George Gascon Insults Victims, Backpedals On Sentencing Guidelines

George Gascon Insults Victims, Backpedals On Sentencing Guidelines

George Gascon Insults Victims, Backpedals On Sentencing Guidelines

George Gascon insulted victims and their families, and is now backpedaling on his sentencing guidelines. The outcry over his grandiose ill-conceived ideas which Darleen wrote about, gained volume and strength over these last few days.

Gascon, in his infinite wisdom of making justice FAIR for all the criminals, decided that the following is no longer needed. 

Cash bail

Death penalty

Disband sentencing committees

Get rid of sentencing enhancements

Juveniles will no longer be tried as adults, no matter how heinous the crime 

Gascon even decided that any criminal injured or killed deserves taxpayer paid medical care or funerals! 

Now, don’t get me wrong, even with Garcetti shutting down LA and Newsom shutting down California, all the LA voters should’ve paid attention to Gascon’s record. I don’t doubt that many did, but given the vote totals, not enough to count. So buyers remorse is kicking in. 

Gascon’s own Assistant District Attorneys are in rebellion right now. Let’s look at two issues in particular. One case involves a criminal now serving life without parole for killing a police officer, LASD Deputy Gilbert Solano, in cold blood. Gascon has now taken that off the table, which would give this criminal a chance at parole sooner rather than never. Needless to say, Deputy Gilbert’s sister is beyond irate. Her brother was shot execution style in the back of the head and Gascon has decided it would be fair to give the shooter the opportunity to get parole?? Here’s his reasoning. 

What a complete utter load of HORSE SHIT. The judge and jury ruled, but Gascon has decided that maybe perhaps the shooter will be sad and sorry in a few years for shooting a cop in the back of the head. Yeah, NO. 

There’s another example, one that enrages me just as much as the above. 

Cases that involve child abuse and other heinous crimes against children. Gascon’s new directives were slated to go all in for the criminal and not protect the victims. The children harmed by child abusers, molesters and sex traffickers? Not as important as ensuring the criminals are treated FAIRLY.

Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami is speaking out. He prosecutes child abuse cases. In fact, he was the lead prosecutor for one of the most infamous heartbreaking child abuse cases LA has ever seen. An eight year old boy, Gabriel Fernandez, who was brutally tortured and murdered by his mother’s boyfriend. Currently Hatami is overseeing another case of a mother, Akira Smith, who beat, tortured, and murdered her four-year old daughter, Eternity.

Gascon’s new ideas of fairness would ensure that Smith’s prior records of abuse, torture, and child endangerment would not be considered during the sentencing phase. 

““A lot of DDAs (deputy district attorneys) are really scared. They are sending people to court to monitor what we say. They are working with the public defenders and alternate public defenders to intimidate us and document what we do and what we say.

“I just don’t understand why we’re not trying to prosecute child murderers to the fullest extent of the law.

“I believe that there needs to be some reforms, however, those reforms need to be based upon the law. They also need to be based upon the protection of the public. They need to be based upon the protection of children. They need to be based upon the facts of each case.

“I don’t want to lose my job. Unless they run me out of here or they take away all my cases, I’m not going anywhere. And I’m going to fight for all the kids.””

Gascon, evidently doesn’t think children matter. Jon Hatami does. He is fighting for those who are powerless while Gascon is happily enabling criminals. 

Then, just the other day, while speaking in front of a court house, Gascon decided it was high time he insulted victims and victims families for daring to protest his new plans. 

According to good ole George himself, he didn’t know they were family members of victims. So, in other words, he is sorry he got caught, but the insult stands as long as it wasn’t people who would be directly affected by his atrocious new policies. People such as Desiree Andrade, whose son Julian was brutally murdered. His killers were celebrating Gascon’s new guidelines in court last week. 

Now Gascon is backpedaling. 

“”Gascon said on Friday that he would allow his office to seek harsher sentencing for hate crimes, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, sex trafficking and some financial crimes.

Gascon had long argued that sentencing enhancements lead to inflated prison terms and target Black and Latino defendants.”

It’s incredibly evident that he’s only doing this because the heat from the public and media, plus what the judges were saying, got to be a little too much for Gascon. He threw out an idea that was quickly turning into a political landmine for him. 

At least he’s made SOME changes. However, unless the public keeps up the pressure, criminals like the one who shot Deputy Gilbert Solano in cold blood, will still have a chance to waltz out of jail in the interest of “fairness.”

LA voters bought this, now it’s up to them to get rid of a DA who puts criminals before the victims and doesn’t give a damn about the safety of the citizens of LA.

Feature Photo Credit: justice criminals by geralt via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Brian Brandt says:

    I wonder how many of the people who are upset by Gascon voted straight Democrat.

    • Ann in L.A. says:

      His opponent was a Dem too. We have a jungle primary system, so we almost always have a choice between two Dems in the general. Jackie Lacey was his opponent, the kind of uppity black woman the left seems to go after with added verve.

  • NTSOG says:

    “… the Parole Board could determine he’s been rehabilitated.”

    What is it with the progressive socialist left and their infatuation with the notion of rehabilitation. Is it a Jesus Christ/Save the World syndrome with which they’re all ‘infected’ so that each morning they can look in the mirror and tell themselves how noble and wonderful they are while ignoring the rest of society and the diverse views and of its members? My understanding of human behaviour leads me to believe that very few criminals are ever rehabilitated by the Kumbaya singers, yet these idealistic fools will readily allow thugs to prey on society repeatedly, ignoring the rights of the victims.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    Notice that hate crimes led the list deserving increased sentencing. If Gascon really had his way, the only crimes prosecuted would be thought crimes.

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