Brexit’s Nigel Farage Hired by Republican Strategists to Help Split California in Two

Brexit’s Nigel Farage Hired by Republican Strategists to Help Split California in Two

Brexit’s Nigel Farage Hired by Republican Strategists to Help Split California in Two
“Bad Boys of Brexit:” Nigel Farage and Arron Banks. (Photo Credit: BBC)

California is a train wreck. And for several election cycles now, the idea of splitting it into two states has been batted about, but has never really gained much traction. And most recently, following Donald Trump’s win last November, some in the state are pushing full-blown secession from the union (and we know what happened the last time we tried that.) But now, a solution to iron-fisted progressive rule in the state is making some headway, and at least two heavy-hitters are backing a Dear John break-up of the Golden State: Nigel Farage and Arron Banks.

Farage and wealthy Leave.EU backer Aaron Banks, the self-styled ‘bad boys of Brexit’, have been recruited by Republicans to lead the push for a referendum during the US midterm elections in 2018, reports The Sunday Times.

Their goal is to pit the rural east of California, which is more likely to vote Republican, against the ‘liberal coastal elites’ of the west coast including L.A. and San Francisco.

With nearly 40 million people, California has 55 electoral college vote[s] – more than any other US state – which have went to the Democratic presidential candidate at every election since 1988…

The pair were recruited by political strategist Gerry Gunster and Republican Scott Baugh.

Nigel Farage (I love saying that name out loud!), as you may know, was the biggest champion behind the UK’s “Brexit” from the European Union. And if there’s anyone who knows how to convince voters, it’s Mr. Farage.

So how might West and East California look? And is the plan even viable, particularly given 365,880 signatures are needed to get the initiative on to a ballot?

Banks, Farage and their spokesman Andy Wigmore reportedly attended several events in Orange County two weeks ago where they helped raise cash for their campaign.

Wigmore revealed that many wealthy tech and agriculture capitalists in the liberal state feel “left out since Reagan” left the White House in the 1980s.

He said: “This has been done before with West Virginia and Virginia and North and South Dakota, so it can work.”

The reasons for the California Rift are numerous and acute:

  • California’s biggest issue presently is its uncontrolled, and encouraged, illegal immigration.
  • State legislatures want to make California a “Sanctuary State.” Federal law notwithstanding, polls show most Americans do not want to live in sanctuary cities. One of California’s most infamous crimes at the hands of an illegal is that of the murder of Kate Steinle. Her killer had been deported numerous times, but given sanctuary in uber-liberal San Francisco.
  • The Republican Party is practically extinct in California. Democrats hold majorities in the Assembly and the Senate, and hold both U.S. Senate seats, the majority of the congressional seats, and the governor’s mansion.
  • Jerry Brown has a math problem, and has California awash in debt.
  • Legislators are proposing a massive tax increase on gas and auto registrations.
  • The California legislature continues overreaching into public schools, forcing indoctrination.
  • As we’ve witnessed with the Berkeley riots, there’s an increasing lack of free speech on university campuses.
  • At least one school is losing funding for having a student body that has a higher percentage of white students. Yes. Really.
  • Democrat-controlled legislature is proposing exempting teachers from the states’ income tax.
  • State lawmakers are authoring a bill threatening contractors who help construct Trump’s wall.
  • A new bill, if passed, would force transgender bathrooms into nursing homes. Yes, NURSING HOMES. Because that’s the most pressing issue for our seniors.

Face. Palm.

And that’s just the short list.

Still, while some are all-in on the idea, others are not convinced:

Uh, a split would make us 51 states (or 58 if your name is Barack Obama!), so I’m not sure how adding a state would benefit Putin’s Evil Plan to Rule the World. See North and South Dakota, etc etc.

Nevertheless, will the state come to an amicable break up? Who knows; it’s not out of the realm of possibility. But while CalExit is likely a pipe dream…

…it’s more mature brother, East Cal Exit, likely has a better chance of success, albeit ever so slight given that liberals dominate the state and thus the vote outcomes:

Banks said: “It would be portrayed as the Hollywood elites versus the people, breaking up the bad government. Seventy-eight percent of people in California are unhappy with their government. It’s the world’s sixth-largest economy and it’s very badly run.”

With Jerry Brown 2.0 laser-focused on flooding the state with illegals—and thus new Democrat voters into perpetuity thanks to a bastardized interpretation of the 14th amendment—massive debt, a legislature that’s become increasingly totalitarian, and on and on, the idea that California should be split in two, like the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, is not unwarranted. So why not break up the West and the East, rename them Western CommieFornia and Eastern CommonSense, and call it good. Because, like the largest cities in Washington and Oregon, the west politically dominates the rest of California. And it just may be the only way the eastern communities will ever again have a voice in their futures. Not to mention be rid of Jerry Brown, and the continued moonbattery of his probable successors. Unfortunately, that overdose of liberalism is likely the very thing that’s standing in the way of a two-state solution.

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  • GWB says:

    Personally, I think every super-metropolis should be peeled out of its respective state and given 1 Representative and 1 Senator. It might work for a while to keep the meddlers out of our hair.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      There’s an interesting thought, GWB. We moved out of Oregon in part because we had no representation and the Dems concentrated in the major cities, and thus the legislature and the governorship, were (are!) running roughshod over the state. We’re in Idaho now, where Dems run as Repubs and govern like liberals. It’s nuts everywhere.

  • Scott says:

    Unfortunately, here in Colorado, we’ve gotten the overflow from Commifornia, and where if used to be just the peoples republic of boulder, and parts of denver that were goofy, now along with illegals, they’ve metastasized to run roughshod over the entire state. My county is still reliably conservative, but our votes don’t count at the state level

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      The same thing happened in Oregon, and to some extent it’s happening here in Idaho. They leave California for a reason…and then vote the same way they did in Cal, and then look around and wonder what happened to the state. Liberalism is just like cancer: it metastasizes and kills everything it infests.

      • Rusty Shackleford says:

        Ditto for Washington state, where I was born and raised. OR and WA are relatively sane east of the Cascades, but so many lefties moved into the western parts that they’ve messed it up for everyone.

        • Scott says:

          Sadly, that just proves how clueless you have to be to be a leftist..They screw stuff up so bad ( california) with the way they vote, and the laws they pass, then as you pointed out, they don’t like the results, so they move somewhere else, and do the same things, all the while not understanding that’s exactly what screwed things up in the first place. It’ hard to believe, but they really are just that stupid..Liberalism is both a cancer, and a mental disorder!

  • Tony says:

    I love Farage and agree with him on a lot of things but honestly he needs to butt out of US politics. The UK has it even worse and his former party UKIP now has zero representation in Parliament. Now if Farage wants to participate in US politics he needs to apply for citizenship and swear loyalty under oath to it before trying to lead political movements.
    Yes, California needs to split. Fact is a lot of states borders should be redrawn but we US citizens need to do this and not be outsourcing the political process to foreigners like the Democrats do.

  • Kodos says:

    Just so long as “West California” is the part that slides off into the ocean when the “Big One” finally happens. Buh-bye.

    (BTW; Doesn’t this look kind of like the map Lex Luthor used in ‘Superman’ when he bought all the useless desert east of the San Andreas fault for “Marina de Lex” X-D )

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