Kavanaugh: Tried by Innuendo, Guilty by Media

Kavanaugh: Tried by Innuendo, Guilty by Media

Kavanaugh: Tried by Innuendo, Guilty by Media

For more than a week, the media has blasted the “news” about Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh allegedly attempting to assault a woman back in high school. Demands for his confirmation to be denied rose to a almost all-pervasive roar even before  the woman behind the accusation stepped forward. Finally, at the end of this past week, we learned her name: Christine Blasey Ford. While making the morning news show rounds, her attorney said Ford would testify before the Senate. Because of that, the vote scheduled to have taken place last week was rescheduled to this week. But hold your horses. Now Ford has called a “king’s x”. Nope, she won’t testify. Not yet, at any rate. She has conditions. She wants the FBI to investigate her allegations first. Hmm, between the timing of Senator Diane Feinstein’s release of Ford’s accusation against Kavanaugh to this, one could almost make a case for the Democrats grandstanding and doing anything and everything possible to derail the hearing. Why does the term, “by hook or by crook” come to mind?

Ford contends there should be an investigation into what happened before she is put “on national television to relive this traumatic and harrowing incident.” She further claims the investigation should be conducted by the FBI.

What the good professor, and her Soros-backed attorney, seem to forget is the investigation is for the Senate Judiciary Committee to do, not the FBI.

Isn’t it strange how Ford wants to save herself from possible embarrassment but has absolutely no qualms about putting Judge Kavanaugh and his family through it. Her accusation, with nothing to back it up and without her being willing to testify, is “traumatic and harrowing” for them. But they, in the grand scheme of Democratic thinking, don’t matter.

Or at least they don’t seem to where the media is concerned. Instead of devoting a segment to Judge Kavanaugh’s response to the allegations, you have less than a minute in a more than 3 minute segment going over what Kavanaugh said before then cutting to Ford’s attorney and her take on what should happen.

No bias there, just as there isn’t any in the fact so few in the mainstream media are asking why Sen. Feinstein sat on the letter that started this whole hist storm for so long?

Instead, we have Anderson Cooper and others all but fawning over Ford’s demands, via her attorney, for “a full investigation by law enforcement officials will ensure that the crucial facts and witnesses in this matter are assessed in a non-partisan manner, and that the Committee is fully informed before conducting any hearing or making any decisions.” We have other stories attempting to build sympathy for Ford because she has allegedly been forced from her home over fears for her safety. Where are the articles about the impact these allegations have had on Judge Kavanaugh and his family? Where is the concern that the facts be assessed in a non-partisan manner FOR Judge Kavanaugh’s benefit?

We even have Sen. Feinstein, who sat on the Ford’s accusations, saying, “Now, I can’t say everything’s truthful. I don’t know.” Of course, she also says, “it’s really too bad that no one called her, or called her lawyer.” Yeah, maybe they would have if Feinstein told them about the letter before the hearings had basically ended. But few in the media are pointing this out or asking the good senator, and I use that term loosely, why.

Instead, we have Hillary Clinton, telling us Ford deserves the benefit of the doubt. Now, I don’t know what they taught her in law school, but it should have been that the accused gets the benefit of the doubt. It’s certainly something she advocated for when it was her husband being accused of sexual misconduct. Funny, isn’t it, how her tune has changed. Bill Clinton deserved every benefit of the doubt when, as President, he was accused of having “sexual relations” with a White House intern. But Judge Kavanaugh, accused of something that may or may not have happened decades ago, apparently doesn’t get the same sort of consideration.

Double-standard much?

And let’s not forget Sen. Mazie Hirono who wants all men to sit down and shut up.

Then you have the New York Times giving a platform to Anita Hill. She’s going to tell us how to get the Kavanaugh hearings right because things were done so wrong in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

Despite the subtext in much of her article, Professor Hill does get a few things right. First, “[r]efrain from pitting the public interest in confronting sexual harassment against the need for a fair confirmation hearing.” Second, select a “neutral investigative body” to look into the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh because such investigators are less likely to be tainted by partisanship.

