Emmys Turn Into Actual Trash Fire

Emmys Turn Into Actual Trash Fire

Emmys Turn Into Actual Trash Fire

The Emmys were on last night, and few people cared.

In our current environment, you would think that an awards show – particularly one that has been upended in recent years with the invasion of popular shows from streaming platforms – would draw a lot of eyes from people searching for a little escapism. Well, it seems that if people want to escape, they are actually watching the shows. Not the show that gives out awards to the shows. And Hollywood has proved to be tone-deaf in the extreme during 2020, so why should the Emmys be any exeception to this narcissism? The ratings fell to an all-time low last year, and this year promised to be even worse.

Kicking off the evening in predictable fashion was host Jimmy Kimmel with… a Trump joke. Yes, because if one is a good little liberal puppet, one can never slam the Bad Orange Man too much.

The monologue started off okay, with obvious but clever cutaway edits of past audiences. But once the lights went up and no one was there…

Har har har. Although Jason Bateman’s cameo was at least amusing. But the jokes did not improve from there. In fact, one of the worst moments occurred when Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston were supposedly “burning off” coronavirus germs from the envelopes holding the winners’ names.

Not only did they think they had contained the fire in the trash can, the stage crew had to tell them to put it out again when it reignited. This, in a state that is still battling wildfires. You want tone-deaf? THIS is tone-deaf. Read the room, people!

And that was before all the typical social justice platitudes got trotted out in front of the camera, as usual.

Of course, no Emmys show would be complete without memorial tributes to actors like… Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Sadly, I’m not joking.

“On Friday we lost a great American. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a compassionate and tireless champion of equality and justice, who said her legacy was to make life a little better for people less fortunate than she,” Kimmel said during the virtual awards show before introducing this year’s in memoriam tribute, which was performed by H.E.R.”

Winners Regina King and Uzo Aduba also mentioned Ginsburg during the evening, while wearing Breonna Taylor t-shirts during their acceptance speeches in order to make a point.

“The cops still haven’t been held accountable,” said King to the press after she accepted her award during the telecast. “She represents decades, hundreds of years of violence against Black bodies, Breonna Taylor does. I felt like wearing Breonna’s likeness, representing her and her family, and the stories that we were exploring, that were presenting, holding a mirror up to in ‘Watchmen,’ it felt appropriate to represent with Breonna Taylor.”

Naturally, excuses are already being made for why people wouldn’t be bothered to watch the Emmys. There was a Sunday Night NFL game on, there was a NBA playoff game. However, I would be willing to bet that the ratings for those games couldn’t possibly explain the decrease in viewers.

Simply put, the majority of the American public is exhausted with celebrity culture. After being through lockdown and pandemic and riots and economic upheaval, most Americans have little patience with the rich and famous patronizingly droning on about social justice, and graciously informing hoi polloi of their enlightened view of society. Where is Ricky Gervais when we need him?

So, while the celebrities who produce the entertainment that we are all supposedly “enjoying” during this period in time are patting themselves on the back, most people are just turning them off. Politics has seeped into every corner of life. You can’t get away from it – not in sports, not in TV shows, not in comedy, not ever.

No wonder Americans are just tuning out and turning the TV off. After all, you can’t be told that you will be MADE to care… if no one is listening in the first place. And if you’re dumb enough to light a trash can on fire on live TV, why should we even bother listening to you?

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  • GWB says:

    This, in a state that is still battling wildfires.
    What? Hollywood isn’t battling wildfires. Neither are the Hamptons in NY. What ‘state’ could you possibly be talking about? /sarc

    the rich and famous patronizingly droning on
    I think “We’re in this together” finally broke a lot of people of that.

    Politics has seeped into every corner of life.
    Yep. And finally it seems a majority of Americans are noticing.

    BTW, I haven’t watched an award show in decades. Why would I watch a bunch of narcissists give each other awards? Especially given that every thing about the shows is shallow? (And, no, opining shallowly on current events doesn’t make your awards show any deeper.) These are people famously out of their depth in an ankle-deep rain puddle.

  • rbj1 says:

    Actors are supposed to entertain, same with athletes. Don’t hector me as to how bad of a human being I am. That’s kind of a turn off.

    • GWB says:

      Don’t even try to tell me how things should be run. Especially when as ignorant as so many who think a large audience is the same as “me being smart must be the reason for it.”

  • Sam L. says:

    Emmys?? What, pray tell, are they? Inquiring minds…don’t care.

  • John says:

    The idea that Kimmel is an is truly laughable. Jennifer is at best a “B” class acctress and has no sense of humor at all.
    When they announced who was going to host the Emmeys I knew it would be a dumpster fire so paid no real attention to the boring program.

  • D3F1ANT says:

    Kimmel is the Left’s go-to shill. He’s ubiquitous at any Leftist award show. They know he’ll stooge for them and spout all of the necessary propaganda and hate. Amazing how he got a free pass for his work on the Man Show! But hypocrisy and double-standards are the hallmarks of the Left.

  • Brunello says:

    The only way to wake up the woke is to boycott their events. If ratings fall enough there will be no sponsors as sponsors want something in return for their money…eyeballs! No watchie no money!

  • Bob Glover says:

    It’s because it is all aimed at us…we are the problem. If only we amended our ways and become more like them, the world would be a better place. how F..ing patronizing! Nobody likes to be lectured to, especially about a manufactured grievance. On top of it, hardly anyone is dropping dead on large scale to require the draconian measures that are in place. Its all a charade, and these Hollywood boobs think that we are all idiots. It’s just too insulting to watch garbage like this. or ESPN for that matter.

  • Bill M says:

    I was so interested in this year’s show that I didn’t even know it was on until it was over. Well over as I found out about it late the next day. I shed no tears and still don’t know what shows won anything as I have absolutely no curiosity about the whole mess. Dumpster fires really don’t interest me and woke dumpster fires interest me even less.

  • Deanna, you missed some of the irony there. Yes, lighting a fire when there are wildfires burning up in the hills above them is quite stupid. But they also scream at us, every opportunity they get, that those wildfires are caused by climate change, which is caused by human emissions of CO2 – so they not only lit a fire, but created even more CO2 – AND THEN PUT IT OUT BY BLASTING IT WITH CO2!

  • Sky Masterson says:

    Very racist awards show. They allowed a White person to win one.

    Black lives obviously do not matter.

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