Good Judgement, Other People’s Stupidity and Joe Biden

Good Judgement, Other People’s Stupidity and Joe Biden

Good Judgement, Other People’s Stupidity and Joe Biden

Remember how “unnamed sources” caught President Trump disparaging our military service members? Well, hold my cocktail while we reveal a video that surfaced yesterday featuring none other than Democratic Presidential hopeful with good judgement, Joe Biden.

The video was taken when Joe and Jill Biden spoke to the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing on March 7, 2016, in Southeast Asia.

I have incredibly good judgment. One, I married Jill, and two, I appointed Johnson to the academy. I just want you to know that. Clap for that, you stupid bastards.”-Joe Biden

The speech went on with Biden commenting that the crowd of service members was “dull” and that they “must be slow”.

Wow, just wow. Here he is, the Democratic Presidential hopeful and potential savior to COVID-19 and systemic racism, all wrapped up in a vacant stare with an occasional toothy veneer and hair plugs, quintessential “good guy”, Joe Biden, calling service members to their faces “stupid bastards” and insulting their intelligence. Come on, liberal media. We’re waiting on you. Time to swoop right in and make some excuses.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign has confirmed the accuracy of a recently resurfaced video showing him jokingly calling military troops “stupid bastards” and “a dull bunch” during a trip overseas, but said that they were made in jest as a way to garner greater applause for a female service member’s commitment to the country.”-The Daily Beast

And this:

Vice President Biden was jokingly encouraging the audience to clap for an airwoman on the stage, and a number of service members can be seen laughing and smiling at the comment. Seconds before, he praised them for ‘the incredible sacrifices [they] make for our country.”-Biden campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates

C’mon man! Can’t you all just take a joke?

In a hit piece on Trump, The Atlantic claimed “sources” have heard Trump disparage the military on several occasions. These “anonymous sources” have not come forward even though they would be considered heroes of the left for doing so.And even though Sara Sanders and John Bolton (not exactly a fan of Trump’s) came forward to say they heard nothing of the sort, democrats, including Joe Biden, were in a tizzy in early September because “anonymous people”” supposedly heard the word “loser”. In fact, Biden jumped all over it. And The New York Times jumped all over Biden who jumped all over it.

If what is written in The Atlantic is true, it’s disgusting. And it affirms what most of us believe to be true: that Donald Trump is not fit to do the job of president, to be the commander in chief.”-Joe Biden

You know what’s disgusting? A smug former Vice-President speaking to a bunch of military service members overseas and calling them “stupid bastards”. It’s right there on video for all to see. The body language of Joe Biden says it all. The smugness here is strong. But good’ ol’ nice guy, Joe. He was only joking. Must have only been joking when he made those remarks under his breath about them being slow, too, right? Biden stands at a podium, in the flesh and calls a bunch of military service members “stupid bastards” and “slow” yet gets the benefit of a doubt while anonymous sources who shall be unnamed make claims that Trump called service members “losers” and news outlets spread the words quicker than the west coast wildfires.

The karma here is as delicious as my caramel corn pop-err-popcorn, if you ask me. Here is Joe Biden, on video, making comments about his “incredibly good judgement”. Granted, this is back in 2016, when his judgement was a bit more on solid ground but voters are not getting 2016 Biden riding on Obama’s coattails. Nope. They’re getting Basement-dweller Biden. Can’t string together a complete and coherent sentence after 9am Biden. Presidential hopeful who puts a cap on his campaign, Biden. Presidential hopeful who chooses a female rap artist with a song called “Wide-Ass Pu$$y“, who used to be a stripper and drugged and robbed people, Biden. Father of a deadbeat dad who didn’t want to pay a stripper child support, Biden.

What does the Vice-Presidential nominee have to say about this?

After all this time…Tupac lives. Who knew? But good military service members are “stupid bastards” and we’re supposed to believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are of sound judgement? These are the supposed “winners” in the “battle for the soul of our nation“? The only thing that is stupid, slow and dull here is this campaign.

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  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    When it comes to poor choices of entertainment figures for campaign purposes, didn’t Ted Nugent stump for Trump? Trump also invited Nugent to the White House. Nugent has campaigned for other Repubican politcians like Trump’s wannabe immigration czar Kris Kobach. When Nugent was 32, he released the song Jailbait for which he wrote the lyrics. Here’s a sampling of the lyrics from Jailbait:

    Well I don’t care if you’re just thirteen
    You look too good to be true
    I just know that you’re probably clean
    There’s one little thing I got do to you

    Honey you you you look so nice
    She’s young, she’s tender
    Won’t you please surrender
    She so fine, she’s mine
    All the time, I woke my mind

    It’s all right baby, it’s quite all right
    I asked your mama

    Wait a minute officer, wait a minute officer
    Dont put those handcuffs on me, what about her
    Hey, I’ll share her with you

    Pretty creepy huh? Why do conservative politicians continue to assoicate themselves with Nugent? Why would Trump invite Nugent to the White House with Nugent’s history of trash like this? Why would Kobach use Nugent?

