Breyer Will Retire From SCOTUS To Make Left Happy

Breyer Will Retire From SCOTUS To Make Left Happy

Breyer Will Retire From SCOTUS To Make Left Happy

The left is finally getting its wish. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, a Clinton appointee, is apparently going to be retiring from the Court.

Breyer is currently the oldest justice on the court at age 83, and the left has been salivating to get him to retire and give Biden a chance to nominate a Supreme Court justice, instead of having a repeat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death under Donald Trump (which paved the way for Justice Amy Coney Barrett, causing the same people who once worshiped Ginsburg to curse her in death).

The progressive left has been baying for Breyer to retire pretty much since Biden was elected. Last July, Breyer made comments saying that he wasn’t sure when he was going to retire, which incensed the left even more.

Now, Breyer has not made an official statement yet, but the media is all over this. (Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they ended up getting this so very wrong because they were wishcasting?)

Does Breyer really want to leave the court? I mean, he’s only 83, just a couple of years older than Nancy Pelosi (who is running for reelection) and still younger than Ginsburg was when she died of cancer at 87. As far as we know, Justice Breyer doesn’t have any major health issues, so why leave when the left has made it perfectly clear that they are good with the elderly working into their later years?

Carrie Severino, co-author of “Justice on Trial” regarding the Kavanaugh nomination, thinks Breyer has been “bullied” into retirement.

So, what is the fallout going to be from Breyer’s retirement? Well, not much. There seems to be, if you read the desperation in the rejoicing from the left, a tacit acknowledgment that Biden is almost surely to be a one-term president, and this will likely be his only pick to the Court. Nina Totenberg – she of the fake SCOTUS mask scandal of just a week ago – is convinced that Biden is going to fulfill his campaign promise and pick a black woman for the Supreme Court – and she has some names.

Breyer’s retirement gives President Biden his first opportunity to name a new justice to the court. During the 2020 campaign, he pledged to name an African American woman if he got the chance. The two leading contenders are said to be federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was on President Obama’s shortlist for the court in 2016, and California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger, who served as assistant, and then deputy solicitor general in both Democratic and Republican administrations prior to her nomination to California’s highest court.”

Both women are young, in terms of Supreme Court appointment. And both have stellar legal credentials.”

Yeahhhhhh, remember when Biden vowed to pick a woman as his vice president, and that turned out to be the only credential he was looking for? That’s turned out GREAT for the country, hasn’t it?

The media, now given a new shiny toy to play with (Russia? Ukraine? Why, is something going on there?), is allllllll in on reminding Biden of his campaign promise.

Meanwhile, the left is already freaking out that Senator Mitch McConnell is going to kill all their hopes and dreams. Cocaine Mitch, yet again, living rent-free in the heads of the left. He’s probably laughing to himself right now.

If this Breyer retirement news is confirmed, here is what will happen. Joe Biden’s team will pick someone, and send Biden out to announce it. It will be a liberal-for-liberal swap, so the makeup of the Court’s current voting patterns won’t change. The Democrats in the Senate will slobber all over whomever gets nominated because of their intersectional credentials instead of their legal ones, and Republicans will ask questions that will get ignored by the mainstream media. The confimation vote will likely be close, under 60 votes, but Biden will get his pick unless something truly ugly or unexplainable in the nominee’s past comes up.

Here’s a fun thought, though – maybe THIS IS THE MOMENT when the administration can finally get rid of Kamala Harris by moving her to the Supreme Court, as some speculated would be the only way she would leave the White House. After all, no one likes her and yet they can’t get rid of her because that would be RACIST and SEXIST. Could Team Biden have the balls to nominate Harris to the Supreme Court, and then get a more popular vice president that could be seen as a 2024 candidate when it becomes obvious that Biden is barely there? The think pieces are being written right now, I guarantee it.

Buckle your seatbelts, get your popcorn, and again, thank Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell for making the Breyer retirement of less consequence than it could have been.

Uh-oh, someone is going to be in trouble.

Methinks the “sources” reporters have been using at the Supreme Court lately are going to dry up fast between this and “Maskgate.”

Featured image: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, official portrait from 2006, cropped, public domain

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