Covid Rules? What Covid Rules?

Covid Rules? What Covid Rules?

Covid Rules? What Covid Rules?

Covid rules regarding large gatherings or Thanksgiving have exceptions. Lots of exceptions. We aren’t supposed to gather in large groups. We can’t have graduations, weddings or funerals with more than 10 people present, and by golly the holidays are BANNED!

Unless you are Democrats. Then those rules don’t apply. 

California is facing some major rules for Thanksgiving. 

  • Indoor dining? Don’t even think about it. 
  • Sanitize your bathroom after each use, or bring in porta potties so no one can enter the house.
  • Eat outside: rain or snow or wildfire smoke, deal with it.
  • Hand sanitizing stations: bottles of hand sanitizer and soap aren’t good enough?
  • Masks 24/7
  • People from only three or fewer households and make that contact tracing list!

Understandably a lot of folks in CA and around the country took one look at those rules and burst out laughing. The ridiculous of these rules, which have zero bearing in reality, is laughable and infuriating. 

Most especially when California’s Governor Gavin Newsom lectures everyone else about following the rules, and then breaks them.

First there was the sending his kids back to private school while most of the schools across the state continue with the failure called remote learning. Then it’s pricey birthday dinners!

“The San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday of the Nov. 6 dinner to celebrate the 50th birthday of Newsom’s longtime friend and political adviser Jason Kinney. The outdoor dinner at The French Laundry in Yountville in Napa County brought together 12 people, including the governor and his wife.”

Oh but guys, he is super super sorry. 

Indeed. Please don’t point out Gavin’s hypocrisy. It’s unproductive or something. 

Then there’s New York.

Good ole de Blasio is now yanking kids back out of the schools while admitting that he isn’t following ANY Covid science on the matter, and no one else is gonna lift a hand to stop de Blasio’s game playing, least of all the Governor.

Andrew Cuomo issued his own rules for Thanksgiving that includes showing your papers! in order to be allowed to enter the state for the holiday. 

Don’t worry if you accidentally left your papers at home. They have ways of finding out the truth! Which evidently involves using your name, your address, and your social security number to track if you had a test or not. No folks, that isn’t creepy nor is it reminiscent of Germany in the 1930’s at all. Nothing to see here…

As for that Fauci dude who is telling us to follow the rules for our own good? STFU. 

Finally, let’s talk about Nancy Pelosi. She’s having another ‘let them eat ice cream!’ moment. 

Indoor dining with large gatherings is totes fine because spacing and air filtration! Don’t you dare question The Queen!! 

Here in Colorado, counties are going back to more restrictions due to the increase in cases. My home state of Wyoming is seeing a rise in cases as well. Large gatherings are prohibited and Colorado seems to be following the same guidance as California when it comes to the Thanksgiving rules. 

However, people are frustrated and angry. Three very big reasons are Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, and MOAR Hypocrisy! 

The Democrats and media spent weeks screaming about President Trump and the rallies and events at the White House such as the ceremonies for Justice Amy Coney Barrett. But now we are supposed to see this, and NOT be angry at how tone deaf and hypocritical this is?

I’m not playing that game and neither should you. 

Do NOT get me wrong, COVID is a very big bad and very real kind of flu bug. However, the Covid rules that are being imposed and changed have their exceptions. Those exceptions are only granted if you are a Democrat, who then sneeringly ask “Covid rules? What Covid rules?!!,” and go their merry way throwing large super spreader dinner parties while enjoying wild applause from their friends in the media.

Hypocrisy in the age of Covid-19 is the Democrat Party.

Update: Backpedal big time!

Feature Photo Credit: Nancy Pelosi photo taken by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Ampleforth says:

    This is all you need to know about the Covid fraud:

    If it was truly lethal, our urban overlords and leaders would be protecting themselves and not care about what the hot polloi was doing. Our deaths would be their victories.

    Think about the supposed war on terror. They make us feel good by searching our damned shoes at airports while massing people as targets on the unprotected side of the airport. Meanwhile, they kept placing concrete barriers and steel bollards in every expanding rings around federal buildings, especially the Capitol in Washington.

    During my trips there, all the barricades made me wonder, “Just who are they afraid of?”

    So, my conclusion is that this is a fraud designed to cow the masses into something.

    The clampdowns are starting back in Kentucky. It’s a good thing Governor Gilligan is getting a jump on Chief Dark Winter’s administration.

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