Inauguration Day Protests or Tantrums?

Inauguration Day Protests or Tantrums?

Inauguration Day Protests or Tantrums?

I am not watching the Inauguration tomorrow. I have this funny thing called work instead. J20 however has a lot more time on their hands to plan protests.  How are they protesting? Well they are doing things like hand out pot on federal government property mentioned here and a Queer Dance Party talked about here. Hate to tell the J20 twits the bad news but this looks like a tantrum rather than a protest.

Just a suggestion, at least act like you are having fun? And twerking looks like a potty dance.  But this is how you are protesting.  And unlike the weed on the Mall, this is legal.

Disrupt J20, which is made up of various activist groups, and WERK For Peace, a group formed in the wake of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, teamed up to put on what they called a “Queer Dance Party” in front of Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s rented home.

So these are protests. Screeching along to bad 80’s music and looking like humorless hippies and hipsters. Oh Yay.

But when the protesters arrived at Pence’s street, they found it blocked by a police barricade and a Secret Service vehicle.

Preparation and knowing your venue is a goodbye idea.  No way are you getting up close and personal with VP Elect Pence. But you knew that right?  And for future reference,  protests are not the place for tantrums.

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  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Perfect Poster Children for the Terrible Twos Tantrum Syndrome.

    Scream “But I WANNA, NOW!!” loud and long.

    When someone dares (Oh, the audacity!) to say, “No.” then the just-denied little Darling Of Choice will launch into a snot-flying, phlegm-flinging, foot-stomping and fist-pounding temper tantrum, screaming at the top of his/her/its lungs, only stopping briefly to suck up the snot and take another deep breath before the next tirade.

    When that fails, there is always the I’ll-hold-my-breath gambit, which should be followed by a soothing reply:

    Go right ahead, sweetie, but first have a seat on this comfy sofa cushion so that when you pass out and fall over, you won’t hurt yourself too much. (A little hurt can prove to be a possible disincentive towards future repeat performances.)

    OK, sweetie, have fun. I’ll be back in to check on you in, oh, about an hour or so. Buh bye!

  • JMR says:

    That didn’t even look like a very effective tantrum. More like a very large version of the local collegiate bar crawl that happens every year…wonder when it morphs into the walk of shame post-crawl?
    Although I would prefer they engaged in this stupidity rather than burning garbage and the like. Both make them look incredibly childish and unserious, but at least the twerk-otest merely assaults the mind.
    PS. having gotten an up close and personal view of protests in other countries before I can honestly say I am ashamed of (some) of my countrymen…at least the Egyptians showed a certain amount of pluck facing up to those whip wielding camel riders (I may not agree with the Egyptians’ protest, but I can regard that it takes far more salt to do that than what these whelps are doing…maybe we should test their mettle).

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