Hillary Clinton: The Pantsuited Wonder Woman Gets Her Crown [VIDEOS]

Hillary Clinton: The Pantsuited Wonder Woman Gets Her Crown [VIDEOS]

Hillary Clinton: The Pantsuited Wonder Woman Gets Her Crown [VIDEOS]

Last night was Hillary’s big night. Finally, FINALLY it was her turn! Last night was the night to tie all previous theme nights into a giant bow…er crown.

United Together: Protests, Bernie tossing himself under the bus, illegal immigrants and Michelle Obama were given center stage. Yay?

Fight for Families and Children: We were treated to a litany of celebrity twits and mothers whose adult children, criminals all, made fatal choices – but lets give ’em a pass because cops are BAD. The night finished with a weirdly folksy “I met this girl” speech from former President Bill Clinton. Missing from his speech was failing the bar exam multiple times, fired from Watergate, Whitewater, failing at healthcare, taking money from foreign donors, and more. But yeah, it was such a darling speech.

Working Together: Uh huh…Wednesday was more of ‘lets say all sorts of nice things about someone we really don’t like.’ But you know, she’s great at the big challenges and getting people to work together. Saving Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Libya (except for Benghazi), and just generally being Wonder Woman in a pantsuit with Blackberry in hand.

President Obama, who referred to himself 119 times during the speech, figuratively passed the torch complete with laughs, waves to crowd…



and a hug that gives me the heebie jeebies..


Which brings me to last night.


Coronation Night: Yeah, I know, the theme was “Stronger Together” – but lets call it what it is – a Coronation. All that was missing was the throne, the crown, and scepter. The Pantsuit Nominee took to the stage right after an intro from Chelsea and this Hollywood produced video.

Optimism, Steady Leadership, with doses of “It Takes a Village”, gun control, women, children, climate change, and national security, were keywords of the night.

Steady Leadership hmmm?

“The choice we face is just as stark when it comes to our national security. Anyone reading the news can see the threats and turbulence we face. From Baghdad and Kabul, to Nice and Paris and Brussels, to San Bernardino and Orlando, we’re dealing with determined enemies that must be defeated,”

Calling ISIS what they are? Not even mentioned. Terrorism? Briefly passed over. Yet according to Hillary, she is very clear about what this country is dealing with on the national security front.

Oh she is? This from the woman who helped throw democratic Egypt under the bus, put Turkey’s Erdogan into power and has stayed mostly silent in recent weeks while he purges the country of dissenters. This from a woman who ran communications on insecure devices thus opening up our entire government to national security vulnerabilities on major scale.This from a woman who’d rather blame the State Department’s security division for the failures in Benghazi culminating in the deaths of  four Americans, instead of taking the responsibility that she should’ve. This from a woman who wants to channel Angela Merkel:

We know how secure Germany is with their open borders now don’t we? Four terrorist attacks in one week is progress according to Hillary I guess.

Yes, evidently we must. Meanwhile:

Ouch! And this:

Exactly. So she used the word terrorism once. Yippee!! Here’s a question:

Hillary, you really truly shouldn’t be bragging about Iran. They don’t like YOU. They certainly don’t like America, and whether you want to admit it or not, they are thumbing their noses at us Every. Single. Day. Speaking of terrorism and ISIS:

He’s right you know.

Take a good honest, in-depth look at Hillary’s track record as Secretary of State. Can anyone truly say that when it comes to our national security, America will be safer under her watch? It wasn’t when she was Sec of State due to her atrocious mishandling of classified information and failed policies, and we won’t be if she becomes Commander in Chief.

Ask yourselves this. Do we want an Empathy President? Do we want a Mom Queen in a pantsuit? Or do we want a Leader who will stand up to terrorism, stand up to ISIS, stand up for our national security here and abroad; and most importantly stand strong for the United States?

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