NeverTrumper Cathy Young Writes Like It Is 1983

NeverTrumper Cathy Young Writes Like It Is 1983

NeverTrumper Cathy Young Writes Like It Is 1983

Author and columnist Cathy Young is among the more circumspect of NeverTrumpers, wrapping her personal loathing of the President in measured tones with at least an occasional nod to reason. But like most of the OrangeManBad crowd, it puts her in an awkward position of supporting Leftist dogma.

Let’s face it. Even within the last few days, we’ve seen members and media organs of the Left come out in support of pedophilia, turn into anti-vaxxers and sneer at the historic Abraham Accords …

… all in order to own Trump and Republicans.

NeverTrumper Cathy Young adds to that pile by writing against the President’s memo ordering the cessation of postmodern “Critical Race Theory” in the Federal government. Under the guise of “diversity training” these racist seminars aim at poisoning work relationships and reducing every interaction to review through the omnipotent lens of Race. As Chris Rufo has revealed, CRT seminars are little more than teaching “White Fragility” on the taxpayer’s dime. The assertion being that White People are irredeemably racist, Western civilization is racist and all perceived inequalities between melanin groups is, of course, the result of white supremacy.

Shouldn’t a Libertarian like Cathy Young celebrate a vigorous pushback against taxpayer-funded racism?

Not if it’s done by OrangeManBad she can’t. First she has to downplay Rufo …

Some of Rufo’s claims are cherrypicked and overdramatized

Then she has to downplay the WhitePeopleBad training …

But if one agrees that these trainings are bad and often toxic, even if some of them aren’t quite as terrible as reported — at best, studies seem to show that they are ineffective — does that mean Trump’s order to stamp them out in the federal workforce is a victory?

And, of course, Cathy thinks OrangeManBad doing the right thing is always bad because of how people react to him is much more important.

Both Democratic city/state governments and corporations are likely to rally in defense of diversity training if Trump is spearheading an initiative against it. In other words, the anti-Trump backlash may actually strengthen such programs. And if Trump loses the election, the Biden administration will be under strong pressure to bring diversity training back to the federal workforce.

The anti-Trump backlash is also very likely to alienate “anti-woke” liberals who dislike identity politics and “critical legal theory” as much as Rufo or Lindsay do, but who also loathe white identity politics and see Trump as a demagogic race-baiter (and likely racist).

Postmodernism, which Cathy tries to state she doesn’t like, privileges perception over reality. Way to buy into what you claim to oppose there, hon.

Getting Trump to lead a pushback against misguided anti-racism training is like getting Harvey Weinstein to lead a pushback against #MeToo overreach. In other words, it can only tarnish the effort and drive many potential allies to the other side. To quote the title of the book by #NeverTrump Republican Rick Wilson: “Everything Trump touches dies.”

Oh.Good.Lord. Wilson, rabid NeverTrumper extraordinaire, along with Max Boot, engage in such egregious behavior in order to attract the affections of the Left it resembles rutting male goats. Young’s citation belies all her previous protestations of being fair to Trump administration proposals. Then there’s this “Can’t we all get along?” plea …

Hearings in Congress or in state legislatures could also play a role in exposing toxic ideology in anti-racist clothing.
But any meaningful action would almost certainly require an alliance with liberals who oppose identity politics and “wokism.” An alliance with Trump is likely to have the opposite effect.

Earth to Cathy, Leftists don’t want to work with any people who disagree with them, not just Trump. You write as if wrapped in the nostalgia of the 1980s where Republicans and Democrats worked hand in hand in service of the country and President Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neill were best buddies.

Wrong. Because Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill rarely worked together and were never friends. Take, for example, the speaker in July 1984: “The evil is in the White House at the present time. And that evil is a man who has no care and no concern for the working class of America and the future generations of America, and who likes to ride a horse. He’s cold. He’s mean. He’s got ice water for blood.”

Take the speaker in 1983: “He only works three to three-and-a-half hours a day. He doesn’t do his homework. He doesn’t read his briefing papers. It’s sinful that this man is president of the United States.”

Heh. Young doesn’t seem to realize that the Left will reject every NeverTrumper if they ever regain power.

