Gavin Newsom Blames Climate Change And Corporate Greed For California Wildfires

Gavin Newsom Blames Climate Change And Corporate Greed For California Wildfires

Gavin Newsom Blames Climate Change And Corporate Greed For California Wildfires

According to Governor Gavin Newsom, the blame for the wildfires raging through California right now should be laid at the feet of climate change and PG&E’s corporate greed. 

On Friday PG&E issued the following statement:

“”PG&E will need to turn off power for safety several hours before the potentially damaging winds arrive. It’s important to note that as this weather system sweeps from north to south over a period of two days, PG&E customers across Northern and Central Californiawill feel the effects of hot, dry winds at different times, which means outage times will vary, as well.

The potential Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) is expected to affect approximately 850,000 customers and may impact portions of 36 counties across portions of Humboldt, the Sierra foothills, Western Sacramento Valley, North Bay, and across the greater Bay area, Monterey Bay and northern Central Coast on Saturday, Oct. 26. Customers in the southern-most portion of PG&E’s service area in Kern County could have power shut off for safety on Sunday, Oct. 27.”” [Emphasis Added]

Power off for hours? No. Try DAYS. Saturday through Monday at the very least. Will this help ensure that no new fires will start? No given that the Kincade fire currently burning was sparked by a downed transmission line that was STILL energized!

Essentially ZERO containment, high winds raging throughout the weekend, and the fire is the size of the San Francisco Bay Area as of earlier this morning.

Just two weeks ago we wrote about PG&E’s attempt to ‘fix things’ by shutting off power to nearly 800,000 people. In fact, that power shut off affected nearly two million people. TWO MILLION.

Who is to blame? According to Gavin Newsom, we need to blame climate change and PG&E.

So, California has clean hands? Uhhhh… NOPE.

This is leading to infrastructure damage, damage to the countryside, and is endangering lives.

While it is great, as Governor Newsom points out, that new firefighting equipment and more firefighters are available, blaming climate change and corporate greed doesn’t solve the problem.

Yeah, let’s point the finger away from the state of California’s own mismanagement practices. That’s the ticket. Let’s blame everyone else and start an absurd investigation into why gas prices are so high. Let’s blame everyone else and that big ole mean climate change in hopes that no one dares to look more closely at how state government regulations have ALSO contributed to the tinderbox that is California.

By Newsom’s suggestion, residents impacted by the power outages and wildfires should blame those greedy corporate shills at PG&E. Lawsuits? Go for it!

Only one problem.

“Since filing for Chapter 11 in January, the judge overseeing the case has warned that another big blaze would upend the utility’s bankruptcy and potentially wipe out shareholders. Any claims from new fires sparked by PG&E would have to be paid out first — and in full — before those from previous blazes get a dime.”

That’s right. If anyone filed a claim from the fires last year or years prior, they’ll have a longer wait given any NEW claims have to be paid first.

Indeed, PG&E’s aging infrastructure IS a very big problem for the entire state. HOWEVER, Gavin Newsom and those in the CA legislature need to step up and shoulder some of the blame.

Mandating solar panels on every home won’t solve the issue of PG&E unless the grid is upgraded.

Mandating solar panels on every home doesn’t mean cost savings as a whole. Why? When the power goes out, solar panels or not, your home’s power is off. Unless you own a generator as backup.

Wind energy?? When California has stalled projects from WY and elsewhere because the power storage isn’t “Green enough.”

Wind energy? Twenty year shelf life on those wind turbines and zero technology out there to run effective recycling programs for the turbines.

Firefighters and California residents are at risk because of the failures of California government, and the failures of the utility companies to keep their infrastructure up to date.

So no, Gavin. Don’t try and tell us that climate change and PG&E’s corporate greed is the ONLY culprit of the fires burning the state down. You and your Democrat cohorts in the CA legislature bear equal blame for the debacle in your state.

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  • Darleen Click says:

    Other failures include the ecofascists who have inordinate influence in the socialist Dem legislature – they are directly to blame for the mismanagement of forest areas – not allowing controlled burns and removal of downed or diseased trees by logging companies.

    Indeed, in the Paradise fire last year this kind of malfeasance was pointed out several times…and ignored by the media.

  • PJ says:

    Newsom is going to use this to sue the oil companies into submission and to completely take over the production of electricity. He’s going full Hugo Chavez.

  • Kathy says:


  • Bill Smith says:

    Corporate greed? PG&E is for all intents and purposes managed by the California Public Utilities Commission. Infrastructure investment and shareholder returns must be approved by the CPUC. If greed is to blame, the CPUC sat by and let it happen and did nothing.

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