Democrats Do Not Want FISA Documents Made Public [VIDEO]

Democrats Do Not Want FISA Documents Made Public [VIDEO]

Democrats Do Not Want FISA Documents Made Public [VIDEO]

One story that is somewhat flying under the radar due to the Kavanaugh debacle is the Trump FISA declassification order. One would think that the Democrats would be thrilled because that declassification would mean information should show up that verifies their assertion that Trump colluded with Russia, right? WRONG. The Democrats do NOT want this information made public.

The order from Trump came just a few days ago, as we noted here. It listed specific information that would be declassified and specific people were listed. Among them:

Bruce Ohr

Nellie Ohr

James Comey

Lisa Page

Peter Strzok

What is the Democrat reaction? Fear mongering.

John Brennan weighs in:

“A number of individuals are trying to protect Mr. Trump and abusing their authorities and their powers, whether it be in Congress or within the executive branch,” Brennan said Tuesday during an interview with MSNBC.

“And this is something that I am hoping that individuals of conscience are going to stop and prevent because I am concerned that this is just one indication that Mr. Trump is going to increasingly look for steps to take in order to further try to subvert the Mueller investigation,” Brennan continued, referring to the special counsel’s inquiry.

Brennan doesn’t want these documents made public. Why? Because, according to him, this is another of Trump’s tactics that will subvert the Mueller investigation. In other words, don’t do this because we need to keep that Trump Russia! collusion narrative going.

Needless to say, he’s not the only one who wants all of this kept under wraps.

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The Democrat leadership has their shorts in a massive knot about this.

The entire letter from Chuck, Nancy, Mark, and Adam Schiffty is here.

Here’s the thing, can Congress countermand an order from the President? They can’t. This is a serious attempt at stonewalling. They hope that there are enough folks still at the DOJ, FBI from the Obama Administration who will aid them in their cause. They already have the media on their side.

Simple. Democrats don’t want this information un redacted and  released to the public because it will crater the Trump Russia! collusion narrative they’ve been peddling since Election night 2016.

Keep in mind, the FISA warrants against Carter Page are incredibly problematic. As has been discussed, much of the information used to obtain those warrants included the supremely discredited Steele dossier.

Democrat leadership has had over 8 years of running unchecked and having too many in the DOJ plus FBI do work that is antithetical to this Republic and our national security. But now they are seeing that power slip away and they don’t like it.

Democrats KNEW that there wasn’t any basis for the Trump Russia collusion investigation. There was no basis for the FISA warrants. They don’t want this information out because it will show how corrupt they really are.

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  • This isn’t at all surprising yet at same time is still astonishing. Democrat party, including the media, has been screaming we must get to the bottom of all this, but is absolutely deadset on keeping us all in the dark. Even though it’s always predictable, sheer chutzpah and dishonesty is surreal.

    So many “unindicted co-conspirators” among them!

  • GWB says:

    individuals of conscience
    Well, I’m not sure how many of those folks *exist* inside the beltway.

    Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/Warner order intel agencies to ignore presidential order
    Wow. McConnell should censure these folks immediately for overstepping their Constitutional bounds. And that censure should include that they are in violation of their oaths of office.

    But now they are seeing that power slip away and they don’t like it.
    Exactly. It’s all about power. They care only about ruling America.

  • scott says:

    I’m sorry, can someone point me to the section / paragraph in the Constitution where it talks about the gang of eight? I can’t seem to find it in my copy.. maybe I’m missing a page?

    Ooh, and F@#K these clowns!

  • Bill G says:

    An excellent bit of swamp-draining could occur by immediately firing anyone and everyone who does not quickly and completely comply with this legal Presidential order.
    On second thought, don’t fire them immediately. Let them get away with it for a short time to find out how many follow along. And then fire all of them.

  • Danimal28 says:

    You know… Trump and his crew have shown (to my knowledge) complete fidelity to the Constitution(obeying laws) and to the People(upholding his word). Aside from the House Freedom Caucus and a few others, the rest of Washington DC hasn’t/isn’t. This former #nevertrump conservative could not be more of a supporter of all things Trump at this point. What a great Chief Executive and leader! The rest of these fools are dangerous at best.

    Thank you for allowing comments :-D. Have a great weekend!

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