    Another Nugent gem is his song “Cat Scratch Fever.” Here are some of the lyrics from it:

    The first time I got it
    I was just 10 years old
    I got it from some kitty next door
    I went and see the Dr. and he have me the cure
    I think I got it some more

    I make the pussy purr with the stroke of my hand
    They know they geittin’ it from me
    They know just where to go
    When they need their lovin’ man
    They I know I do it for free

    Yuck, he first got it when he was 10? During his heyday, Nugent was known for having sex with underage girls. I think Cardi B. is a very poor role model and the Biden campaign erred in using her, but Repubican campaigns do the same type of thing. Didn’t Jerry Falwell Jr. also campaign for Trump? It was obvious for years that Falwell Jr. was a corrupt sleaze to any thinking person.

    Oh, by the way, Cardi’s B.’s song “WAP” doesn’t mean “wide ass pussy.” It means “wet ass pussy,” Just thought you might appreicate the correction.

    Trump has also made disparaging comments about military members such as saying he preferred soldiers who weren’t captured when referring to John McCain, He also disparaged the parents of a soldier who was killed while serving because the parents made statements opposing Trump. There’s also Trump’s dubious claim of having bone spurs to avoid the draft after he ran out of student deferments.

    It’s fine to criticize Biden, but Trump is hardly above reproach.

  • Cameron says:

    No one is saying he’s beyond reproach and that wasn’t the topic of the article above. It was pointing out the rank hypocrisy of Joe being allowed to make those statements towards military members and the press does nothing while an article with no verified eye witnesses is allowed to go unchallenged.

    As for the bit about Kamala? Well, unlike Tupac, Ted Nugent is alive. And if she gets this flustered over an easy question, she’s probably not going to handle the stress of being a VP very well.

    • Cameron says:

      Side note about the “bone spurs” remark: Get back to me with Joe Biden’s DD-214 and I’ll take the bone spurs bit seriously.

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:


    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I caught the drift of the article. My point was that there is lots of outrage about Biden’s remarks and his use of Cardi B., but when politicians on the right do the same type of thing there is silence from the right. I didn’t make any comments about media coverage and I wasnt referring to media coverage I hadn’t heard about Kamala’s Tupac response but when I listened to it she didn’t seem flustered to me, and I’m not concerned if she’s current with rap and hip hop. I am, however very concerend about Mike Pence’s current knowledge about hip hop and rappers. ( ;

    I’m not sure what you mean about Joe Biden’s DD-214. Isn’t a DD-214 issued when a person retires, is separated, or discharged from the military? Joe Biden didn’t serve in the military. He recieved student deferments and one deferment for asthma. Like Trump’s bone spurs deferment, people question Biden’s asthma deferment. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, however, did serve in the military but was discharged for testing positive for cocaine. Is that what you meant by Biden’s DD-214? Were you referring to his son’s record for being discharged for cocaine use? .
    I chose Ted Nugent as an example because he has such a long and well documented history of beign a creep. He even told High Times magazine he had urinated and defecated in his pants before his draft appointment to avoid the draft. Later he said he had made the story up and instead said he had received student deferments. I think the record reflects he recieved student deferments, but what kind of person would make up this kind of story? Nugent recieved a visit from the Secret Service because of comments he made about Obama, and the last I time I read about him he had found another of his “adult children.” Nugent stuck in my mind because I remember reading one of his interviews years ago and thinking he was an absolute bottom of the barrel creep. I don’t think he was involved in politics at that time. Yes, Nugent is alive, and he was fortunate that back in the days when he was banging underage girls society and law enforecment were more lenient about this. I have a friend whose ex-husband had sex with an underage teenage girl in the school where he taught years ago. As my friend and I have remarked, today he could go to prison for years for his behavior but back then it was overlooked. My friend even found out about her husband’s sexual activities with the girl from other teenage girls at the high school. I’m sure there are many other rockers who were also involved with underage girls. I’m not more concerend about Nugent than Cardi B. but it has seemed odd that politicans would even touch Nugent given his long history of creepy behavior. Cardi B,. is also a horrible role model in my opinion. She just hasn’t been around as long as Nugent but it should be easy to vet her.

    The left is hypocritcal about these kind of issues as well. The Biden campaign used Cardi B. to reach a certain segment of voters and either didn’t vet her well or didn’t care about her background and song output, just like politicans didn’t vet Nugent or care about his song output and behavior. It’s all the same. It just comes from different sides, just like criticism about Biden and Trump’s deferments.

  • Cameron says:

    The DD-214 remark comes from the constant bashing about Trump and his bone spurs. The implication behind such statements is that Trump is a coward for not serving. All right, then give me the DD-214 of Joe Biden. Oh, he didn’t serve because of deferments? Sorry, I don’t buy into the argument of “That’s different because reasons!” Especially since bone spurs are a legitimate medical condition in disqualifying for military service just like asthma is.

    And again, the point of the article was that The Atlantic ran an article with no eyewitnesses. In fact, every eyewitness interviewed has said that what was stated in the article never happened.

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    HI Cameron,

    Okay, thanks for replying and clairfying what you meant about the DD-214.

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