Democrat Feminist Scolds Demand Woman Be Chosen For Vice President

Democrat Feminist Scolds Demand Woman Be Chosen For Vice President

Democrat Feminist Scolds Demand Woman Be Chosen For Vice President

Democrat Feminist scolds are now insisting that whichever old white guy (Biden or Sanders) wins the Democrat nomination MUST nominate a woman as Vice President.

Let’s break that wonderful but second tier glass ceiling shall we??! 

“Within hours of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s exit from the race, a departure that left the party facing a primary battle between two septuagenarian white men, prominent Democrats began publicly insisting that the ticket include a woman, preferably a black woman.

At least one women’s organization, Supermajority, circulated a petition asking both Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to “affirm their commitment to gender equity” by choosing a woman as their running mate. On Sunday, as he endorsed Mr. Sanders before thousands at a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., the Rev. Jesse Jackson called for the next president to pick a black woman as vice president.

“There must be a woman on this ticket,” said Cecile Richards, a longtime abortion rights activist and a founder of Supermajority. “What is really important to see is representation, a commitment to the issues that women care about and a commitment to do something about it.””

If the name Cecile Richards is familiar, it’s because she used to run Planned Parenthood. I’m sure that what she really wants is a woman on the ticket who is committed to allowing the heinous evil called abortion to flourish. All other issues are subsidiary to that in Cecile’s mind in my opinion.

For the last few days, in between the media pushing the Wuhan virus panic button to infinity and beyond, there have been multiple stories about how sad and awful it is that Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the Democrat women had to drop out of the race.

Just the headline made me simultaneously cringe and laugh at the same time.

“I Am Burning With Fury and Grief Over Elizabeth Warren. And I Am Not Alone.”

Believe me, the rest of the article wasn’t much better. Sarah clearly wanted Lizzie to win. Why? Because abortion. 

“I looked out at the sea and considered that, for all our advancing on gender matters, the novel’s story is alive today: A woman must step aside as a man ascends to the presidency, and a “pro-life” activist would sooner bomb an abortion facility than let a raped girl cross its threshold.”

In other words, a woman candidate is needed for the Vice Presidency in order to assuage the burning fury of the feminist Democrat woke scolds who somehow didn’t manage to achieve better ‘get out the vote’ returns for Elizabeth Warren in the first place! As Darleen points out here, only 15% of Democrat women voted for her on Super Tuesday in spite of many women speaking glowingly about Lizzie’s skin.  

Just days later we have feminist harpies now beating the drum for a woman Vice President. White woman? Sort of ok. Black woman? Absolutely necessary says Jesse Jackson, and others.

““African-American women have been the most loyal supporters of Democratic candidates,” said Representative Barbara Lee of California, a former chairwoman of Ms. Harris’s campaign. “It’s time we have an African-American woman as vice president.”

Nikema Williams, the Democratic Party chairwoman in Georgia, put it simply: “A black woman on the ticket is the margin of victory.””

Putting a black woman on the ticket ensures victory? Kamala Harris couldn’t get any traction and had to drop out early. Why was that? Because her policy proposals weren’t strong enough and her entire demeanor was completely off-putting. Her political track record is problematic as well.

But sure! Let’s run with pushing for a woman of color while ignoring that several of the women who are being touted as viable candidates, can’t even run viable campaigns on a national level.

So if that doesn’t work. Who else should be considered? Oh.

Never mind the fact that many women own and run their own businesses all over the country, or that Chelsea was handed her jobs because of nepotism…

A woman candidate is needed because they are better equipped than Trump to grow into the job is the inference here. I’m sure that was exactly what Bill did when he was “managing his anxieties” by having sex with an intern in the Oval Office.

It seems a lot of Democrat women took a look at the candidates and said, yep. We are better than this and went with the old white guys instead. The Democrat feminist woke scolds are refusing to accept reality, hence their demands for a woman VP.

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  • 370H55V says:

    I read the headline wrong at first. I thought “scolds” was a verb, not a noun. That’s much better.

  • Wayne M says:

    Biden or Bernie clearly needs a female running mate to be all inclusive. Probably the best choice would be RuPaul or Sheila Jackson Lee. Both are comical and that’s what this Country needs.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    Collectivist identity politics is completely nonsensical. But if one were to believe it, one would have to think women are incompetent. There are more females than males in the U.S., and that disparity increases if population under the voting age isn’t included (more males are born than females). The obvious conclusion for a feminist-identity-politics-advocate is that the incompetent majority can’t get it together and allows the minority to rule them.

    Of course, even the feminist scolds don’t really believe this or any of the other drivel they spew. They’d never support as a candidate Sarah Palin or Carly Fiorina or Condoleeza Rice or even (ick) Tulsi Gabbard.

    The overwhelming majority of voters in the Democrat primaries are Democrats, and it’s obvious that Democrats found Warren and Klobuchar (and Gabbard and Williamson) to be worse candidates than the alternatives.

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