Defiant Milo Yiannopoulos Apologizes For “Misspoken” Comments, Vows to Carry On [VIDEO]

Defiant Milo Yiannopoulos Apologizes For “Misspoken” Comments, Vows to Carry On [VIDEO]

Defiant Milo Yiannopoulos Apologizes For “Misspoken” Comments, Vows to Carry On [VIDEO]
Milo Yiannopoulos (Photo Credit: Breitbart)

Milo Yiannopoulos stepped into a giant steaming pile of dung forty-eight hours ago. As many of you already know, a videotape of him discussing what sounded like his approval of pedophilia surfaced Sunday night, a tape that’s been around for more than a year. And to say the crap hit the fan is perhaps the understatement of the year. Milo was disinvited from CPAC (understandable since he’s not a conservative, but rather a libertarian), had his book contract with Simon and Schuster cancelled, and just this morning resigned his position as technology editor at the alternative media news site, Breitbart. So to address the controversy, he spoke at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. And given that his entire world was just pulled from beneath his feet, rather than slither away into obscurity, Milo said this:

Some of you reading this will not like what I’m about to say. And that’s ok; not everyone here at VG agrees, either. But here goes: There is nothing in existence to my knowledge that suggests Milo has ever sexually molested a child. He is not Lena Dunham. In fact, the opposite is true: he has a record of outing pedophiles. I do not believe Milo is a pedophile, nor do I think he condones pedophilia. (I, for the record having been a target of several of them, believe pedophiles should be dropped into the deepest depths of the ocean with concrete blocks strapped to their feet. No do-overs. You’re done.)

And Milo is right. America has “a gigantic free speech problem.” And it is Dangerous to take on the Powers That Be. Milo has awoken a lot of us not only to the fact that the Left and its minions have became the epitome of authoritarianism, particularly on college campuses, but that remaining steadfast in your dedication to whatever it is that you’re committed should not, and cannot be deterred. Not by lies; not by innuendo; not by feigned outrage; and certainly not by coordinated efforts to destroy you…(hat tip Ace of Spades):

…and if for no other reason, that is why I applaud Milo for standing strong amid an obvious effort to shut him up. It’s not going to work. And their efforts will likely have the opposite effect. People want to hear his message. And those that don’t can choose not to listen. And that’s how a free market, and a free country, should always function.

And one last thought: we are the side of free speech and the exploration of ideas, and I thank Heavens Evan McMullin, who calls himself a conservative, lost his presidential run in epic fashion.

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  • Shelley says:

    Bravo. Well written. I stand with free speech and Milo. I don’t agree with everything he says or even his lifestyle however he has the right to say what he wants and fights for all of us to have that right. It was a horrible, filthy, low thing they did to Milo. Considering he is a victim of child abuse himself, this is one of the lowest acts of sabotage I’ve seen from the left.

  • parker says:

    As I parse his words, it seems he is saying that although he condems sexual abuse of prepubescent children, it might be ok for a 28 year for example (male or female) to seduce a 13 or 14 pubescent male or female. Sorry, but I can not sanction such behavior as something our society should ignore as something that is not the business of society at large. Teens having sex with one another is one thing. Adults having sex with teens is a horse of a different color.

    • GWB says:

      Do understand that an age-of-consent of 18 is a very modern thing. “Pubescence” used to be the primary indicator of preparedness for marriage (sex with marriageable people outside marriage as an accepted thing is also very modern).

      IMO, it goes along with voting at 18, drinking at 21, and a 55mph speed limit. OK, not so much the speed limit. But it’s cultural as to where we set our “adult” line.

      In some states there are age gaps related to statutory rape – if a teen makes it with a teen, it’s “ok”, but if the one is over 25, it becomes a problem, etc. I think it borders on “well, it depends”, which isn’t a good thing in law. But it’s better than some alternatives.

  • GWB says:

    I’m ambivalent on the results to Milo of this information coming into the light. It might be harsh, but he (at a minimum) treads the verge of our “ick factor” as it pertains to sex and children. The hypocrisy of the bully movement against him is tremendous.

    But, it’s interesting to note the connection to abuse (as Shelley points out). It’s something that the homosexual community denies vehemently. And, it’s something that could be seen as a vicious circle, given that it’s sometimes used as an excuse for… more of the same.
    Sadly, we probably don’t explore this adequately, given the relationship to very PC, protected-status groups.

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