Suck It Up, Peasants, Cori Needs Security Detail

Suck It Up, Peasants, Cori Needs Security Detail

Suck It Up, Peasants, Cori Needs Security Detail

Being a member of “The Squad” has its perks. Namely, private security detail. How much did Cori Bush spend on security detail so far, you ask? Try 70 Grand. Too much? Well, you can just suck it up.

$70,000 dollars in campaign funds. Why? So, Ms. Bush can run her mouth about defunding the police while being protected by an armed security person. In fact, she doesn’t even care if she has to drop $10 dollars or $200,000 dollars. She says this as if it’s coming out her own hide. People shouldn’t be posing these questions and highlighting her hypocrisy. How DARE they! The peasants that they are need to just suck it up!

So suck it up, and defunding the police has to happen. We need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets, because we’re trying to save lives.”-Cori Bush

This woman thinks she is so important that she needs security detail. She has a job to do for the little people. She has had threats upon her life because she is being a champion for the little people. So, go on, you fools who dare to question her on her fiduciary responsibility and her stewardship of campaign funds. Cori Bush does what she wants. Suck it up. But, it’s all in love, you see…

Because I love you, I spend your dollars on my personal security. Oh, the labors of love!

Umm, nope. There is no love in politics. And, you know what? I don’t want my politicians to love me. If I’m looking for love, I’m going to the extended arms of my Holy Father, my family, my friends, my community. I sure as hell am not looking to my President or any the clowns from “The Squad” for any lovin’. Love is not spending $70,000 dollars (with no remorse of spending more if need be) of taxpayer money on your personal security while screeching “defund the police” in neighborhoods that have been ridden with increasing shootings and crime over the past year. That’s not love. That’s complete tone-deaf selfishness. That’s complete stupidity. Missouri’s Cori Bush has come a long way from sleeping in her car. She’s earned the right to have security detail. She’s doing the hard jobs and fighting in the trenches now. So you can suck it up, Buttercup. She’s building the politics of love, man, and it’s far out!

Democrats plus politics equals love in their delusional world. I mean, nothing says lovin’ like saying you want to provide “social safety nets” while defunding law and order and protection of honest, hard-working citizens. Nothing says to people that you love them like perpetual welfare checks and food stamps. (You do know what happens to the children of over-indulgent parents who are given everything and do not have to work for anything, right, Cori?) Nothing says “love” like enabling drug addicts on the city streets. Nothing says “love” like locking down our small businesses forcing them to close in some cases or telling our small landlords that they will have to go a few months more without rent as they burn through their retirement nest eggs. Nothing says love like keeping our children out of school for a year, depriving them of an education and then forcing masks on them for 7 hours a day. Nothing says love like closing human beings (who have families of their own) inside of buildings while calling them “pigs” and wishing they’d burn, Cori.

Perhaps Cori Bush does love us, after all. I mean, dropping tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on private security and following it up with a “suck it up”, could be a huge gift to us in 2022, right?

Bush’s pronouncement on Thursday puts lie to that idea. And hands Republicans a clip that they can wedge into dozens of attack ads linking swing-district Democrats to a deeply unpopular policy coming out of the month of a Democratic member of Congress.”Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

So, Cori, if you put those campaign dollars into these “social safety nets” you speak of instead of your own personal security detail, wouldn’t you be “saving lives”? I mean $70,000 dollars goes a long way at a local food bank and would help to make the lives of those you “love” better, right? I mean, who, exactly, are telling to “suck it up”? You couldn’t possibly be talking to the parents of kids living in the inner cities who are sometimes victims of these violent and senseless crimes because police are told they cannot do their jobs thanks to some state bills.

Yeah, we know, Cori. You want to defund them, anyway. All in the name of love, right? And while you get your security protection and Squad Sister, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drones on about her fears of being raped, the rest of us Americans are dealing with insufferable people and policies that just suck. You know what else sucks? The concept of “love politics”. The hypocrisy of people like you on the left. Don’t like what I have to say? I’ve got some love of my own at the Suck It Up Soup Kitchen just for you. Ladle up!

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  • Scott says:

    My “kingdom” for a couple luckily aimed meteorites!

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  • GWB says:

    Because I love you, I care that you have food to eat. I care that you have a roof over your head. I care that you have what you need to thrive.
    So, government is our father and our god? Gee, where have I heard that before? I think it was in German….

    And no, you do NOT love me. You CANNOT love me.
    And, you are NOT the Dauphin. Though I’m more than happy to provide the same ending to you as to the Dauphin.

    (You do know what happens to the children of over-indulgent parents who are given everything and do not have to work for anything, right, Cori?)
    She would tell you that the “giving them everything” part is not where the problem is. She’s wrong, but she is confidently so.

    Nothing says love like keeping our children out of school for a year
    Well, I’m going to say that actually is love. At least if the parents went ahead and schooled their children despite the systemic stupidity. Getting children out of the gov’t propaganda mills is definitely an act of love. (Not so for making them wear masks and locking them down. But that is mitigated by the sorts of attitudes that homeschool.)

    I don’t mind this woman spending money people have willingly donated to her to provide herself some muscle.
    I DO mind this woman then telling the rest of us we canNOT defend ourselves. It’s not just the defunding of police, but this woman also would deny you your right to protect yourself in the most effective manner – with a firearm. Hypocrite, defend thine own self!

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