George Gascon – New Los Angeles DA Flips Off Residents UPDATED

George Gascon – New Los Angeles DA Flips Off Residents UPDATED

George Gascon – New Los Angeles DA Flips Off Residents UPDATED

It wasn’t like Los Angeles residents weren’t warned for months about the scourge of San Francisco. George Gascon, appointed as San Francisco’s DA decided that after increasing crime in the city by the bay, he’d venture south with a Soros-infused campaign chest and screw over a county of 10 million people.

Today was Gascon’s first day on the job and he gleefully took to the podium after being sworn in to tell law-abiding residents that if you don’t like the level of crime right now, boy howdy, just you wait!

Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón announced sweeping policy changes as he took office Monday, including a plan to end the use of cash bail in the nation’s largest court system and a ban on his prosecutors seeking sentencing enhancements in nearly all cases.

Never mind that the statewide proposition 25 to eliminate cash bail was soundly defeated, Gascon farts in the general direction of mere citizens since he is one of the self-anointed philospher-kings who believes individuals don’t really commit crime – they are the true victims of the horrible American system.

“I recognize for many this is a new path … whether you are a protester, a police officer or a prosecutor, I ask you to walk with me. I ask you to join me on this journey,” he said. “We can break the multigenerational cycles of violence, trauma and arrest and recidivism that has led America to incarcerate more people than any other nation.”

You may now swoon with delight.

No more treating gang members like the organized criminals they are. No more death penalty regardless of how vicious or egregious the murder. From Charles Manson to Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez to William Bonin – serial murders like them will have nothing to fear but incarceration where they’ll be able to look for more victims.

Garcon won’t allow juveniles, even rapists and murderers, to be tried as adults. Ever. Kill your family at 17 years, 364 days old and you’ll be out of custody in your mid-to-late 20s with your record sealed. As an employer, wouldn’t you like to know the background of someone like this?.

I’m not coming to this subject from outside the judicial system. I retired back in January from 22 years in SoCal county employment. Four years in the Probation Department (working in a juvenile detention center) and 18 years in the DA office where I supervised a staff of 40+ clerks in support of 127 attorneys. Gascon was one of the chief architects of Prop 47 — the infamous proposition that has, among many things, enabled career thieves. Under prop 47, commercial burglary (aka petty theft or shoplifting) is always a misdemeanor as long as each incident of theft is $949 or below. You can hit up a mall for thousands of dollars of theft in one afternoon, but as long as you spread it out between several stores in the mall, *if* you’re caught you’ll spend a few hours being booked then released with a citation to show up in court.

SURE, you’ll show. Yep, you’re such a model citizen you’ll pay attention to coming to court on a ticket, right?

I watched in real time the explosion in property crime that came with Prop 47 (the crime rate already exacerbated by Jerry Brown’s “prison realignment”). Gascon is lying about how the assessment for flight risk will work. In reality, dda’s will concentrate solely on the most violent cases and it will be …

Gascon bans cash bail

… for everyone else. Even all those repeat offenders Gascon would have you believe will be so grateful for the coddling they will not come right back to steal from your business nor break into your car nor beat you harder for calling the cops in the first place. They will turn from their criminal ways out of the goodness of their heart.

This isn’t any step forward. This is a return to the worst of the 1990s when gangs ruled neighborhoods and law-abiding residents locked themselves in at night.

This is what Progressives do. Their virtue-signaling brethren – the ones living in gated communities with private security – don’t care. And politicans like Gascon don’t make mistakes this large because of misplaced compassion. A fearful population is a population easy to control and manipulate.

This is who they are, this is what they do.

UPDATED: While I was busy writing this, Gascon doubled-down on his malevolence.

My suggestion is that there should be a “peaceful protest” as soon as can be organized and said law-abiding citizens campout on Gascon’s front lawn and sit on his front porch with a boombox or two. No trespassing or disturbing the peace to see there, amirite?

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