Durkan: Seattle Is Dying? Nope, It’s Fine!

Durkan: Seattle Is Dying? Nope, It’s Fine!

Durkan: Seattle Is Dying? Nope, It’s Fine!

The city of Seattle was in the news before in a documentary called Seattle is Dying-a documentary that focused on the intensifying homeless problem in the Pacific Northwestern city. On Thursday night, Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan, harkened the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) to the “Summer of Love“.

Groovetastic, for sure (thanks, VG, Toni)! Last night, Durkan fought back The President from her tweet deck:

Oh, Jenny! Seattle has not been fine for a long time, honey! Bless her heart.

One may ask, why is Durkan so keen on protecting a bunch of individuals who stormed city hall with nutcase city council member, Kshama Sawant, days before, calling for her resignation? We’re fine, Mr. President, let’s move right along here. The people of CHAZ are voicing their political opinions and forming a Democracy and it’s cool, man. Not a Constitutional Republic-a Democracy. Durkan fights back at Trump because she does not want to admit she is completely out of control of her city. She has been since she took office. It’s painfully obvious. The CHAZ has brought this into the spotlight for all to see.

Seriously, I live in this state. I have never lived in a state where a governor and a mayor have had their heads so far up their asses as here in Washington. I always knew Washington State was a bit nutty. But this has surpassed Bigfoot sightings and serial killers for sure.

But don’t worry, Seattle is fine! The CHAZ? Nothing but a big love fest!

Our calls for service have more than tripled. These are responses to emergency calls — rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts that have been occurring in the area that we’re not able to get to.”-Seattle Police Chief, Carmen Best

It’s the summer of love in The CHAZ and it’s outta sight, baby. For instance, just yesterday, in the city of Seattle, a judge barred Seattle police from using tear gas and other chemicals as a form of crowd control.

District Court Judge Richard A. Jones issued the written ruling after a local chapter of Black Lives Matter filed suit against the Seattle Police Department to suspend violent tactics it said had been used to break up largely peaceful protests in recent days. In a written statement, the civil rights group said, ‘That is a victory for today. Black Lives Matter demands a justice system that works for us every day.'”-Alfred Charles, KOMO News, Seattle

This is the scene of democracy and it is rad. While this is going on, occupants of The CHAZ made out a wish list of items generous, working souls in America could provide from the (American) economy. Because they can’t go out and pick these items up blocks away. Ahh, yes. Purchasing this requires American currency. That of which none of them have or want to part with. Because everything in The CHAZ is FREE and YOU should provide it.

1. Clothes
2. Ice
3. Cigarettes and Lighters
4. Lanterns, flashlights and headlamps
5. Portable solar chargers
6. Backpacks and reusable bags
7. Tents, sleeping pads, pillows and tarps
8. Tracfone minutes cards
9. Body lotion
10. Shoes
11. Bedding/Comforters
12. Zip Ties
13. Folding chairs
14. Laundry bags
15. Personal fans
16. Body wash
17. Disinfectant
18. Sunglasses

Send Gatorade, vegan food staples and more fee $hit for us.

Seriously, if you are considering donating items to these people and not taking your hard-earned cash and donations down to a local rescue mission or the like that helps homeless families in the Seattle Metro, there is something wrong with you. You are completely out of touch with reality. Anyone notice how cigarettes and lighters are higher on the list than say, body wash? Disinfectant ranks pretty low on the list, too. No requests for toilet paper, PPE or sanitary wipes or hand gels or soaps or N95 masks (because we’re apparently still in the midst of a pandemic). The people of CHAZ are immune to the Coronavirus, apparently. It’s okay. Durkan says Seattle is fine.

Seattle has become a cesspool of tents and tarps and heroin needles under Mayor Jenny Durkan. Jenny Durkan has created an environment where the police are afraid to do their jobs because they have repeatedly been told they couldn’t do their jobs. This, in turn, has impacted local businesses and the people of Seattle directly. And honestly, I really don’t give a rip about any of these posts of the virtue-signaling masses stating that people in The CHAZ mean no harm. Share all of the sidewalk chalk street paintings you want, people. It could be the land of rainbow-puking unicorns but the simple fact of the matter is that a community without law and order will eventually NOT be fine.

Let’s add onto this mess the lack of ability for law enforcement to deploy non-violent means to de-escalate potentially violent situations and we have the makings of the perfect storm. And let’s throw one more thing on this huge dumpster fire-a bunch of people crowded together in a six-block radius. Mark my words. Durkan and Inslee will be scratching their heads a few weeks later when COVID-19 cases increase and hospitalizations increase in our state. Don’t worry, it’s fine, it’s democracy. First responders will again come to the rescue as will the doctors and the nurses and the hospital staff supplying beds to the sick-summer-of-love-citizens of The CHAZ. Inslee will complain about Trump not sending enough PPE and threaten to shut down the businesses of hard-working individuals and Durkan will be donning flowers in her hair and staging a shut-in in her ten-million dollar home off of Lake Washington.

Seattle is fine, she says. Except it’s not.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Copyright: ragesoss / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)

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