Democrats Planning For Riots If Trump Wins

Democrats Planning For Riots If Trump Wins

Democrats Planning For Riots If Trump Wins

Democrats are planning for more riots if the election results in a second Trump term. Think I’m wrong? The warning signs are all around us. This from The Atlantic a few days ago.

“This is the era of expecting the worst while hoping for the merely tolerable. Some might say that the worst is already happening—economic disaster and 190,000 dead from a pandemic—while the president and his surrogates insist, in a feat of self-delusion, that the “best is yet to come.” As someone who has argued against catastrophism—I don’t believe Donald Trump is a fascist or a dictator in the making, and I don’t believe America is a failed state—I find myself truly worried about only one scenario: that Trump will win reelection and Democrats and others on the left will be unwilling, even unable, to accept the result.”

As we’ve written time and again, Democrat leadership and a majority of the media have been in a continual tantrum since the night of November 7, 2016. However, this is more than just a tantrum. This is an all out campaign to get the Biden-Harris, excuse me, the Harris-Biden ticket to the finish line…OR ELSE.

Or else what? Let’s take a look at the Arabella Advisors and the groups they are affiliated with. 

“Deirdre Schifeling, who leads the Fight Back Table’s efforts to prepare for “mass public unrest” following the Nov. 3 election, founded and is campaign director for Democracy for All 2021 Action, a project of Arabella Advisors’ Sixteen Thirty Fund. The Sixteen Thirty Fund is a dark money network that provides wealthy donors anonymity as they push large sums into the left’s organizational efforts. Schifeling’s group is one of dozens that use Arabella Advisors to add an extra layer of secrecy to their funding.”

Schifeling and her group are also affiliated with “Protect the Results.” A group which, along with others, is planning “mass mobilization at over 1,000 U.S. locations during election week. You see, if Trump wins, the world will implode and Democrats want to be ready to “mobilize in unprecedented ways.” 

Here’s another group that is urging mobilization. The Transition Integrity Project (TIP). 

“In one of the greatest public disinformation campaigns in American history — the Left and their NeverTrumper allies (under the nom de guerre: “Transition Integrity Project”) released a 22-page report in August 2020 “war gaming” (their term) four election crisis scenarios: 1. A decisive Trump win; 2. A decisive Biden win; 3. A narrow Biden win; and, 4. A period of extended uncertainty after the election. The outcome of each TIP scenario results in street violence and political impasse.”

Yes, the group has literally war-gamed the 2020 election. Who is in the group? John Podesta, former RNC Chair Michael Steele, and Bill Kristol among others. Read the entire 22-page report, and bookmark it. You’ll be referring back to it time and again in the next few weeks and months. 

Those political idiots at TIP have borrowed from the Marxist Black Lives Matter agenda and are rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of this country devolving into more violence if the election goes to Trump. 

“The TIP report is careful not to engage in sedition. They are a whisper away from advocating violence — but these are very sharp political operatives that are all lawyered-up, so they speak in code. Here are some examples for you to read between the lines:

If there is a crisis, events will unfold quickly, and sleep-deprived leaders will be asked to make consequential decisions quickly. Thinking through options now will help to ensure better decisions”
“Planners need to take seriously the notion that this may well be a street fight, not a legal battle; technocratic solutions, courts, and a reliance on elites observing norms are not the answer here.”
“Groups, coalitions, and networks should be preparing now to establish the necessary communications and organizing infrastructure to support mass mobilization.”
“Military and law enforcement leaders need to be particularly attuned to the possibility that partisan actors will seek to manipulate or misuse their coercive powers for inappropriate political ends.””

Boy howdy, they sure navigated that minefield on tiptoes! However, their efforts are working. Just two days ago the New York Times darkly warned that Trump will go after all protestors and break the law doing so. Today the media is clutching pearls because Attorney General William Barr supposedly considered charges of sedition against rioters along with criminal charges against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin. Except there was zero sourcing for The NY Times report, just lots of innuendo. 

The Democrats WANT the violence to continue. They WANT the violence to get even worse if the election doesn’t go their way. They want Americans to believe that these riots are necessary and spontaneous because people are fed up. Except they aren’t spontaneous. 

Furthermore, data is now showing that not only have the protests been organized, 95% of them are linked to Black Lives Matter. Look at the maps included in the report to see the extent of the protests riots across the US this summer. Mind-boggling. 

As you see with the maps, the riots are spreading. The Democrats are tacitly encouraging the violence and destruction instead of condemning it. All of this will continue because it fits their narrative of Trump built this! Even as he has day after day soundly condemned the riots and advocated for law and order combined with support of our police.

That doesn’t matter to the Democrats, media, and NeverTrumpers. The warnings have gone out, and the media is waving the flag. Vote Biden and the riots will stop. Vote Trump and our country will implode. 

