Beijing Winter Olympics All About Humiliating World

Beijing Winter Olympics All About Humiliating World

Beijing Winter Olympics All About Humiliating World

Why on Earth are countries sending athletes to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing? Many countries are not sending diplomats, but that’s about the same as not sending cheerleaders to a chess match. Unnecessary and unwelcome. If you didn’t believe that these Olympics were about China humiliating the world, the addition of anal swabs for Covid tests should make you a believer.

As Victory Girls’ own Kim wrote a couple weeks ago, there is no righteous reason for the United States to send athletes to Beijing. Kim rightly pointed out that at every turn the Chinese Communist Party has lied about everything Covid. The ChiComs spy on everyone and everything. Athletes have been advised to take burner phones with them and leave their personal phones at home. As Kim wrote, the Chinese are using the Olympics to humiliate the United States. I would add that the CCP wants to humiliate the world, although humiliating the U.S. is the top priority.

It’s not just the spying. The Chinese are threatening Taiwan and recently violated the terms they agreed to with Great Britain when they took over Hong Kong. The Chinese violate every human right by using dissidents, Falun Gong and Uighurs for organ harvesting. The Chinese flip the bird at the world and the world sends her top athletes to compete in Beijing?

The Chinese don’t even try to disguise their racism and bigotry. Remember that because of the surveillance state, nothing is said in China that is not State approved. This is how Black athletes arriving in Beijing were treated. Warning: “N” word used:

There is no medal worth having to put up with that.

The featured image at the top of this page is only half of the artwork by dissident cartoonist Badiucao as photographed by Steve Jurvetson. The other half is brutal. Notice that the symbol on the target’s shirt is the star and crescent symbol of Islam.


But, for sheer personal humiliation, nothing tops the anal swab for Covid testing. From the Post Millennial:

In June 2021, Judicial Watch filed an FOIA request for “records about US diplomatic personnel in or seeking to enter China being subjected to anal swab tests for the COVID-19 virus including all complaints and communications regarding such testing,” the organization stated. The request, which initially went unanswered, led to the organization filing lawsuit to obtain the records.

Although some details have been redacted from the information dump, emails between US officials confirm that diplomatic officials were anally swabbed to test for the coronavirus by Chinese health officials.

From Canada’s 22 Minutes, here is a funny take on anal swabs:

It’s only funny because those of us normies in fly over country are being “faced” with taking an anal swab.

Even without the Q-tip up the bum, these athletes are being terrorized by Beijing in the name of a cheap medal. From the New York Times:

With the Feb. 4 opening ceremony in their sights, athletes are cutting off contact with loved ones, changing the very ways they train and, in many cases, ceasing all activities outside the realms of competition. The task has felt increasingly herculean amid a global surge in coronavirus cases inflamed by the highly contagious Omicron variant.

The emotional toll of all this, of living in fear of getting sick, of thoroughly disrupting their lives to avoid it, has been as taxing as their hardest workouts. But the alternative — contracting the coronavirus, being forced to sit out the Games and, in effect, erasing years of preparation and anticipation for this singular moment in their careers — is simply too devastating to ponder.

Two negative Covid tests before the athletes get on the plane and then daily Covid tests and the possibility of an anal swab. Hard pass for this girl.

If the world didn’t show up, Beijing might get the message and back off. The world is playing Beijing’s game so that Beijing can humiliate the world. You cannot make this stuff up.

Featured Image: Steve Jurvetson/ Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • Dietrich says:

    Can’t wait to see how many people are NOT watching the Olympics, then to hear it’s because we’re racist.

  • Doc says:

    Fun language fact: instead of “uh”, Chinese speakers say “that” when looking for a word. This is “nege” (nay-guh) and can lead to some humorous and/or tense situations. Teacher: “Tell me a reason you would call the police” Student: “Nege, nege, nege stole my bicycle!”.

    The folks in the video are not saying “nege”.

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