CNN Speculates Trump Assassination At #Inauguration2017 Will Keep Obama In Power [VIDEO]

CNN Speculates Trump Assassination At #Inauguration2017 Will Keep Obama In Power [VIDEO]

CNN Speculates Trump Assassination At #Inauguration2017 Will Keep Obama In Power [VIDEO]

The media has been under fire for publishing misleading and fake news, and rightly so. They’ve been called out time and time again for their journalistic failures. The latest headlines from the NY Times and the Washington Post are prime examples.

“‘Learning Curve’ as Rick Perry Pursues a Job He Initially Misunderstood,”

The NY Times willfully took entire conversations out of context, and used one and only one less than credible source to craft that completely misleading headline and story. Go figure.

David Gelernter, fiercely anti-intellectual computer scientist, is being eyed for Trump’s science adviser

Funny thing about David Gerlernter. The guy is a world renowned scientist (although WAPO would have you think otherwise), has invented stuff I couldn’t even begin to understand, has taken Trump to task on multiple occasions, and has the dubious distinction of nearly being killed by the Unabomber. But the WAPO only cares that Gerlernter isn’t a …wait for it… liberal. Oh. The. Horror.

CNN decided to dump its credibility in the toilet and further add to the stress and chaos surrounding security for the Inauguration with this “classy” little piece.

Who the hell thought this dangerously reckless story was a good idea??!!

Agreed with one small correction. This is the level CNN has willingly sunk to.

Good question. Oh wait, silly me, the FCC won’t dare touch them!

This is the very same media that has willingly and willfully ignored their jobs as journalists in order to fawn and slobber over Obama. This is the same media that howled like a pack of wolves against Trump, fed Hillary debate questions, and basically turned themselves inside and out in an effort to win. This is the same media that literally and figuratively burst into tears when the election night results came in showing Hillary LOST. *language warning

The irony and hypocrisy of this so-called journalism by CNN is YUUUGE when you consider the admonitions of Obama just the other day.

I’d say that’s accurate. Then again, the media’s self awareness level is at an all time low. Otherwise they would realize that reporting what Josh Earnest said makes them look like the fools and knaves most of them are.


Does anyone at CNN have a clue as to what REAL journalism means anymore? Given the dangerously stupid story they ran last night on Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room… I’d say the answer is a resounding Hell No. Evidently CNN doesn’t care that they are in a dead heat with MSNBC for last place in the ratings. It hasn’t stopped them from peddling garbage like last night’s Trump assassination speculation or this:

Exactly. Hey America, you want to know why this isn’t a peaceful transition of power? You want to know why security for the Inauguration is on overload? You want to know why good journalism is nearly dead? You want to know why much of the media cannot be trusted? Take a good hard look at what the cartoonishly hostile media is peddling and you’ll have your answers.

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