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Dear Alyssa Milano: You Have No Clue What “Rock Bottom” Looks Like

Dear Alyssa Milano: You Have No Clue What “Rock Bottom” Looks Like

Dear Alyssa Milano: You Have No Clue What “Rock Bottom” Looks Like

Some people should just stay off Twitter. I mean it. Or at least, if they decide to pen a few quick words of wisdom, they should make sure they do not leave the door open to get roasted.

I must admit, though, I enjoyed the latest responses to Alyssa Milano’s Tweet yesterday over some Skinny Pop:

Oh, boy. And the hits just keep on coming:

…or Charmed. Wait, didn’t that show take place in San Francisco? Perhaps the “witches” could reunite for an episode where they twitch their noses and make the dirty heroin needles and human waste disappear? Just an idea. (Hey, Hollywood agents…I’m waiting for the phone call!)

Alyssa Milano is asking her followers what their “rock bottom” as a nation will be? If only she journeyed outside of her Hollywood bubble to see that THIS is 28 years worth of work of a Congressional Democrat in California in a district just outside of Los Angeles (District 43, to be exact.)

I’m spitballing here, but something tells me Alyssa doesn’t get down to these parts very often-at least not without a guard who is packing some heat!

After perusing more of the responses to Alyssa’s question, I felt the overwhelming urge to tell her to just stop the theatrics because they’re 1) not helping and 2) they’re not very good. But enough about Milano’s acting abilities. Since you really want to know, Ms. Milano, I will tell you a few things. From one East Coast Italian girl to another. Ready?

The real crux of the problem is that we ARE at “rock bottom,” but you people do not see the day-to-day struggles. You go to your Hollywood dinner parties and try to stay relevant by talking up the “hot issues” that take away from the real ones we are having here in the U.S. today. We have a crazy California congresswomen who is ranting about how we must “Impeach 45” because he is “racist,” while people of her very own ethnicity live in squalor in her own Congressional district. You travel to protests in private, chartered jets whose hourly rates could feed a poor family for a year. People who belong to your party harass individuals whose ideologies don’t pair with your own silver spoon-fed ideas. They use their stage, their platform to virtue-signal and immediately go back into their bubbles of the posh lives they are accustomed to. People from your party thank GOD for abortion but they don’t like seeing families separated. You say we should let people into our communities and homes, but you don’t believe in us protecting ourselves or our borders. You all squawk about this from your gated communities and walls. Side note, not immigrant-related: Do YOU have a homeless encampment of drug addicts living down the street thanks to progressive lawmakers whom YOU support? Rock bottom is hearing about kids getting assaulted over a baseball cap. Rock bottom is all of this. And you know what else is a solid indicator that we’ve hit rock bottom, Alyssa? Watching all of you self-serving people (some with questionable morals) pretend to care all while taking the obligatory selfie. That’s rock bottom and I’d say we’re there.

And when we (Conservatives) “go low,” as you guys like to say, y’all go subterranean.

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  • Wfjag says:

    The conditions in Maxine Waters House District aren’t her fault. You should blame the people who live there. She doesn’t live in that District. She has to do more important things than work on problems there, like putting together deals for her husband and son to make money from.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    HA!! Spit my coffee out on that one!!

  • Mickey says:

    Maxine Waters district sure looks like rock bottom. Go talk to them, Alyssa

  • seadog says:

    Such a great read! I swear, if I had read you article before we named our puppy pitt bull, she would have been named “Lisa” ( Exxxccellent Dr. Quest)

  • GWB says:

    I will disagree with you that we ARE at rock bottom. No, while we’re well below where we should be for sucha rich, prosperous and (still, mostly) free nation, we’re nowhere near rock bottom.

    If you want to see rock bottom, just make someone like that Bronx woman president, and wait a few years.
    Or, you could just visit Venezuela. Because that’s where all the liberal limousine socialism leads.
    At least it would reverse our immigration problems. *eyeroll*

    BTW, I happen to think Alyssa is rocking that hat. But, honey, please do a few pushups or something.

    • SFC D says:

      You’d think with all the shovel work she does, digging herself into holes, that her arms would be in much better shape.

      • Jim says:

        “… her arms would be in much better shape.”

        I noticed that too. It looks like her biceps has slid down to join her triceps. Very flabby looking and lots of paint on her face so it’s hard to see that she once was young and fresh and a STAR.

  • wingnutx says:

    I would rock her bottom.

  • Meanwich Stinkburger says:

    The 1980s called and said to get the fuck over Alyssya Milano who can only read scripts written by people ten times smarter than she’ll ever be while being a fantastic poseur.
    No one cares about her pet projects or political viewpoint that was programmed into her by someone else. Entertain us then get the fuck off the stage while trying not to alienate half of the audience with moonbatty lameassery.

  • Peter says:

    Right on Lisa. Keep telling it like it is.

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