Weaponize Everything The Democrat Way

Weaponize Everything The Democrat Way

Weaponize Everything The Democrat Way

For two years, all we heard was “Russia, Russia, Russia, Trump is Putin’s puppet”. The Democrat 2020 Presidential Candidates have demonized the wealthy this whole season. And, now, we’re all gonna die because Donald Trump is not taking the Coronavirus seriously. The Democrats weaponize everything to stoke fears and gain more power. They drop the nuclear bomb every, single, doggone time. This respiratory syncytial virus (Coronavirus) is just the latest weapon in their arsenal

The Democrats gave us their game plan when Rahm Emanuel said “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”. All they have done is speed up the cycle. Everything is a crisis now. All crises all the time.

With the Coronavirus, everything Donald Trump, his administration, or anyone who self-identifies as slightly right, does/has done is wrong. Trump was too fast to ban travel from certain locations and racist, too. Trump is anti-science. Our Lisa wrote a post when a CNN analyst claimed Trump’s Coronavirus team was too white (not diverse enough). You can read it here. Just this morning, our Deanna wrote a post about poor, Republican Representative, Dr. Paul Gosar. He called the Coronavirus, the “Wuhan Virus” and that’s RACIST, doncha know. The Democrats are so obvious, but the media and the lofo types who watch them fall for it every, single, doggone time.

Yesterday, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) was on Face the Nation, and gave a masterclass on how to weaponize an issue:

According to the most recent information, one person in Wilton, Connecticut has been confirmed to have the Wuhan Virus/Coronavirus. The CBS host says there are two. Senator Murphy says there are probably hundreds or thousands and that the government has “no concept of the scope of this epidemic”. Stoke that fear! Weaponize the illness and turn it into a crisis to exploit.

Along these lines, Reuters posted an article a few days ago reporting that Democrats and Republicans see this virus risk very differently. From the article:

…the political divide is nonetheless significant: About four of every 10 Democrats said they thought the new coronavirus poses an imminent threat, compared to about two of every 10 Republicans.

Part of the explanation, said Robert Talisse, a Vanderbilt University philosophy professor who studies political polarization, is that political divisiveness often works in subtle ways.

Americans increasingly surround themselves with people who share the same political views, so partisan perceptions echo not just through the television channels people watch and websites and social media they consume, but through their friends and neighbors, too.

I beg to differ, Professor. Americans have always associated with people of like thinking. That’s why we have things like garden clubs, the American Association of University Women, the NAACP and the VFW. I know everyone keeps saying that we are stratified along ideological lines. I would argue that we, Americans, always have been. Historians believe that only about 40% of the population of the Colonies supported the American Revolution.

Here is another little blurb from the Reuters article:

About half of Democrats said they are washing their hands more often now because of the virus, compared to about four in 10 Republicans, according to the poll. About 8% of Democrats said they had changed their travel plans, compared to about 3% of Republicans.

More than half of Republicans, about 54%, said they had not altered their daily routines because of the virus, compared to about 40% of Democrats.

The Reuters pollsters asked if people where washing their hands MORE. Maybe Republicans are cleaner than Democrats and have always washed their hands. Also, Republicans aren’t altering their daily routines because they like to work…maybe.

After the Coronavirus disappears from the news, the Democrats will find something else to weaponize. It is their game plan, their modus operandi, their game plan. They will always find a way to demonize any Republican, Trump is just the latest Republican President they have hated. My advice is wash your hands, live your life, turn off the news and don’t be a lowfo.

Replica of Nagasaki Atomic Bomb dropped from a B-29“Replica of Nagasaki Atomic Bomb dropped from a B-29” by bk1bennett is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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  • Drew458 says:

    How ironic. Isn’t that the same Chris Murphy people are calling to have quarantined, after he went to that security conference in Europe and then violated the Logan Act by having long close private meetings with a bunch of top Iranians, just before the big Kung Flu outbreak in Iran, especially in the top ranks of their government?

  • Joe in PNG says:

    In this case, the Storm of Negatives tactic is backfiring. It is causing people to ask “what if Biden (or Bernie) was currently in charge?”- and they shudder & cringe.
    Or for that matter Mini Mike, Lyin Liz, Amy, Pete- there’s not a one who I’d want leading in this crisis.

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