists for the left. Their teachers probably give them bonus points for this behavior and only heap excellent grades and praise on them for being good little indoctrination subjects.

  • Sam L. says:

    Do I remember correctly her statement that the world will end, and of course, WE will all be dead by 2030?

  • WTP says:

    They’re not any different from previous generations. It’s just that the ignorance is much more refined and wide spread now.

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