Kraebber Took Notes On How To Be A Little Terrorist

Kraebber Took Notes On How To Be A Little Terrorist

Kraebber Took Notes On How To Be A Little Terrorist

You may remember last week when we introduced you to young Clara Kraebber, a 20 year-old Rice University student and daughter of a wealthy New York family. Miss Kraebber was arrested last weekend for a three-hour, Friday night BLM rampage.

There’s more to this story as we found out later this week. Clara Kraebber was accompanied by an entourage of other poor, little rich kids.

Last night, The New York Post reported that Little Red Riot Hood, Clara Kraebber, cooked up some plans whilst hiding away at her parents’ farmhouse in Connecticut. You see, one of these plans was to “occupy” luxury apartments that have since become vacant due to the mass exodus from New York’s Upper West Side. “Scouts” would find these apartments abandoned in the so-called “white flight” and the comrades would enlist willing locksmiths to enter these apartments. She and her squad of bored rich kids would squat at said apartments and defend their “fortress” by throwing bricks off the rooftops.

Krabber’s notes outlined her “revolutionary strategy” that she planned to carry out with her Country Club Commies. These “strategies” nodded to Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky as “inspiration”. Such inspirational figures, don’t you think? Labor camps are so rad, man. And, the martyr, who “fought under the banner of Marxism“:

For 43 years of my conscious life, I have remained a revolutionist; for 42 of them I have fought under the banner of Marxism. If I had to begin all over again, I would of course try to avoid this or that mistake, but the main course of my life would remain unchanged. I shall die a proletarian revolutionist, a Marxist, a dialectical materialist, and, consequently, an irreconcilable atheist. My faith in the communist future of mankind is not less ardent; indeed it is firmer today than it was in my youth.”-Leon Trotsky

I mean, it’s enough to make any political science major at any liberal arts university swoon. So romantic. Oh, Communism. Dear Diary, today I get to stand in the bread line. I am so happy I fought for the revolution!

A page titled ‘Revolutionary Strategy’ and dated Aug. 21 includes notes that say “Stalin — defend USSR at all costs” and “Trotsky — United front of all working class but don’t let capitalists in.”, according to The New York Post

Kraebber also nodded to Abolition Park (AP) in New York’s Lower Manhattan.

Kraebber went on to say that “anybody who f-cks with Democrats can’t be leadership”.

That’s rich. Trump f-cks with Democrats all of the time, toots. And yes, he’s the President which sends people like you, Clara Kraebber, into epic screaming-at-the-sky fits. From trolling the liberal lawmakers these kids worship to calling out the media bootlickers, Trump is all over it. It’s quite entertaining to behold, really, when self-proclaimed Democrats of all ages are called out on their sheer hypocrisy. Think about it. Here’s this spoiled-rotten young woman sitting up in a home in an all-white, affluent suburb concocting up plans to bring about utter destruction to innocent, marginalized residents whom she claims to be fighting for. I almost feel as if these kids have this love affair with the Black Panther protests and hippies of the late 60s. They want to be superhero revolutionaries fighting for justice in their dirty face masks. They have been so starved for attention in their mediocre, insignificant lives of privilege that they now want to be part of history. They want attention so badly and cry out for it any which way they can. They claim to want to have dialogue but these wet-behind-the-gauged-earlobes “revolutionaries” honestly feel are your intellectual superiors, you see and any thing you say to the contrary will be squashed. Or get you called a fascist. A hateful biggot. A racist.

He managed to savage Chinese society, to obliterate its culture, to turn student against teacher, friend against friend, children against parents, all in a frenzy of political hysteria and denunciations.”-The New York Times, on Mao Zedong

Krabber’s riot buddy did not deserve a new cell phone after hers was smashed last Friday night. Her mom bought her one anyway and was quoted to be glad she “didn’t go to Rikers”. Oof. Her daughter, the yachting model, would have to be amongst the “other” class. Unacceptable talk at the country club and bad for appearances, I am sure. Kraebber is out on bail with a court date in December. There is no doubt Miss Clara Kraebber will lean heavily into her white privilege on that day. While these kids deserve a good, old fashioned ass-whipping, their parents remain happily oblivious to it all which creates the perfect opportunity for the Maoist to swoop on in at the young “revolutionary” and make the argument that his or her parents are dumb. These kids think they are superior intellectually. They think they are really something. Hell, they’ve been told this their whole lives.

