Election Day: Will #GA06 Choose Seasoned Repub Karen Handel or Wet-Behind-the-Ears Dem Jon Ossoff?

Election Day: Will #GA06 Choose Seasoned Repub Karen Handel or Wet-Behind-the-Ears Dem Jon Ossoff?

Election Day: Will #GA06 Choose Seasoned Repub Karen Handel or Wet-Behind-the-Ears Dem Jon Ossoff?
Jon Ossoff (D), Karen Handel (R) (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Today is the “big day.” It’s the day that Georgians in the Sixth District select their next representative, a seat left open after Tom Price left Congress to become Health and Human Services Secretary. And in the days following the attempted assassination of congressional members, various shenanigans have transpired leading up to today’s election. To illustrate:

Last week, a handful of Karen Handel’s neighbors received “powder-filled letters,” briefly shutting down the neighborhood:

Not to sound overly-cynical, but every time I hear about one of these “hate crimes” these days, I tend to wonder if indeed it was the target of said “crime” who is the actual perpetrator. In this case, the target being Ms. Handel. I’m not pointing fingers; but rather, pointing to recent history.

Coincidentally or otherwise, the shooter, who last week targeted Republican lawmakers at their baseball practice, also railed against Ms. Handel in FaceBook posts:

Then, also on the heels of the horrific shooting, a PAC seized on the attack and tried harnessing the assault to Ms. Handel’s advantage…

…which I find detestable. As do both candidates. Exploiting attempted murder for political gain is what Far Left Liberals do, not those who are confident in both the ability of their candidate, and their chances for success (and yes, I know some readers will disagree with me here, and that’s the beauty of free speech!). Mr. Ossoff has precisely zero experience, and promises to be a cute little lap-poodle for Nancy Pelosi. Hit him on his thin resume, hit him on his lack of any new ideas, and certainly hit him on the fact that he doesn’t even reside in the district and thus can’t even vote for himself. What a fine juxtaposition between his residency and the fact that the majority of his donations are coming primarily from California, eh? Whack him around with THAT. But leave the victims of an attempted political assassination out of it. It’s ghastly.

And then there’s the failed Senate candidate, Alan Grayson. Being the perpetual slimeball that he is, he’s piggybacking off Ossoff’s would-be celebrity status to fundraise…for himself. Check out the small print:

Photo Credit: Washington Examiner

Did you catch it?

“Your contribution will be divided evenly between Jon Ossoff and Alan Grayson.”

How much he’d be donating to himself is unclear. And unstated. Grayson’s like a bad case of the swine flu; just when you think you’ve finally eradicated him, back he comes with that barking seal cough.

Aaark. Aaark.

Meanwhile, though statistically the odds have favored Republicans in this district, this race looks like a toss up:

Indeed. The GOP holds the majority in both houses of Congress, as well as the White House. President’s Trump’s pen sits ready to pass legislation into law. But for whatever reason—cowardice, ineptitude, laziness?—the Republican-held Congress has failed to deliver on any of the promises made in Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s “200-Day Plan.” With the “August Recess” rapidly approaching, they’ve little time left to fulfill their promises (what, exactly, have they done to earn a break, by the way?). This fact could bode well not for the GOP, but for the Democrats, who’s “Resistance” candidate is Georgia Six’s version of Barack Obama: overinflated resume, stale ideas, and a slave to the Powers That Be. And they’re hoping Ossoff’s the start of their path to taking back the House in 2018. Never mind that at least one of Ossoff’s D-List celebrity donors believes Southerners are “dumb” and “racist.” Just ignore that. You “dumb, racist Southerners” best get on board and vote for her boy, Jonny, anyway. No, Trump needs another swamp-extractor, not another drain plug with Far Left roots that extend all the way to Hollywood.

Fact check: true.

Here’s hoping Georgia’s sixth district residents understand that Mr. Ossoff is not their Golden Boy, and reject what he and the Democrats are selling. But will the GOP voters and “leaners” turn out? Or will the highly-motivated “Resistance” grab themselves a much-coveted scalp? Tonight will finally answer that question.

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  • GWB says:

    Will #GA06 Choose Seasoned Repub Karen Handel or Wet-Behind-the-Ears and Doesn’t-Even-Live-In-The-District Dem Jon Ossoff?

    FIFY 😉

  • Kate says:

    Georgia is changing – it’s not as red as it used to be – but it’s a historic district for the GOP. I say she pulls it off.

  • parker says:

    If Handler wins by anything less 10% the dnc-msm axis will spin this as a victory for the #resistance.

    • GWB says:

      They’ll spin hard and fast enough that we could power Atlanta for a decade if we could just cover ’em in magnets and stick ’em in a copper coil.

  • Scott says:

    Results are in, she won, hollywierd lost!

  • Scott says:

    In leftist speak, yes GWB… kinda like they use nazi to mean right wing.. never mind that is actually has SOCIALIST in the name…

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