Nancy Pelosi Will Run Again To Save Us From Stuff And Things

Nancy Pelosi Will Run Again To Save Us From Stuff And Things

Nancy Pelosi Will Run Again To Save Us From Stuff And Things

Nancy Pelosi will run again. Nancy is planning to save the House and America from all the stuff and things, including Trump and all those Jan 6 cretins.

This, quite frankly, isn’t that shocking of an announcement. Nancy has been clinging to power with all of her botox’d might these last two years. The Squad has been giving her fits, she’s had narratives blown out of the water, and even with a Democrat majority (of about 1/2 a vote) she can’t manage to get Chuck Schumer to seal the deal in the Senate on any legislation she’s shoved through. 

WHY is she running again? What for? What’s in it for her? 

When the writing was on the wall in early 2018 that former President Donald Trump’s unpopularity would hand Democrats the House (it did), Pelosi’s predecessor Paul Ryan announced he would not seek re-election and retire at the end of the year. Pelosi, faced with a similar situation amid President Joe Biden’s slipping approval, is making a very different calculation. Why?

The most obvious — and perhaps most likely — answer is a simple desire to cling to power. An uncommonly ambiguous report from CNN in December indicated that Pelosi may renege on her vow to leave Democratic Party leadership in 2023 if she remains in Congress by then.

Power is absolutely the key as to why she’s running again. Nancy absolutely LOVES her some power. Which is why, during Covid, she escaped censure for her asinine kitchen ice cream stunt, and was given a major hall pass for getting her hair cut while flouting California’s mask rules. 

Furthermore, I would bet that this is the only way she believes that the House can retain a strong Democrat power base. The Squad is too unruly, and she needs to keep the moderate Democrats in line. Not only that, but she’s adamant that this is the only way she can save us all from those evil stuff and things. 

“While we have made progress much more needs to be done to improve people’s lives,” Pelosi said. “Our Democracy is at risk because of assaults on the truth, the assault on the U.S. Capitol and the state-by-state assault on voting rights. This election is crucial: nothing less is at stake than our Democracy. But as we say: we don’t agonize, we organize. And that is why I’m running for reelection to Congress and respectfully seek your support. I’d be greatly honored by it and grateful for it.”

To date, no one has held Nancy’s feet to the fire and gotten answers as to why she ignored repeated requests from law enforcement to firm up presence around the US Capitol before and during January 6. Nancy Pelosi is the one in charge, yet the January 6 committee (thank you very little Liz Cheney) isn’t asking her those questions. Nor is the media.

Here’s another reason for deciding to throw her hat in the ring once again. 

Pelosi and her aides insisted she was focused on using her powers of persuasion to help President Biden pass his agenda and her fellow Democrats retain the House in this fall’s midterm elections.

Which is incredibly laughable. Why? Because Nancy and the rest of the Democrats couldn’t get ANY of Biden’s favored legislation whether it was Build Back Better or the voting rights bills passed. Then again, perhaps she’s running because Chuck Schumer has squandered what little leadership he has.

Frustration with CHUCK SCHUMER’s leadership strategy is privately simmering among some Hill Democrats.

We talked to a half-dozen senior Democratic staffers in both chambers Monday night and heard a variation of the same complaint from each of them: that Schumer’s ploy to isolate Sens. JOE MANCHIN (D-W.Va.) and KYRSTEN SINEMA (D-Ariz.) on Build Back Better and then voting rights has only set the party back in achieving its goals.

What’s also quite funny is that people think that Nancy Pelosi throwing her hat in the ring will ensure that the Democrats will retain the House. Yes, more of that stuff and things Nancy will save for us. 

TWENTY NINE Democrats have called it quits. Yes, we shouldn’t get cocky and it most certainly depends upon the candidate the Republicans field, however, reading the tea leaves it’s a fair bet that Republicans will pick up several of those seats. 

Honestly, you just have to laugh at this point. Nancy Pelosi, nearly 82 years old, is going to run again. All to save us all from the stuff and things she has deemed oh so important. Trump and January 6 are living totally rent free in her head. 

I will say this, her campaign will be an amusing train wreck to watch.

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