Bloomberg Kicks Employees To Curb Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Bloomberg Kicks Employees To Curb Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Bloomberg Kicks Employees To Curb Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Employees of Mike Bloomberg’s failed Presidential campaign learned the hard way that that Democrat jackass does not care. On Friday, his campaign employees were abruptly told, YOU’RE FIRED!

“Michael R. Bloomberg on Friday abandoned plans to form a new super PAC for the presidential race and employ his campaign organizers through November, instead opting to give $18 million to the Democratic National Committee for the party’s battleground states program and disband the army of field workers he had assembled across the country.

The reversal — which came on the same day that election authorities reported he had spent more than $900 million on his campaign — prompted an outcry from former staff members, who said it was particularly startling for Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign to shatter their expectations of employment and health benefits in the middle of a major public-health crisis.”

Yes, he did spend quite a bit of money on his vanity campaign. However, he publicly stated that he would keep his campaign staff employed through November, promising them $6,000 a month along with full health and dental benefits. So much for that promise. 

““I’m so sorry I worked for this guy. I thought he was totally different,” said Jane Conrad, a former field organizer for Mr. Bloomberg in Minnesota whom the campaign recruited away from her work as a union field representative in February. “He took me out of my job for his own gain.””

Given the stress our entire country is under because of that dammed Chinese Virus, I do feel for the employees who found out on Friday that Mike Bloomberg is in this for himself. Oh sure! He’s giving $18 million to the DNC so all the rest of the Democrats can continue to be part of the problem instead doing what they can to help get America back on its feet. The Bloomberg campaign employees can be moved right over to the DNC and keep working…right? Wrong. They will have to reapply, and their pay and benefits scale will not be the same.

I’m not surprised that a DEMOCRAT did this to his own employees. It’s not like he hasn’t done this before. 

Meanwhile, about those employee contracts…

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there were lawsuits brewing over this.

Bloomberg stiffs his employees and lends a helping hand to the DNC. Is he providing financial assistance to battle this Wuhan Coronavirus? Yes he is, $40 million worth! In Africa. 

“The Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Coronavirus Global Response Initiative will fund rapid-response teams to prevent and slow the disease’s spread in vulnerable low- and middle-income countries.

The initiative will have a strong focus on African nations, but will also extend to support mayors and city governments around the world.”

Don’t get me wrong, those countries need help as well and yes, for some their financial and medical resources are very thin on the ground. However, I have to wonder why Bloomberg isn’t ALSO looking at entrepreneurs who are rapidly coming up with ways and means to develop testing kits, medicines to combat this virus, and new ways to quickly manufacture the medical equipment and PPE gear that our healthcare industry needs? Folks like this guy?

Remember this campaign promise from Mike Bloomberg?

America will need rebuilding on quite a scale once we all get a handle on this virus crap. Will Bloomberg be there to help? Given how he dunked on his employees and is willing to help other countries over his own, I doubt it.

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  • Lloyd says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if rich Mike used his money to help people in the country rather than to support anti-Trump efforts? But then, he is just a self-centered rich guy.

  • Freddie Sykes says:

    Well, one mitigating circumstance was all the campaign workers who came out to brag that they were paid by Bloomberg but actually worked for other candidates. Perhaps they should have kept quiet.

    You know the old saying: Loose Lips Sink Ships…

  • Joe in PNG says:

    It’s pretty much what I figured was going to happen when Mini Mike’s Half Billion Dollar show crashed and burned- he would take his toys and go home.

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