Guest Opinion: Three dot Journalism …wear your mask or you ain’t black!

Guest Opinion: Three dot Journalism …wear your mask or you ain’t black!

Guest Opinion: Three dot Journalism …wear your mask or you ain’t black!

It has been said the three dots technique is used to separate the end of one thought before starting another thought. With all that is going on in this country, I find myself doing that lately because anything that comes to mind concerning our current political climate brings up another unexplainable issue.

The Biden administration and by extension, the government reminds  me of a gyro top I had when I was a kid. It would spin upright and seem steady for a bit, then get off balance and begin to wobble before falling over and thrashing around on the floor unable to right itself.

From up here in the Idaho panhandle it is both curiously amusing and surrealistically troubling to watch what is happening across our country as if we are floating in the sky on a saucer ship, looking down in stunned disbelief as the media desperately tries to tell all who will listen that what they are seeing isn’t really happening. Up is really down, dark is really light, money is just pretend so spend it and be happy, our border is secure, elections are fair, the president is playing with a full deck and the world is safe beyond our shores …Men are competing in women’s sports but a woman who smoked pot in a place where it’s legal is kicked out of the Olympics that allows professionals to compete against amateurs …While most people respect and obey the law, an immunity to it seems to exist in elite circles in DC politics …Congressman Eric Swalwell has an intimate affair with a Chinese spy, Senator Diane Feinstein had one on her government payroll for 20 years, Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence under subpoena, lying under oath is common place and our President openly bragged about bribing Ukrainian officials … White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki flat out said that the Biden administration flags comments for Facebook that they consider to be ‘disinformation’ in order to have them censored or “fact check” labeled as false and after the democrats campaigned on defunding the police she is saying it was a republican idea …the government lies, the media lies, celebrities join them in being woke and they all want me to trust them and shoot something into my arm.

We never got into that mask wearing thing so much up here in Idaho. Every now and then I see someone with a license plate from neighboring Washington State or maybe a Biden bumper sticker wearing a soiled old mask they carried for weeks and wonder if they are serious about their health or expressing an ideology I don’t understand. But it is hard to take the Fauci story seriously as it changed from day to day, week to week and numbers were manipulated to serve the purpose of the moment. …An election was thrown to the wind, businesses were destroyed, families were crushed and people died as the democrat media machine tore through America like a tornado in a trailer park …The pandemic campaign is waning so racism is the new talking point. Biden and company rant and rave about this being a racist country where crazy white people with military grade weapons stalk the streets killing minorities at will. Yet he has thrown our border open and called for a surge of people longing for freedom (and voting power) …but not if they are from Cuba and might end up voting republican. Democrats are vociferous about America’s racism while preaching human rights elsewhere …it makes no sense abroad but they seem to enjoy producing more division at home

Our president and vice president insult black people by saying they are incapable of obtaining a picture ID, or making a photo copy of a driver’s license in order to vote while at the same time promoting mass violation of our immigration laws to bring in millions of people whom they believe can do just that in spite of little or no education and an inability to speak our language…People wanting a fair election, is “the most significant test of our  democracy since the Civil War”, according to old Joe. Yet, any attempt to audit elections to learn what may have gone wrong is fought against by angry democrats. …So as the pandemic scare is boring most folks and the idea of erasing MLK’s dream isn’t producing the instant impact democrats need in heading to the 2022 mid-terms, they’ve decided to run a parallel track by taking a chapter from the lessons taught by Marx, Lenin, Hitler and Mao. …They are moving to not just censor thought and communications, but to open the door to government surveillance of private text and email messages …President Joe Biden’s administration announced their plans to create ways for Americans to report “extremist” friends and family to the government, in an effort to fight domestic terrorism. If this isn’t getting your attention, nothing will. Think about what has changed in our lives over the last few years and reflect on the working of the dictatorships that killed hundreds of millions in recent history. They created secret police. They spied on citizens and took away rights of privacy. They indoctrinated children in school and taught them to report their parents if they spoke against the state and they turned neighbor against neighbor. …History shows that once people are accustomed to wearing their mask, taking a knee and reporting someone who thinks differently, it is not much of a leap to being able to make up anything about anyone in order to have them ruined  in the courts where the process becomes the punishment, or maybe even taken into custody never to be seen again as in China or Cuba.

Most people have heard of the Cloward-Piven strategy, but would rather ignore it and pretend the democrats haven’t …and here we are with almost 275 republican members in congress that seem reluctant to mount a visible opposition and fight fire with fire out in the open. Yet, here they are asking for money…once again.



Today’s Guest Opinion is written by Jim Boyer, the Panhandle Pundit; a life long ski bum and realistic environmentalist, retired building contractor and long time property rights advocate. Speech writer, marketing specialist in demographic targeting, public speaker –  has worked on local state political campaigns and held local public office.


Our featured photo is a photoshopped image, altered & cropped, provided by Jim Boyer.



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  • Lewis says:

    Thanks, Mr. Boyer, for a great article! My spouse and I escaped from New York State in 2015 never dreaming it would get this bad there. Our family and friends are mostly on the east coast and suffering thru this surreal disaster. Sad to say many of them buy into that media hype while thinking we are the ones who are crazy. If that’s so, I’ll take crazy right up here in the Panhandle with you and like minded folks any day. I get so frustrated waiting for something to happen, as you mentioned most of those 275 republicans in Congress seem stalled in place. Thanks again for the good fight, you are joined in this effort by millions of people still safe in the USA.

    • Cameron says:

      I appreciate so much the distillation of how we’re all feeling. I just shake my head at my friends who screamed about Trump fascism… Yet he didn’t have 500 people locked up in solitary for trespassing. He didn’t collude with big tech. He didn’t censor his detractors…

  • Tom says:

    It’s called an ellipsis:
    “… an unfinished thought, a leading statement, a slight pause, an echoing voice, or a nervous or awkward silence.”

  • Darleen Click says:

    Excellent, Mr. Boyer. I live in the midst in Wokeistan (So Cal) so every crazy you list is right on my doorstep.


    • Jim Boyer says:

      I know of what you speak because my wife grew up in Orange County – but that was a different time.

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