Grassley Pushes Hard On Kavanaugh Accuser

Grassley Pushes Hard On Kavanaugh Accuser

Grassley Pushes Hard On Kavanaugh Accuser

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) is eighty-five years old. He has served in the United States Senate since 1981. He has served on the Senate Judiciary Committee since elected to the Senate. In that time, the Senator has seen Robert Bork get “borked” and the “high tech lynching” of Justice Clarence Thomas. He watched in horror the scheduled outbursts in the gallery and the pathetic psychodramas of the Democrats on the Committee last week at the Kavanaugh hearings. Maybe, just maybe, he’s had enough.

Official photo of Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) courtesy of his Official Senate Website

“The Daily Caller” is reporting that Senator Grassley has sent a letter to the lawyers of Kavanaugh’s accuser that her biography and prepared testimony is due by Friday at 10:00 a.m.. From the article:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley told the lawyers of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of high school-era sexual assault, if she wants to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee she must have prepared testimony submitted by Friday morning.

“I remind you that, consistent with Committee rules, Dr. Ford’s prepared testimony and biography are due to the Committee by 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September 21, if she intends to testify on Monday,” Grassley said Wednesday in a letter to Ford’s lawyers.

Well, pardon me, I am shocked that the Committee has any rules at all after what I saw last week. Too bad they don’t have the good sense that God gave little green apples or else they would be embarrassed.

Then, from “The National Review” more of the letter in which the Senator explains why the FBI won’t be investigating:

“The FBI does not make a credibility assessment of any information it receives with respect to a nominee. Nor is it tasked with investigating a matter simply because the Committee deems it important,” the letter reads. “The Constitution assigns the Senate and only the Senate with the task of advising the President on his nominee and consenting to the nomination if the circumstances merit. We have no power to commandeer an Executive Branch agency into conducting our due diligence.”

Victory Girls’ own Amanda wrote about this extortion attempt demand from Miss Christine Blasey Ford and her lawyers. You can read it here. Investigate what? Which house? What street? The only people the accuser has named say that it didn’t happen. What does she want the FBI to investigate? Can you say stalling technique? Sure you can.

And, of course, there was that harridan who claimed everyone knew what Kavanaugh had done to Blasey Ford and talked about it. That embarrassment to her sex has since deleted the thread. These people! Where were they hatched from? So, I say again, investigate what?

Grassley and the other responsible grown ups on the Senate Judiciary Committee offered all kinds of options to Blasey Ford. She can testify in public or in private. They will fly out to her to hear her testimony. Oh, hale no. The accused Supreme Court nominee has the right to face his accuser. Girlfriend needs to show up and put up.

Watch this short video:

I am tired of being held hostage by these perma-bitter female trolls and the spaghetti spined men who enable them. Please Senator Grassley, I am begging you, if she doesn’t fork over the bio and prepared testimony by Friday morning, hold the vote to send the nomination to the full Senate on Monday. The Dems are going to kvetch and cry and women’s groups will don their pussy hats and call you a white man. Own it, baby.

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  • “The Dems are going to kvetch and cry and women’s groups will don their pussy hats and call you a white man. Own it, baby.”

    One of the most perceptive lines I’ve read on current political war. Republican establishment (e.g. the Paul Ryans and “Never-Trumpers”) seems terrified of left’s reactions, but so much of what the left does is only this sort of over-the-top hysterics. Right NOW is the time to act boldly (in a *manly* fashion) and do what’s right.

    Do it now while Dems haven’t the power to actually do the vicious things they propose.

    • GWB says:

      The problem is two-fold:
      1) They’re not really founded in principles. Instead, they’re focused on remaining in office at all cost, regardless of why they might have been elected in the first place.
      2) Like the progressives, so many of our political class project. They assume that all of their voters are dumb clucks that vote based on emotional outrage – like the left does. They really are having trouble understanding that most of us see right through this crap, and would rather have a fighter who sometimes loses than “the spaghetti spined men” who roll over because “people are maaaaaaaad”.

  • MikeyParks says:

    Any spoiled animal, including the human animal, will act out in direct proportion to the amount it’s allowed to. Thus, these Leftist animals will keep pushing to get away with anything they can until stopped. They need to be stopped right now. The Right needs to learn to be even harsher when faced with harshness. No more Marquis of Queensbury rules!

  • Mike Mahoney says:

    Let’s play a little bean ball.

  • Teresa says:

    Like a small child, she will push you to the limit to see what she can get away with. So I say enough already.

  • Dennis O'Neil says:

    My vote in the upcoming elections will be influenced directly by how my Republican polititians vote on the issues before them. Being in the majority, has it’s risks and responsibilities. We voted for you to pursue the President’s agenda not the undefined agenda of the Democratic party. Our Government has grown too large and has started to interfer with our lives in all areas. Let’s get back to basics and the Constitution. ….appoint, repeal, and fund only those items that are important to protecting the country. Send some of these issues back to the States and the people.

  • Mike W says:

    How do you defend yourself against something that never happened? Ford’s own friends have come forward to support her only to recant when asked for evidence – facts? Ford herself and her husband came right out a called her therapist – either wrong or mistaken when the therapist notes revealed that Ford had claimed there were “4 boys” – Ford and her husband said there were only “2 boys” – then she went on to name “3 boys” and there is a fourth – supposedly the boy at who’s house this so called party that no one remembers was held. Ford conveniently cannot remember this boys name or where the house was. Her lies fall apart faster than she can tell them.

  • Dennis O'Neil says:

    I have no problem with investigations of wrong doings in matters of our Government. What I do have a problem with is when a special prosecutor, ie. Mueller, is appointed to investigate wrong doings and goes off reservation. He was appointed to investigate President Trump’s and the Russians’ interference in our election. When he found no evidence to date of this collusion, he looks around for other non related crimes, but only in areas involving Republicans. The dossier and the RISA court matters are directly related to crooked partisan Democratic politicians and so he looks the other way. He charges men with taxcrimes years in the past. Shame on him and the Democratic
    Leaning media.

  • Denise says:

    And if Dr. Ford ends up a “no show”, get her for Contempt.

  • Patrick Thomas says:

    This is just more me/too shit coming down to wreck Trump’s presidency. If I was the GOP I would ask the FBI to investigate this Ford woman and find out if she’s received any large payments recently. The Democrats paid for this little hen and the FBI should be able to confirm this if it is true. How can she even remember Kavanaugh if she can’t even remember where the so called party was held. Her story reeks of shit because that is all it is.

  • Donald R Laster Jr says:

    Based upon what I have read from various sources and apparently what the accuser has revealed she was an alcoholic and extremely promiscuous (i.e. a slut by most standards). She has changed her story several times as well, and has been trying to scrub her social posts which expose her far-“Left” mentality. And apparently, students are warned by other students to avoid her classes. When one looks at all of the information this is just an attack on a man who has a good reputation due to his following the law and US Constitution. I don’t expect her to testify – she will make some excuse I suspect – and she has already exposed herself to slander and libel charges.

  • John Bloxson Jr. says:

    Tell me Ford she will appear in the Hearing Room by 10 a.m. Monday September 24th, 2018 or face investigation into fraudulent accussations beginning 12 noon of said same day! End of decussion!!

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