For The Delusional Crowd: An Alternate Universe “News” Site Reports on World as Though Hillary Clinton Won

For The Delusional Crowd: An Alternate Universe “News” Site Reports on World as Though Hillary Clinton Won

For The Delusional Crowd: An Alternate Universe “News” Site Reports on World as Though Hillary Clinton Won

Liberals have been hit with a grim reality and thus they love to live in the world of make-believe. Even more so than before J20. For instance, pretending that Hillary Clinton did indeed take the POTUS nomination on that fateful November day. Between countless therapy sessions, social media rants, threats to move to Canada, temper tantrums and arguments at family gatherings, something had to be done.

Enter a respite in the harsh every day realities in website dedicated to liberal snowflakes who are still in denial about our current state of affairs. The fake “fake news” website offers satirical, uh…fake news for the downtrodden Hillary supporters who want to escape from their realities of a Trump presidency. After all, they have to read something after coming home from a long day of #NotMyPresident protests. Take a look at some of the headlines:

“Trump says JonBenét Ramsey had “the makings of a 10”

“Melania Trump files restraining order against husband, reveals to 60 Minutes “Donald locked me in a box almost every night”

We go low, they go high, right? Because nothing says satirical humor like peppering in pedophilia with a dusting of domestic abuse. Those liberals are just so intellectual and funny. (Note my sarcasm.)

Here are yet some more from The Land of Make Believe:

“North Korea destroys ballistic missile stockpile, terrified by Clinton Administration’s sensible foreign policy”

“Beyoncé deservedly beats Adele, sweeps Grammys ”

“Historians say Clinton’s presidency is already in “all time top 5”

“Clinton declares Galentine’s Day a federal holiday”

It’s so bad, I am almost finding it hard to believe that liberals pulled these titles out of their brains (or somewhere else) and actually wrote (fake) news articles about them. The sad reality is that I am not even sure if they realize that they are indeed making fun of themselves, too. Could it be satire that is actually poling fun of liberals? Of course. But, honestly, if we’ve gotten to this point, which end is up?

The simple reality is this: we know Hillary supporters don’t like it but Donald Trump is our President. He will be for the next four years. They don’t have to agree with him or his policies but they at least (satire or not because we’ve seen those we know are Liberal take shots at Melania, Barron and Ivanka) should have some decency and leave innocent children and family out of matters because really, it’s not funny. And here’s a note to Liberals if you are indeed behind this thing: Instead of thinking of ways to insult and coming up with fictional titles and writing subsequent “articles” to help your friends who are in denial feel good about themselves, why not journey outside of your alternate reality and get yourself into the real world and go and actually help someone? Accept that your Hillary dream is over. Done. Kaput. Help a homeless person. Use your God-given, superior intellect and tutor an inner-city child. Volunteer or donate to a crisis pregnancy center. Deliver food to a food bank. Find a reputable organization that assists with helping refugees integrate into society-here or abroad. Donate your time, talents and your dollars to an actual cause. Instead of spending your time standing in the middle of the street blocking traffic with a sign and a ridiculous hat, using your talents making up protest signs and chants and your dollars to fund big-money political outfits masking as organizations that help the causes you claim to believe in while they line the pockets of their executive directors, get out of your land of make believe and do something. Now, I’m just spit balling here but I think if the same people who spend the days pining for the Obama years, insulting those with opposing political opinions and cussing out our current President were to focus their energies on something productive, perhaps they wouldn’t be the miserable and smug beings that they are.

Liberals: today is a new day. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, accept your reality and do something useful. It may take work and some grit and a little less whining (or a lot less) but trust me, you’ll be better for it.

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  • Joe Miller says:

    Is it like watching episodes of The West Wing on Netflix?

  • parker says:

    After reading these silly, juvenile quotations I am wondering if this is something put out by the alt-right to ensnare the feeble minds of the special snowflakes and drive them further into their delusional fake world.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    I have read that this is purely satirical and yes, that could be a possibility! SMH….

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