Durham: Hillary Campaign Spied Upon Trump And White House

Durham: Hillary Campaign Spied Upon Trump And White House

Durham: Hillary Campaign Spied Upon Trump And White House

The Durham probe has uncovered new information verifying that YES, the Trump campaign AND the Trump White House were spied upon. By whom? Helloooo…Hillary!

Durham’s filing states that in July 2016, the tech executive worked with Sussman, a U.S. investigative firm retained by Law Firm 1 on behalf of the Clinton campaign, numerous cyber researchers and employees at multiple internet companies to “assemble the purported data and white papers.”

“In connection with these efforts, Tech Executive-1 exploited his access to non-public and/or proprietary Internet data,” the filing states. “Tech Executive-1 also enlisted the assistance of researchers at a U.S.-based university who were receiving and analyzing large amounts of Internet data in connection with a pending federal government cybersecurity research contract.”

“Tech Executive-1 tasked these researchers to mine Internet data to establish ‘an inference’ and ‘narrative’ tying then-candidate Trump to Russia,” Durham states. “In doing so, Tech Executive-1 indicated that he was seeking to please certain ‘VIPs,’ referring to individuals at Law Firm-1 and the Clinton campaign.”

WHOA Nelly! Now, we are starting to find out that yes, the corruption was as deep and wide as we Victory Girls thought it was. This filing by the Durham team shows, regarding Hillary sycophant attorney Michael Sussman and his pal Marc Elias, that there were dirty tricks against the Trump campaign AND the Trump White House. 

Here’s the gist. According to the Durham filings, a Tech Exec 1 took it upon him or herself to use whatever means necessary to monitor the internet traffic at the Trump Tower during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Furthermore, that SAME Tech Exec 1 managed to gain access to the White House!

Durham said that “Internet Company-1” accessed “dedicated servers for the EOP as part of a sensitive arrangement whereby it provided DNS resolution services to the EOP” and that Joffe and his associates “exploited this arrangement by mining the EOP’s DNS traffic and other data for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump.”

EOP is the Executive Office of the President. So yes, we have an outside player accessing sensitive and classified information in the White House!!

Oh, folks, it gets better. Per the Durham filing, which you can read in full HERE, this was done in order to keep the Russia collusion drumbeat going, which the media bought – Hook, Line, and Sinker. And now?

In his meeting with Agency-2, the defendant provided data which he claimed reflected purportedly suspicious DNS lookups by these entities of internet protocol (“IP”) addresses affiliated with a Russian mobile phone provider (“Russian Phone Provider-1”). The defendant further claimed that these lookups demonstrated that Trump and/or his associates were using supposedly rare, Russian-made wireless phones in the vicinity of the White House and other locations. The Special Counsel’s Office has identified no support for these allegations. Indeed, more complete DNS data that the Special Counsel’s Office obtained from a company that assisted Tech Executive-1 in assembling these allegations reflects that such DNS lookups were far from rare in the United States. For example, the more complete data that Tech Executive-1 and his associates gathered – but did not provide to Agency-2 – reflected that between approximately 2014 and 2017, there were a total of more than 3 million lookups of Russian Phone-Provider-1 IP addresses that originated with U.S.-based IP addresses. Fewer than 1,000 of these lookups originated with IP addresses affiliated with Trump Tower. In addition, the more complete data assembled by Tech Executive-1 and his associates reflected that DNS lookups involving the EOP and Russian Phone Provider-1 began at least as early 2014 (i.e., during the Obama administration and years before Trump took office) – another fact which the allegations omitted.

Now, this looks quite likely that Hillary had her fingers in these pies. Oh sure, she may have stepped down in 2013 as Secretary of State. HOWEVER, it’s well known that she had additional servers set up in her basement and potentially bathrooms. Bleach Bit was involved in deleting her emails, as was her hiring of Platte River Networks to run those servers. Guess what? Those same have also touted themselves as cyber security experts. Are THEY the ones involved in the spying on the Trump campaign and White House? We can only speculate right now. 

Timing is everything. Yesterday, Hillary tried to dunk on President Trump after NY Times hack Maggie Haberman implied that President Trump flushed documents down the toilet. 

By golly, Hillary really has no shame doesn’t she? 

Keep in mind, President Trump insisted in 2020 that he, his campaign, and many others had been spied upon. 

What did Lesley Stahl do? Waved off his concerns and assertions as if it was just a minor irritation. 

Will 60 Minutes walk back their commentary? No. Will Hillary say anything? No, unless forced. Then she’ll spin it as either “I only lied a little bit,” or it was a “vast right wing conspiracy” set up once again to keep a good liberal ‘I could’ve been President!’ woman down!

Feature Photo Credit: Hillary, I only lied ‘this much’ campaign photo via Gage Skidmore at Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Kevin Donegan says:

    Skimmed the post … and the news is … a politician spied (gathered intelligence, sought out information, conducted opposition research, et. al) on another politician? Let’s see if you can cough up a name (republican, democrat, independent, green party, socialist, communist) who didn’t “spy” on the opposition.

    Now, here’s a scoop for the Victory Girls because I have yet to see anything on your blog … did you hear a politician flushed, ate and destroyed top secret documents? Did you hear that a politician mishandled confidential and top secret documents and even attempted to take them for their own personal use … my guess is to sell at some later date? What about a politician that tried to prevent a duly and fairly elected politician from taking office through violent means?

    I bet VG would get a Pulitzer for actually investigating and reporting (blogging) on something relevant and factual versus the dribble that typically comes out of this blog.

    Happy Super Bowl!

    • Just to cut you off at the pass…

      “SCOOP! Trump caught taking off his mask at Mar-a-Lago! He’s actually a Lizard Man from Betelgeuse Seven!”

      I do wonder whether those DNS taps are still there – it would be interesting to know how much traffic has been going back and forth between the White House and banks in Beijing…

  • Skillyboo says:

    Won’t be a crime, or an investigation beyond the Durham report, unless the NYT, WaPo and the alphabet soup networks start reporting it. As for the dribble above he/she would probably accept a murder of any republican without an investigation if it helped the socialist democrats.

  • Cameron says:

    I hope that Mr. Durham’s security is top notch and we don’t read about his suicide next week.

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