De Blasio’s Budget Fix: Furlough Myself!

De Blasio’s Budget Fix: Furlough Myself!

De Blasio’s Budget Fix: Furlough Myself!

De Blasio has come up with a terrific solution for NYC’s budget woes. Furlough time!

“New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that his entire office, including himself, will be furloughed for a week to help fight the city’s multibillion-dollar budget crisis.

De Blasio, wife Chirlane McCray and 493 others will take unpaid furlough at some point between Oct. 1, 2020 and March 2021, which is expected to save $860,000, according to The New York Times.

“We have to make tough choices to move this city forward and keep our budget balanced,” de Blasio told reporters. The city has been facing a roughly $9 billion budget deficit since the coronavirus pandemic started in the earlier months of 2020.”

Oh well, that’ll fix EVERYTHING won’t it?? 

Isn’t it interesting that a specific week isn’t scheduled? Isn’t it nice that those who will be furloughed have time to PLAN for their week off?

How many people in NYC had ZERO warning that their jobs were toast when the lockdowns went into effect? MILLIONS. How many of those folks still don’t have viable jobs – such as the folks in the restaurant industry across the city, because de Blasio and Cuomo refuse to allow indoor dining nor people in bars or nightclubs? I’d say thousands would be correct. 

Let’s also talk about these budget woes de Blasio bloviates about. Wonder how all those budget woes happened?

Oh gee, let’s think about that shall we? Here’s a few reasons

Lockdowns with a side of anti-Semitism

Covid Response


Add in a major rise in crime, plus high taxes along with unnecessary and prohibitive regulations, and you have a budget leaking like a sieve. 

Is this furlough something that will happen more in the future? Not if De Blasio can help it. Besides that, he’s against pay cuts.

“In May, de Blasio said he had no plans to cut his own salary of more than $250,000 per year.

“[There are] no plans for pay cuts for any New York City employees right now, whether it’s City Hall or any place else, but we never know what the future brings,” he said at the time. “We’re going to be in a horrible budget situation for years, so this borrowing capacity is to give us a fallback no matter what happens up ahead.””

A furlough that will net the city a measly $860,000 is virtue signaling at its grandest. Meanwhile, the city’s mismanagement and budget woes have also hit the schools. This week’s reopening is turning out to be a train wreck.

In addition to the problems with the schools, a new poll conducted found that many of the top wage earners in the city are strongly contemplating LEAVING. 

“Researchers with the Siena College Research Institute and Manhattan Institute surveyed 782 city dwellers making $100,000 or more about life in the age of COVID-19.

In results released Wednesday, the survey, conducted between July 13 and Aug. 3, found that 44 percent have thought of leaving the city in the past four months, with 69 percent citing cost of living as the main reason to move.””

Furthermore, the percentage of those confident about NYC’s quality of life took a steep dive. There is definitely an uptick in people leaving NYC, and it’s due in large part to De Blasio’s mismanagement. I’d also suggest there’s a distinct lack of trust in him, does anyone believe his assertion that he won’t try to raise property taxes??

He’s already said he wants to raise the taxes on Madison Square Garden and other sports arenas, why should anyone believe him about property taxes? Hint, you shouldn’t. 

According to De Blasio, he’s proven that the city can be fiscally responsible. Yet some major business leaders believe otherwise. 

So, De Blasio’s idea is a …furlough?? I’m sure that will be a MAJOR confidence builder. I’m sure his losing out on $4,972 for one whole week will be severely traumatic. Especially when you add in the fact that his wife won’t get paid either! Oh. The. Horror. 

Then again, if the federal government would just bail Hizzoner’s butt out of the sling he’s in, a furlough wouldn’t be necessary! 

Certainly has a nice ring to it! I’d imagine there are a significant number of NYC citizens who wish De Blasio would permanently furlough himself. 

De Blasio once again makes a grand gesture of nothing. Isn’t NYC tired of him yet?

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  • Robin H says:

    I bet most of the businesses that are all working remotely now don’t come back any time soon. Why pay NYC rent for no reason? This has been the impetus for all the companies to work out the kinks in working from home and it’s been good for most of them. Without Broadway and without the businesses and no restaurants, the city is dead.

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