Gascon’s Soft On Crime Policies Led To Officer Deaths

Gascon’s Soft On Crime Policies Led To Officer Deaths

Gascon’s Soft On Crime Policies Led To Officer Deaths

George Gascon’s woke ‘soft on crime’ policies led to the deaths of two police officers on Tuesday night.

The deceased suspect accused of killing two California police officers during a shootout was a gang member on probation for a weapons charge after receiving a lenient sentence under a plea deal.

Justin William Flores is accused of killing two El Monte police officers Tuesday night.

He had a previous strike conviction ad received two years probation for a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. The sentence is in accordance with the policies of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, who was recently taken to task by a state appeals court over his refusal to prosecute three-strike cases.

That allowed Flores to plead no contest and receive a light sentence despite having a strike on his criminal record.

How light of a sentence did Flores receive? Time served and probation. That’s all. Except that the sentence he SHOULD HAVE received was supposed to be three years in jail at a minimum. Instead, he was given the lightest of taps on the wrist, told not to use or buy weapons of any kind, and sent out the door with a smile. Whereupon he immediately went back to his life of crime. 

At the time the two officers were shot to death by this criminal, he’d already stabbed his girlfriend who was hiding from him at the motel where the shooting happened. He had knives and guns, he was breaking the law. He already had broken the law by owning guns prior, but under Gascon’s extremely woke ‘coddle the criminals’ policies, prosecutors were supposed to IGNORE all prior issues. His sentence of the other week was the right one to make insists Gascon. 

Needless to say, that is little comfort to the community and no comfort at all to the family, friends, and coworkers of the two officers Flores shot to death. 

Furthermore, it is absolutely NOT consistent with the California Supreme Court ruling over Gascon’s soft on crime policies. 

“On the merits, we conclude the voters and the Legislature created a duty, enforceable in mandamus, that requires prosecutors to plead prior serious or violent felony convictions to ensure the alternative sentencing scheme created by the three strikes law applies to repeat offenders,” the ruling said. “The district attorney overstates his authority. He is an elected official who must comply with the law, not a sovereign with absolute, unreviewable discretion.”

As noted above, Gascon insists that the shooter didn’t have a prior criminal record. Except that he did, and already had a felony weapons conviction. The problem is, Gascon’s policy insists that all prior criminal records must be ignored. And so, prosecutors were given no choice, but to let the guy walk out with nothing but a tap on the wrist. 

The fact is, Flores was in possession of a weapon back in 2021. It doesn’t matter that he supposedly didn’t have a history of violence, he was a convicted felon found with a firearm in his possession. He 100% unequivocally should’ve seen jail time. Period. 

But noooo…Gascon had to waltz into office and announce that criminals will be coddled, and victims will be ignored. Criminals are more important you see, they DESERVE 9 million chances and light taps on the wrist. This is a short and very incomplete list of those criminals who are benefitting from Gascon’s woke policies.

  • An intoxicated teen who mowed into a mother and her baby, almost killing them both, only received five months in “probation camp.” It was later revealed that he had also violated parole.
  • Hannah Tubbs, now a transgendered woman, sexually assaulted a 10-year old girl when he was just shy of his 18th birthday. Now 26, Tubbs was tried as a juvenile and only received probation. In a jailhouse conversation with his father, Tubbs maligned the victim and laughed about getting away with the molestation.
  • Convicted murderer and gang member Luis Angel Hernandez bragged on jailhouse audio that Gascón is a “champ” and vowed to get Gascón’s name tattooed on his face for dropping his gun and gang enhancements.

As for the victims, sucks to be you. 

James Woods is absolutely right. LA voters, if San Francisco can boot criminal loving DA Chesa Boudin to the curb, you can do the same. 

Feature Photo Credit: Original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click 

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  • Scott says:

    Do we really need more proof that the left hates us?

    Sure would be nice if the families of the two murdered officer could sue Gascon.. or get him convicted as an accessory before the fact..

    Another DA bought and paid for by the Nazi Soros

  • GWB says:

    told not to use or buy weapons of any kind
    Heck, he’d ALREADY been told that! By the law.

    not a sovereign with absolute, unreviewable discretion
    Oh, but they ARE sovereigns over us. We live in a dhimmi world, with Progressives in positions of power lording it over the rest of us, to whom the law applies in full.

    Let’s put it as simply as we can. If George Gascon obeyed the law these two El Monte police officers would be alive today.
    He should be charged with criminal conspiracy. He should also be sued by the police officer’s families and the police union for willful negligence in the performance of his duties, contributing to a criminal act. Throw the entire panoply of lawfare at him and keep at it until he either ends up in prison or destitute, living on the sidewalks on San Fran.
    Or, simply take matters into your own hands, since the law no longer seems to protect the people.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    It gets worse. Gascon has said his office will pay the funeral costs of everyone killed by the police, which means the LA taxpayer will be footing the bill for this cop killer’s funeral

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