It’s time to save our Republic

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Feature Photo Credit: Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1745189954, LOS ANGELES – MAY 30, 2020: Police Car Being Burned During Protest March Against Police Violence Over Death Of George Floyd. by Hayk_Shalunts, via Shutterstock, cropped and modified

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  • cirby says:

    Someone from the higher ranks of the GOP needs to take the leaders of the Democrats aside and point out to them, very gently, that if the Left decides to try and overthrow the government, the crazies on the right side won’t be going after the foot soldiers.

  • Lloyd says:

    The leftist Democrats have been “quietly rioting” ever since Trump won. If/when he wins again, it will mean that their “destroy Trump” efforts do not work. Maybe, they should act like adults…and accept the election results and agree to work together with the right for the betterment of America. Oh, foolish me, the left will never accept election results that are not what they want. They will continue to act in childlish ways that we would not accept from our children.

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    Funny, the Democrats I know want the violence and vandalism to end. I guess the Democrats I know are the more law abiding and peaceful kind. I’m sure there is a slice of extemist Democrats involved in violence and vandalism. I hardly think that Michael Steele, though, is some kind of radical figure.To portray him as such hurts the credibility of your article.

    • Randy Wilde says:

      And are the Democrats you know at all influential in the Party?

      Sure, the Outer Party members might not be pro-violence. There’s enough from the visible leaders and money sources in the Inner Party, though, to cast doubt on the Party as a whole.

    • Sgt Grumble says:

      Check the utterances of M Steele since 2015 on the matter.

  • NTSOG says:

    “If/when he wins again, it will mean that their “destroy Trump” efforts do not work.”

    Unfortunately it is a basic principle in behaviour change that behaviour always gets worse before it gets better. I would expect that the extremists of the Left, whatever they call themselves and proclaim, will escalate their behaviour, commit more assaults on government facilities and staff and also extend their depredations to private citizens and their property to provoke strong government responses – so they can claim victimhood – but also to intimidate private citizens.

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  • Michael G. Gallagher says:

    Don’t people understand that if they win the presidency under these circumstances, they’ll have won a very poisoned chalice, and that many people simply won’t obey any dictates that come out of a Leftist-controlled Washington? You don’t have to go violent to be disobedient.

  • Michael G. Gallagher says:

    Why do my comments need to be moderated? I use no obscenities and I don’t engage in any type of slurs.

    • Michael G. Gallagher says:

      I’ll try again. The Dems will gain a poisoned chalice if they win on November 3. You don’t have to be violent to be disobedient. Go to the Small Wars Journal and look up the article “Adding Strategic Nonviolence to Unconventional Warfare Doctrine and then skip over to Amazon and look up the book “Stealth of Nations: The Global Rise of the Informal Economy, by Robert Neuwirth.

      • Toastrider says:

        I think they hold up any comment which includes a live hyperlink. Nothing personal, I recall it happened to me once.

  • Lounge Lizard says:

    I am constantly amazed that that so many in elected positions believe themselves charmed from any of the nastiness they wish to inflict on the rest of the us. If widespread pre or post election BLM/ ANTIFA violence –looting and riots— occurs, the object of “our” response will not be directed toward Lenin’s useful idiots in the street..they are simply expendable pawns.
    Rather a two tired approach will be unleashed. First those that are in actual positions of power -local, state and federal who actively support the street thugs will be….um…dealt with. The idea that they can politically profit from the chaos they unleash and still hold power is simply childish and naive.
    The second tier are those who fund the and organize the chaos. The interlocking board members and board chairmen of the Tides Foundation,, the Ford Foundation, Soros’s Open Society and such. There are around 850 “suits” who sit above the fray and fund the violence. Their names are and addresses are well know and circulated widely. Some are public figures, some are not. They too will be……dealt with.
    When a rattlesnake comes into your yard, use a .410 shotgun and shoot the snake in the head….don’t aim at the rattle.

    • Mac says:

      If the Government uses lethal force against the rioters, it will be justified. A “whiff of the grape” along with a few one-way helicopter trips will cow these street criminals. Then go after the leadership. Think Singapore’s “Operation Cold Store” from 1963.

    • JonB says:

      Agree 99.9% with you on all points. Although where we slightly disagree is that I feel the expendable pawns expended first. Driven from the streets with extreme prejudice, until the looting, murder, rioting, arson comes to a screeching halt. Then when the unthinking useful foot soldiers of the 850 are dead and/or gone (for those too queasy for dead and gone, substitute ‘neutralized’), just imagine their very much more increased panic as authorities close in.
      Maybe we can give the survivors the Loyalty oath similar to the scene from The Outlaw Jose Wales. After what they have put the country thru up to now, tis only fitting.

  • William says:

    Despite all these brave keyboard comments, I am not optimistic given the sheepishness with which the American populace has accepted masks, lockdowns, and restrictions on assembly. Convincing the necessary mass of the citizenry that drastic action is warranted will be at least as tough as it was prior to the revolutionary war.

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  • […] Democrat-linked groups such as Democracy for All 2021 and the Transition Integrity Project warn of mass demonstrations and riots if Democrats don’t […]

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