Cori Bush Called Out After Saying Byron Donalds Is A Prop

Cori Bush Called Out After Saying Byron Donalds Is A Prop

Cori Bush Called Out After Saying Byron Donalds Is A Prop

Cori Bush is not a fan of Byron Donalds. She’s made that abundantly clear over the last few days. You see, Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) is the WRONG kind of black.

This was her tweet two days ago. 

Yes folks, she literally “Uncle Tom’d” Byron Donalds. You see, he’s not allowed to think for himself and choose to vote or BE a Republican. According to Cori, that would mean he’s in lockstep with the racist white supremacist Republican party. 

All of this happened when Donalds was nominated to be Speaker of the House a couple of days ago. Having him agree to have his hat thrown into the ring was the WRONG thing for a black man to do according to Cori Bush. Then again, for the second year in a row, the Congressional Black Caucus refused to let Donalds join. Why? Because he’s a black man in the wrong party. 

“While the CBC has predominately been made up of members of the Democratic Party, the founding members of the caucus envisioned a non-partisan organization. Consequently, the CBC has a long history of bipartisan collaboration and members who are both Democrat and Republican,” the CBC website reads.


Donalds was denied a membership to the CBC after requesting to join in 2021, and other Black members of Congress have not expressed interest in joining the group. The CBC did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.


Democratic Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., celebrated the CBC’s swearing-in ceremony Tuesday, which came ahead of the full house being sworn in to Congress.

“Black excellence in Congress will continue to be an even greater force, driving the push for equity and justice for Black communities everywhere,” Bush wrote on Twitter.

So, the CBC’s motto is theoretical only. Got it. Especially since it was the VERY NEXT DAY that Cori tweeted her Uncle Tom disparagement at Byron Donalds. Of course, Donalds was having none of Cori Bush’s rhetoric. 

Well, Cori is refusing to discuss or debate with Byron.

“Working to overturn the 2020 election & embracing Trump MAGA fascism is not you rising, Byron,” Bush wrote. “You’re being used. It helps you politically at the expense of our community. THAT’S what’s shameful. It’s clear which party promotes white supremacist chaos and which works against it.”

If you scroll down to the very end of the above linked article, you’ll see that STL Today linked a video in which Cori Bush stood on the House floor last February and blasted people for ignoring and not teaching black history. 

So let’s chat about Cori’s history for a moment shall we? She is the elected Representative from St. Louis, MO. Specifically she represents the Ferguson, MO area. In 2014 when the Ferguson riots were well under way, Cori Bush was front and center. To this day she insists that Micheal Brown was just a poor misunderstood fella. To this day she insists that the cops were wrong and continually wants law enforcement defunded. To this day she advocates for riots like the Ferguson and George Floyd riots. 

However, it is Legal Insurrection who have been really paying attention to her since the Ferguson riots. You can find all the links here. 

As Bill Jacobsen points out, Cori Bush is extremely racist and has no shame in standing on the House floor celebrating an anti-Israel thug who also was a key figure in the Ferguson riots. In fact, it was Bassem Masri who was a chief instigator for the atrocious “Pigs in a blanket. Fry ’em like bacon” chants during the riots. 

St. Louis and I rise today in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in memory of our brother Bassem Masri, a Ferguson activist who was with us on the front lines of our uprising for justice following the police murder of Michael Brown, Jr. Bassem was a St. Louis Palestinian. Bassem also lived in Jerusalem, Palestine. Bassem was one of us. He showed up ready. As a Palestinian, he was ready to resist, to rebel, to rise up with us as our St Louis community, more than Mike Brown, Jr’s state sanctioned murder.

As noted with this video and this CNN interview, Masri was nothing more than an anti-police, anti-Israel thug. Cori Bush celebrated and eulogized him, but considers Byron Donalds to be the wrong kind of black?

The Democrats all nodded and said ‘yes, this is fine.’ However, many Republicans were appalled by her rhetoric. Congressman Dan Bishop (R-NC) handily roasted her in his speech.

It’s pretty obvious from the look on her face, that Cori Bush wasn’t thrilled to be called out. As for the Democrats? They are all about unity. Which includes ignoring Cori Bush’s racist rhetoric and instead claiming that it is the Republicans who’ve created a mess and Democrats have clean hands. 

Remember how Cori is insistent that black people learn the TRUE history of America? Perhaps she needs to be reminded that it was the Republicans who got the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments passed, not the Democrats. 

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