The truth is, these kids are no longer dreaming of Socialist Utopia. They’ve gone straight-up Marxist and even Communist in their leanings. And, they’re not even pretending anymore. So, why are we? As we look back 19 years, reflecting on 9/11/2001, what we see is terror. Terror from the skies from a nation who did not like what we stood for and now, flash forward to 2020, domestic terror from our own children. It could be a 737 loaded with jet fuel slamming into a skyscraper or a brick thrown from a luxury apartment. Terror is terror. Write that one down, Clara Kraebber. YOU are a little terrorist. It’s time for your ass-whipping. Or maybe a one-way ticket to Venezuela. Take those pieces of crap you call parents and friends with you.

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  • Amanda Green says:

    A quick google search on her has me hoping Rice lowers the hammer on her–and looks at her actions on campus post haste. There’s one entry for her from the university that appears to allude to the fact she’s interested in Native American Studes (wouldn’t that be cultural appropriation?) and women’s gender studies. But the most concerning is discovering she is on the school’s univeristy court. Somehow, I don’t see her being fair and impartial. Do you?

  • Bill S says:

    Read Lenin’s biography. He was sent to prison for revolutionary activities and released. The Tsar showed him mercy. In return Lenin had him killed along with his entire family.

    Kraebber wants to be a violent revolutionary. Fine. She should pay the price of being an enemy of the state, of someone who would rob the rest of us of our democracy, and our liberties.

  • D Marolla says:

    This is a great article. It hits all the right high notes. The irony is rich as you have a rich white girl schooled in all the nonsense from the 60’s – the decade that was engineered to ruin a once a relatively uniform and successful place. Her boomer parents totally blew it, and their spawn is a wannabe revolutionary, clownish and clueless. The ‘leaning on her white privilege’ comment is perfect as it is a microcosm of this woman’s life.

    We have to do it differently in the black neighborhood. Unlike the school philosophy from this woman’s leftist indoctrination in HS and university, I have to create rabid independent young people:

  • HR says:

    As someone who escaped, with their family, from a communist country, it still shocks me how these wanna-be young communists have not even a clue of how lucky they are to be Americans. If this happened in the place I’m from, they would be handled swiftly, absolutely and with no remorse. They would be disappeared and no one—NO ONE—would ever hear from them again. But here they are, in a free country where they’re allowed to thrive, role-playing being far-leftist thugs, with $1000 phones in their pockets and $200 sneakers on their feet. It is not just pathetic, but it’s so full of cringe that I’m surprised these people don’t get just how much of an embarrassment they are.

    • Jen says:

      Thank you for your insight! The commie kids ARE role playing and they don’t understand the stakes. My only hope is that our government doesn’t view them as whacked out kids, but instead goes after them as a terrorist cell. Paging the FBI, where are you? The feds went after religious zealots who were bombing abortion clinics 20 years ago. These were people born and raised in the United States, home-grown terrorists. It’s time to lock these kids up.

  • Dietrich says:

    On the plus side, skinny little Clara Kraebber won’t require more than one bullet when her little revolution really gets going.
    One bullet, no tears…

  • Jen says:

    I’m old enough to remember the hippie movement and the protestors back in the ’60s’. You’re so right, Lisa—these modern spoiled urban kids are trying to have their 1960s moment. But the BIG difference is back then what counted most was non-violent protest. Sit-ins, singing songs, passing around flowers. It may seem kitschy and groovy to us today, but back then the protestors really took Martin Luther King’s words to heart. Non-violence was the key, it was what counted most. It was all about remaining chill in the face of adversity. (Even the drug culture back then was calm.) Yes, there were race riots in the cities, but overall the words of Gandhi and King mattered most. Love this site–just found it and I will be back!

  • Doug says:

    Your source is The New York Post??!?!?!

  • GWB says:

    They have been so starved for attention in their mediocre, insignificant lives of privilege that they now want to be part of history.
    No, it’s struggle they lack. Their parents gave them everything. They didn’t struggle to succeed, they simply did. They didn’t necessarily lack for attention, they lacked being pushed out of the nest and tested.
    One of the big reasons people like to demand universal conscription is to maybe re-prioritize these sorts of folks into understanding real struggle, and therefore, real achievement. (It wouldn’t work, because universal conscription would mean “graduation” criteria that would allow these goobers to “succeed” without actually achieving.)

    They want to be superhero revolutionaries fighting for justice in their dirty face masks.
    Yes, they want to be part of the mythology.

    make the argument that his or her parents are dumb
    Well, they are. Or lazy. Or both. But, yes, we can absolutely lay this at the feet of their parents, who did not “teach them well.”

  • Scott says:

    “Write that one down, Clara Kraebber. YOU are a little terrorist. It’s time for your ass-whipping. Or maybe a one-way ticket to Venezuela. Take those pieces of crap you call parents and friends with you.”

    You nailed it Lisa! Can’t really improve on that comment.

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