De Blasio Digs Anti-Semitism Hole For Himself

De Blasio Digs Anti-Semitism Hole For Himself

De Blasio Digs Anti-Semitism Hole For Himself

New York City has an anti-Semitism problem that Mayor Bill de Blasio has no interest in addressing aggressively, because it doesn’t fit his social justice narrative. And now he just helped smear the Jewish communities of NYC in a single tweet.

New York City has been the “black swan” outlier of the United States outbreak. Even the initial “hot spots” in California and Washington state come nowhere near NYC’s total coronavirus death numbers. While all the factors for this will be endlessly debates for years hence, it’s indisputable that the urban crowding of New York City has had a hand in the spread of the virus. Did you know that the subways of New York City have never been shut down, and only NOW, weeks and weeks after the outbreak, are there calls by Governor Andrew Cuomo to actually clean the subway cars every night.

Why has this not been covered by the media, along with the fact that the homeless in New York City have turned the subway cars into their personal homes, and shoved into de Blasio and Cuomo’s faces? Oh, that’s right, it would distract from the media war on President Trump and their insistence that every death is his fault. How in the hell do Cuomo and de Blasio get a free pass for their failings here?

Well, after seeing reports of an orthodox Jewish funeral in Williamsburg, de Blasio took to Twitter to vent and threaten.

Yes, the photos from the funeral look very crowded. You know what else was crowded? Everyone else in NYC coming out to see the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds perform their aerial show (a spectacular sight, absolutely) that same day. Those photos don’t look any better. What did de Blasio start that tweet off with? Yelling at the Jewish community.

Both sides of the political aisle rightfully ripped de Blasio for his comments. Today, the mayor attempted to walk back his truly ugly Tweet by offering a classic non-apology. It’s all okay, because he was PASSIONATE, everyone, and the Jews needed some tough love!

This will be example A of how you don’t convince anyone that you are truly sorry about what you said.

Bill de Blasio will not be mayor of NYC for much longer (the mayoral election is in 2021), and with his presidential aspirations dropped like a groundhog, his political career should be over. No one should ever forget just what a despicable human being de Blasio has been during this entire crisis, and he should never be given a foothold in politics ever again.

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