CA First Lady Newsom Produces “Gender Justice” Films For Schools

CA First Lady Newsom Produces “Gender Justice” Films For Schools

CA First Lady Newsom Produces “Gender Justice” Films For Schools

Evidently our kids need to be shown “gender justice” films while at school. These films are produced by Jennifer Siebel-Newsom. Yep, Gavin Newsom’s wife has been spearheading this project for years.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D.) wife has charged the state’s public schools as much as $1.5 million to screen her documentaries on “gender justice” and “corporate exploitation.”

And yes, these films are as progressive or more so than you’d imagine. 

Yes, Gavin is completely aware, on board, and a willing interviewee in some of those films. 

“While her husband attends to state business, Siebel Newsom engages in her passion: advancing ‘gender justice’ through her charitable nonprofit The Representation Project. According to tax documents the organization is ‘committed to building a thriving and inclusive society through films, education, and social activism.’”

Jennifer Siebel Newsom solicited state vendors and the governor’s campaign donors for large gifts to her charity, The Representation Project.

Siebel Newsom, through her non-profit The Representation Project, has released four films advocating gender justice. The films are leased for screenings to individuals, corporations, and schools, and come with their own lesson plans. Schools spend between $49-$599 to screen these movies to children.

Needless to say, upon reading the details provided by Open The Books, it seems her films move beyond progressive to explicit sexualization …and these films are shown to kids in elementary school. Supposedly, these films are supposed to help KEEP children away from exploitive social media content and porn. Ok, so why do so many of her films contain incredibly graphic images, language, and addresses to porn sites?? 

These jarring pictures are displayed with their corresponding porn website addresses – providing a roadmap for future exploration. The film seems to justify their harmful content by saying that “34% of youth online receive UNWANTED PORNOGRAPHIC EXPOSURE.”

However, 100% of the youth (or anyone else) receive unwanted or unwarranted pornographic exposure by watching Newsom’s movies.

In 2019, one parent filed a complaint about a screening of The Mask You Live In for his 12-year-old daughter’s class at Creekside Middle School in California. In an interview with The Sacramento Bee the father said,

“Some of the images when slowed down were not blurred, and even when they are blurred, it is obvious what is going on. It is absolutely profane and disgusting.”

An investigation found a substitute teacher accidentally screened the full version of the film rather than an “age-appropriate” version. However, The Representation Project recommends the full version for ages 15+.

The entire report is a must read as it contains detailed information from each of these films, including graphics and explanations of strippers and a so-called “Gender Bread” person. Schools pay over $200 for each of these “gender justice” films. Here’s just some of the themes found in the Misrepresentation Middle School movie geared towards kids ages 11-14:

Women as sex objects
Women/girls “in a disempowered position”
Few female protagonists in movies
women/girls portrayed as only seeking men, husbands, marriage, pregnancy
boys should be trained to not be “hyper masculine” or “misogynistic”
Middle school children are served images of upside-down strippers with little left to the imagination
the “genderbread person,” who aims to show children how biological sex, “gender expression,” “sexual attraction,” and “gender identity” exist on a spectrum, which can be mixed and matched.

NONE of this is appropriate for schools nor for the kids. Nor are the other “gender justice” movies that encourages young kids to have “privilege walks” decide who, how, or why they might be racist, and find out that if your first language is English you are privileged and racist. Again, NONE of that is appropriate as a teaching tool. Yet CA’s First Lady is raking in the cash. 

What is even more troubling about this is Jennifer Siebel-Newsom’s past. One would think that, given her history, putting together sexually explicit movies for kids would be something she’d stay far FAR away from. What history is that? 

Yes, she testified that she’d been raped and traumatized by Harvey Weinstein. 

Yet she makes movies to show in schools that are sexually explicit, show strippers at strip clubs, discusses porn and provides the web address to those sites, and feeds the kids ideas about changing one’s gender?? 

To be blunt, in my opinion, Jennifer Siebel-Newsom, who crows about ‘finding her voice’ is just as sick as Harvey Weinstein is.

Furthermore, both she and Gavin Newsom should be looked at on ethics charges as Open The Books found she’d been soliciting funds from big-name companies across the state in 2022 EVEN THOUGH her charitable organization that is the front for these movies, had let the registration lapse since well prior to 2022. 

If Gavin Newsom wants to run for President, he’s going to have to be ready to answer questions about his wife’s solicitation of donations and raking in the cash for her “gender justice” movies. 

Feature Photo Credit: Newsoms at GLAAD event 2013, via Flickr, cropped and modified

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