It’s not like NeverTrumper Young is writing anything original. Her objection to Trump has always been about tone. It isn’t that he’s making a bad policy decision here, it’s that because people hate him so much they’ll reject it.

Sort of what she’s doing again by downplaying the harm of Anti-WhitePeople training

This is the result of writers and pundits not working in corporate America where the HR department has accumulated inordinate amounts of power. It does not matter to HR whether you really have taken the training to heart. What matters is that you have now been informed of policy and you will obey it, regardless of your objections. If you break it, you are now subject to disciplinary measures up to firing.

HR departments are filled with people living the lives of mini-Diana Moon Glampers and issuing bizarre and contradictory policies for the workplace isn’t about making things better. It’s about making people obey.

Workplaces nowadays more resemble middle-school hallways than professional offices staffed by adults. Diversity training has made it worse. CRT is a cancer and cancer doesn’t negotiate.

And NeverTrumper Young doesn’t seem to care as long as she can dump on OrangeManBad.

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  • GWB says:

    these racist seminars aim at poisoning work relationships
    Excellent phrase. But you should use the one that triggers the ears of EEOC lawyers: “hostile workplace environment”. That is what they are doing with these – creating a hostile work environment. At least according to the EEOC-mandated diversity malarkey I have to sit through every year. (Ours are very careful not to paint whites as automatically racist and such.)

    “anti-woke” liberals who … see Trump as a demagogic race-baiter (and likely racist)
    Soooo, we’re supposed to let them be racist against us because they’re delusional and see something that isn’t there? How is this supposed to be sane?

    “Everything Trump touches dies.”
    Really? Because I think all of his hotels and casinos and resorts would pretty much put the lie to that………..

    certainly require an alliance with liberals who oppose identity politics and “wokism.”
    You mean… like all the previously “liberal” people who are voting Trump in 2020? That sort of alliance?

    it’s that because people hate him so much they’ll reject it
    What some of us call that is “uncovering the rot.”

    CRT is a cancer and cancer doesn’t negotiate.
    Yep. The only thing you can do is KILL IT.
    Unfortunately, the only way to kill it (“anti-racism” lectures) is by getting enough Americans to return to morality and critical thinking so we can feel confident enough in our culture to tell these folks to go jump in a lake. And start repealing legislation and regulation that requires us to count beans instead of simply wanting to work with the best possible people.

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    I think it all depends on how diversity training is done. I don’t know much about “critical race theory” but it does sound like it could be problematic. I’ve attended diversity trainings that I and other people thought were very helpful. We weren’t made to feel like we were racists or made to feel guilty. I doesn’t sound like the seessions I attended incooporated critical race theory.There was open discussion, exchange of ideas and viewpoints, and there wren’t any hurt feelings..

    I’d never heard of Cathy Young until I read this blog. I’ve heard of other “Never Trumpers,” but not Young.

    “Workplaces nowadays more resemble middle school hallways than professional offices staffed by adults.” Well, that’s a little over the top isn’t it? How many workplaces did you go to to formulate this broad sweepign statement?

  • This is a fine illustration of how the visceral dislike of a person can completely eclipse the rational assessment of what that person is and has achieved. It’s an important part of the political dynamic, for one of the great undiscussed factors in political affiliations is that most people don’t reach their political stances by reasoning their way to them, but rather by inheritance, or to acquire social or commercial advantages.

    As for Young, she was once a decent columnist, but that was some time ago.

    • GWB says:

      I think a lot of them are also simply imposed by fiat through indoctrination/propaganda. And that primarily because of the “Expert Syndrome” where people are taught that only experts can handle all these complicated sciency things.

      Which is really ironic, considering progressives spent the last few decades mocking people for doing exactly that when it came to religion (someone else‘s religion, that is).

  • Cameron says:

    The amusing thing about the training against “racism” and the people who run it is that they *despise* the fact that racism is not as horrid a problem as it was before they were born. They’re angry at the fact that the good guys won the battle before they could get beaten up by the cops. So instead of acknowledging any progress on this issue, they have to berate others with “We can do better.”

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