#DNCinPHL: Dem Convention Day One Brings Protests, Boos & Bernie Sanders [VIDEOS]

#DNCinPHL: Dem Convention Day One Brings Protests, Boos & Bernie Sanders [VIDEOS]

#DNCinPHL: Dem Convention Day One Brings Protests, Boos & Bernie Sanders [VIDEOS]
Credit: Yahoo News
Dem Convention Feelin’ the Bern (Credit: Yahoo News)

Monday saw Opening Day at the Democratic National Convention. While the party continues selling a narrative of unity, it wasn’t rainbows and butterflies that reigned. No, it was protests and boos, both inside and outside the auditorium. Let’s start with what happened outside the barrier-encircled auditorium (a wall, if you will) where Bernie Sanders supporters blasted the DNC, and Hillary Clinton herself, for helping rig the nomination:

Seems the Queen is not only passionately disliked by those of us on the Right, but also by those on the Left who see Clinton as the ultimate status quo candidate. WikiLeaks confirmed that sentiment when it released a slew of unflattering emails just days before the convention. Listen to the chants amid a several-thousand strong flock of protesters:

Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of public ridicule than a woman who left four Americans to die in Benghazi, endangered national security, and prefers her electorate ”ignorant:”

Feeling exploited yet?

Now on to the other hot-air filled space: inside the auditorium.

It’s always a good day when Nancy Pelosi is verbally tarred and feathered. Watch how her fellow Democrats welcomed her at a pre-convention breakfast:

Wouldn’t it be a glorious day if voters in her California district would finally see fit to toss Princess P out on her reality-challenged tookus? A girl can dream.

First, it was Mayor Space to Destroy’s gaveling-in, and she overlooked a major step in her opening shpiel:

Oopsie. I’ll cede her that one, though. It was kind of winsome to watch; definitely better than enabling your constituents’ looting and destroying of their own neighborhoods while railroading six of your own police officers.

Next came the attempts by several Democrat speakers to bring the convention to a start, but Bernie’s supporters were having none of it. This was just moments into the convention, when all hell broke loose:

Can you say “awkward?” And united? Not so much.

Didn’t you get the Fall in Line memo from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz earlier in the day, peasants? Apparently not:

Later in the evening, we heard from First Lady Michelle Obama of “Your Word is Your Bond” fame. She typically delivers effective, emotional speeches. Here she is prattling on about how fabulous Mr. If You Like Your Healthcare is, and how she “trusts” Hillary Clinton as a “champion” for our children (the Benghazi families may beg to differ):

Checkmate, Michelle.

Feel that burn.

And finally, the man of the hour, the gadfly candidate who everyone waited with baited breath to hear…wimped out. Again. Bernie Sanders, who’s spent the majority of the past year lambasting everything that Hillary Clinton represents, pleaded with his supporters to get behind her candidacy:

Credit: Washington Post
Credit: Washington Post

Nope, no Ted Cruz moment; just fall in line and vote the status quo. So much for thrashing Wall Street; or addressing Big Money’s influence in politics; or for ushering in that “Democratic Socialism” revolución. No, in the end, Bernie is just another party hack, it would seem, asking his supporters to vote for More of the Same that got us here.

Other speakers included Sen. Cory Booker, who channeled his inner “You didn’t build that,” and, amid catcalls of “We trusted you,” Elizabeth Fauxcohontos Warren. I’ll spare you the shrieking. Just know that, while smooching Hillary’s backside, she bashed the current state of the economy, yet made no connection to the policies of the current Democrat administration.

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, says MRC has erected billboards and sidewalk signs like this one all around Philadelphia. (Photo Credit: Washington Examiner)
Dem Convention: Around Philly, the Media Research Center erected billboards and sidewalk signs like this one. (Credit: Washington Examiner)

So there you have it. And that’s just Day One in what promises to be a heat-filled Dem Convention, both inside and out. I can’t wait for the upcoming delegate count, which just may be more fireworks-filled than Ted Cruz’s Vote Your Conscience address. One thing is clear: “United” is not what the Democrats are, no matter how much they, and their complicit media lapdogs, would like us to believe.

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