Her third point, not to rush the hearings, falls right into the trap set by the Democrats. If they’d really wanted to avoid partisanship and give the committee time to investigate the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh in a timely manner, this would have been brought to the committee’s attention more than a month ago. But that didn’t suit their timeline. They didn’t want the hearing to end and a vote to happen before the mid-term elections. To further delay only postpones the inevitable, assuming Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t throw his hands up in the air and say a seat on the Supreme Court isn’t worth the heartache this has caused his family.

Finally, while Ford does deserve “the respect of being addressed and treated as a whole person.,” so does Judge Kavanaugh. That is what the media and too many others have forgotten. Justice may be blind but she isn’t supposed to be deaf and dumb as well. This is still a nation where one is presumed innocent.

Unless, of course, you are a man accused of sexually harassing or assaulting a woman. Then, according to some, the rules no longer apply. Then it is trial by innuendo and guilty by media.

We are better than that as a country. The Dems need to remember that because, if they don’t get their blue wave (and, signs are getting stronger they won’t), there will be hell to pay afterwards–for them. If there is a blue wave, heaven help this nation.

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  • GWB says:

    a full investigation by law enforcement officials
    Well, see a full investigation by law enforcement would require a crime. Are you, Ford, accusing him of a crime? Have you filed a complaint against him? If not, then suck it up, buttercup, ’cause you ain’t getting a law enforcement investigation without an alleged crime. (And that’s before you even get to the out-of-their-jurisdiction issue or the statute of limitations issue.)

    Where are the articles about the impact these allegations have had on Judge Kavanaugh and his family?
    I saw a good one – about Mrs Kavanaugh serving cupcakes to the media ghouls camping outside their house. Class act, that lady.

    asking the good senator, and I use that term loosely
    “Good”? Or “senator”? 😉

    because things were done so wrong in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings
    Yes, they most certainly were. The entire show was a travesty and a corruption of the American political process.

    We are better than that as a country.
    Hmmmmm. 0bama was elected. Twice. That statement is currently awaiting judgment.

    • Amanda Green says:

      She–or more likely her Soros-backed attorneys–are alleging a crime against the feelz, or maybe the crime of being a white Conservative. As for an investigation requiring one, they obviously subscribe to the Mueller school of “investigate until you find something”.

      As for Mrs. Kavanaugh and her cupcakes, I loved that story! You know there are liberal pundits everywhere grinding their teeth and trying to figure out how to turn that into a negative. How long until they start claiming it is part of Kavanaugh’s plot to keep all women barefoot, pregnant and int he kitchen?

      Re: good and senator, the correct answer is “both”. VBEG

      Re: the Clarence Thomas hearings, yes they were done wrong. But I have a feeling your definition of wrong and mine isn’t the same as Anita Hill’s. And we are better as a country, we just have to remember it and make sure we turn out at the polls for the mid-terms as well as for the 2020 general election. Otherwise, we will have a repeat of Obama, or worse, and we’ll deserve it for being complacent.

      • GWB says:

        Kavanaugh’s plot to keep all women barefoot, pregnant and int he kitchen?
        Well, whether that’s good or bad all depends on the cupcakes, doesn’t it? 😀

  • Brian Brandt says:

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    Director: Michael Moore
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    Judge Kavanaugh – – – – Brad Pitt
    Christine – – – – – – – – – – Anne Hathaway
    Sen. Feinstein – – – – – – – Ruth Buzzi
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    Sen. Booker – – – – – – – – Denzel Washington
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  • John Sullivan says:

    Slight correction……………..
    We WERE better as a country, until Dems lined up behind people like Teddy K and Sparky Spartacus as they to pursue power at all costs.

  • chris hafferty says:

    The fake news establishment NYT, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, etc, will do everything possible to smear President Trump! Madow, Tapper Lemon, Blitzer and Matthews etc., will say anything to get Trump impeached or make him step down! God I hate them all!
    Listen up! Armageddon will happen in America if we do not have a red wave! We Trump voters must energize as an army this November and vote in overwhelming numbers. Democrats will impeach our great president, and take away our guns, raise taxes, abolish ICE and totally open our borders. Anarchy and violence will reign if we do not vote this November.

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